Glossy kitchen with integrated appliances and flowers on the facades

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The photo shows the kitchen, which differs in that it combines both matte and glossy surfaces. So, the lower part is represented by cabinets with frosted facades imitating natural stone. While wall-mounted cabinets have glossy doors, three of them are decorated with a floral pattern - the Free Style panel. The tabletop and the postforming work wall are decorated in the same color.

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White kitchen

Facades the lower tier of the kitchen is made of paper-laminated plastic. This material is very high strength. He was chosen deliberately, as two teenage boys live in the family. The glossy facades below could thus quickly suffer. Therefore, it was decided to draw only hanging cabinets in gloss. These facades are made of acrylic plastic Kamellit. As mentioned above, the three doors are decorated with an insert with a pattern.

White kitchen

All kitchen appliances built-in. At the same time, the oven and microwave are located at a convenient height for use. To their right is a large full-height drawer with one handle. It is represented by a basket of cargo, in which it is very convenient to store food and utensils. The entire contents of the basket is clearly visible.

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On the left in the kitchen there is a modern beige sink made of artificial stone. It is quite roomy with a large dishwasher. The sink is equipped with an automatic valve. The BLANCOZENOS-S mixer was selected directly for this sink (Silgranit, BLANCO ZENAR 45 S) and has the same beige color. On the left is a cutting board made of black glass. It is very durable and safe to use.


There are two drawers under the sink in which it is convenient to store detergents. There is also a waste disposal system. To the right of these drawers is a cabinet with a built-in dishwasher 60 cm wide.


On top of the sink is a drying rack for plates. It is closed by a door with a lifting mechanism. A feature of the cabinet is that the bottom has a grid for cups, and on top for drying plates. This arrangement is more convenient than usual, because in order to take the cup, you need to fully run your hand over the entire width of the shelf, and to remove the plate, just grab it by the edge.


One of the wall cabinets serves as a camouflage - it is reserved for electrical needs. There is also a built-in hood. It was planned to place a TV on the facade of this cabinet, but later this idea was discarded and it was placed, as usual, on the wall. The entire working area is equipped with LED-backlit on stainless steel rails. The highlight itself is presented led strip with touch control. There are also hanging elements on rails.


The kitchen has many convenient storage systems. So, there is another cargo basket 15 cm wide, which is great for storing all kinds of bottles. Below there are a lot of drawers for storing cutlery and various kitchen utensils.


Retractable structures equipped with TRIOMAX door closers - a system for smoothly closing doors.


Since there are a lot of drawers, it was decided to take one of them for storage of covers from pots and pans. It is very convenient, the required lid is always at hand and is not lost among the rest of the dishes.


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