We take in our treasury the ideas of autumn crafts made of natural materials

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Autumn is a fertile time, pleasing the summer resident with a generous harvest and the brightest colors. Original ideas of autumn crafts made from natural materials, even in people far from needlework, will awaken creative impulses, will help to preserve the beauty of fruits, flowers and leaves for a long time.

At a summer residence, in a park next to the house or just in the courtyard, it's easy to find an incredible array of materials for independent creation. In skillful hands, leaves, decorative pumpkins, dried flowers, fruits and herbs, as if by magic, will turn into decorative wreaths, cute figurines, panels, topiary and photo frames, bouquets and unique candlesticks.

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Working with natural materials takes both adults and children. Joint activities can gather several generations at the desktop, they will bring a lot of joy and benefit. The older generation is well rested from everyday activities. And the creation of hand-made articles in childhood:

  • develops fantasy;
  • improves fine motor skills;
  • allows the child to believe in their strength and achieve success, solving the most extraordinary tasks.

Made with the soul of things will find a worthy place in the interior, will be great gifts for friends and family.

Flowers from leaves

Autumn colors the leaves in incredible tones, brightness and variety rivaling only with garden flowers. So why not use yellow, red, orange and crimson leaves to make lush roses, chrysanthemums, gerberas and other species.

Handmade roses made of natural materials make an indelible impression. However, nature does not limit the master. Excellent flowers are obtained from the leaves of maple, aspen, elm.

Before you get started, you need to take care of quality material. Autumn leaves for making flowers should be as fresh and elastic as possible. It is important that the sheet has a sturdy petiole.

In addition, the master will need:

  • scissors or a sharp writing-knife;
  • strong thread;
  • a stapler;
  • instant glue;
  • thin paper tape or special floristic tape.

Bouquet of roses from leaves: step by step instruction

From the maple leaves are dense buds, very similar to the luxurious garden roses.

  1. In order for the texture of the "petals" to resemble the natural, the pre-prepared sheet plates are folded in two with a bright side outward. The fold line is smoothed with the palm of your hand.
  2. The first sheet, which will become the base of the bud, is tightly twisted, and the bundle is fixed with a thread. The leaflet will subsequently become part of the pink cut.
  3. Subsequent leaves-petals wind more freely, making with the edge a small lapel. He will give the flower extra splendor.
  4. Each petal is fixed with several turns of thread, with the help of glue or stapler.
  5. When the flower finds the desired shape, the petioles of the leaves from below are tightly wrapped with tape or tape.
  6. The flower is ready.

Man-made roses look great in a bouquet along with maple leaves, cereals, the last greens, bright berries of mountain ash, chokeberry, hawthorn, dog rose or snow.

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Spectacular open rims of roses can be made from the leaves of aspen and elm. They are sufficiently dense and elastic to support the shape of the petals, while the crimson color and small size give the flowers a special realism.

The technique of creating a bouquet is similar to that used in making a bouquet of maple leaves. Only do not need to fold the plates.

When the work is completed, the flowers look amazing, but the time is very fleeting. Literally 2-3 days the leaves begin to rot, the colors fade. In order not to have to part with the original bouquet or other handicraft so soon, natural materials should be properly prepared.

Methods of preservation of leaves and flowers

Since childhood, everyone knows about the simplest way to keep the shape of autumn leaves. They need only be shifted by paper and dried in a book. This option can be used if you want to create a mosaic, a picture or a panel.

The advantage of the method is the simplicity and complete preservation of the shape of the leaves. The shortcomings include the fragility of the dried material and the loss of the initially bright color. Red and yellow shades on the leaf plates are replaced by brown, copper and bronze shades.

The plants left in the book dry at room temperature, which slows down the process. If you do not want to wait, the prepared leaves and flowers can be shifted with white paper and ironed with a moderate temperature iron.


If you want to cut out of the leaves silhouettes of flowers, petals or other shapes, you need to do this before drying. Otherwise, the sheet plates will simply crumble.

To save the plasticity of the natural material for crafts will help another way. While holding flowers or leaf plates, immerse them in hot paraffin, and then carefully dry by hanging them over the cuttings. The natural color varies, but very slightly. A thin coating protects the plant material from brittleness.

Glycerin mixed with water in the ratio: preserves both the color and the living texture of the leaves, but this treatment requires at least a week.

Beads from mountain ash, acorns and other fruits

Autumn fruits of dog rose, red and black chokeberry, hawthorn and acorn are an excellent basis for luxury beads. Such an ornament is sure to please young beauties.

For making necklaces, the craftsman will need:

  • strong thread;
  • needle;
  • dense, not overripe fruit that will not fade when pierced;
  • hats of acorns, which are convenient to use as limiters for "beads".

Fruits and berries threaded on a string do not last long. After 1 - 2 days, the fruits lose their elasticity and begin to dry. Do not throw away a made with love craft. If you dry the edible beads well, in the winter they will fill with useful substances, enrich the taste and aroma of tea, jelly or compote.

Durable beads are obtained from the collected acorns and nuts in the autumn.

Crown of autumn leaves

Another precious ornament for a little princess will be a crown of flowers and leaves. It can be made like a wreath, interlacing cuttings of maple leaves and attaching them with a thread or a stapler.

It is even easier to assemble the original crown on the basis of thick paper. This work is under the power of the youngest princess, who likes to change the image of her own volition.

Candlesticks and candles made of natural materials

Among the crafts made from natural materials are candles and original candlesticks for them. Collected and dried flowers, leaves, fruits will help decorate ready-made candles. It is necessary only:

  • melt a little bit of paraffin;
  • Brush it to the side surface of the selected candle;
  • quickly, until the composition is frozen, to fix on it a suitable dried flower.
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To dry plants firmly adhere to the hacks and do not break, cover the liquid paraffin is already fixed decor. When the composition is frozen, the candle can be used for its intended purpose or decorate it with an interior.

Tiny, but very cute candles are obtained from the shell of nuts and hats of acorns. It is not difficult to make them.

For a wick small pieces of a harsh thread are taken, and as a filling, a wax or paraffin melted on a water bath is used. The composition is poured into dried shells with a pre-placed wick. After this, it remains only to wait for the candle to solidify.

If an autumn family holiday is expected in the house, decorate the table with unusual candlesticks made of fruits. It can be strong ruddy apples, quince fruits or small decorative pumpkins with brightly colored bark. To make such a set of candles and candlesticks:

  • focusing on the diameter of the candle, make a hole in the fruit with a sharp knife;
  • Choose extra pulp;
  • in an improvised candlestick set a candle;
  • The joint can be decorated with moss, small twigs, fruits of the viburnum, snow leopard, dog rose or cones of juniper.

Another option will appeal to everyone who does not have time for long preparations, and decorate the interior with natural materials very much. For an effective flower candle you will need:

  • a glass or a vase made of thin clear glass;
  • cylindrical wax or paraffin candle;
  • dried plants.

The candle is firmly fixed on the bottom of the glass, and the remaining space is freely filled with fruits, flowers and herbs, so that the vegetable decoration does not fall into the flame zone.

Panel, paintings and applications from natural materials

The beauty of the autumn nature is helped by the panels created from flowers and leaves. It can be flat pictures, three-dimensional images and even mosaics from fragments of plants. This kind of creativity enthralls children who can contribute a bit in the work on a large wall panel or come up with their own skits.

For work you will need:

  • cardboard, thick paper, canvas or other material that will become the backdrop of the future picture;
  • dried leaves, herbs and flowers, dried flowers;
  • instant glue;
  • scissors or clerical knife.

Persistent and safe acrylic paints will help brighten the background. They will be useful if pine or fir cones, twigs are used to decorate the panel.

You can paint the leaves with a white, golden or silvery permanent marker. It is convenient if cardboard, paper or canvas is fixed on a stretcher. This will simplify the work and make it easy to fix the finished work on the wall.

Armed with scissors and a set of colored pens, you can do with the child appliqué, carving cute figurines or fragments of them from leaves.

Wreath from autumn fruits and leaves

An effective decoration for the house is a wreath made of branches, fruits and leaves. Traditionally, such an element of decor can be seen on Christmas Eve, but why not hang a wreath at the door to commemorate the autumn. He will cheer up, and work on creating it will bring satisfaction to any home master.

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The basis for a decorative wreath can be made from wire, vines or flexible branches. In the latter case, the shoots are wrung fresh, and then thoroughly dried. In addition, the master, will have to stock up:

  • instant drying glue;
  • narrow paint tape for pre-fixing leaves, grasses and branches;
  • scissors;
  • with a sharp clerical knife;
  • thin floristic wire.

An incredibly bright attractive wreath is obtained from the physalis. His orange lanterns, even when dry, retain their exquisite shape, lightness and color.

In autumn it's time to prepare decorations for the winter holidays. If fresh fruits and yellow leaves do not survive until the New Year, the dried fruit directly on the branches of the hips or hawthorn is very durable.

It is even easier to assemble a wreath of pine cones. This material is traditionally associated with winter. But if you take acrylic paints and a brush, the cones will turn into magnificent summer flowers that are not subject to time.

Photo frames

Frames for photos are made on the same principle as decorative wreaths.You can decorate the craft with the help of shells from nuts, hats of acorns, twigs and dried fruits. The choice is great. The main thing is that the selected elements are durable and durable. Glued on a wooden or plastic base, natural fragments should be dried and varnished once more.

Autumn garland of natural materials

Autumn, in the time of leaf fall, it's too early to get New Year's garlands, but you can make a unique luminous decoration for the interior. To do this, dried leaves with adhesive tape or glue fixed on a thin garland.

The decoration will create an atmosphere of golden autumn in the house, let the golden casting shine day and night in the air.

Dishes from leaves

It seems that fragile dried leaves can crumble with any careless touch. However, in skilled hands, this natural material sometimes turns into amazing creations. One of these crafts is an openwork decorative dish.

For work you will need:

  • dried leaves;
  • PVA glue;
  • brush;
  • scissors;
  • Balloon;
  • a thread.

The basis of the future dish will be inflated to a density ball. For greater convenience, it is placed in a vase or bowl so that the structure is stationary and stable. The upper part of the ball is evenly greased with glue, on which the leaves are placed in an arbitrary order. They should also be treated with glue, paying special attention to the overlapping areas.

The bottom part of the dish from the leaves is made thicker than the walls. This will give the accessory stability and durability.

The last layer of foliage once again smeared with glue and leave the artifact until it dries completely. Remove the ball can, blowing off or just puncturing it. When the dish dries, its edge can be trimmed with ordinary scissors.

Interior decoration will fit in any interior. The dish is not only beautiful, but also functional. It is suitable for storing small things.

Nature is inexhaustible, like human imagination. In autumn, there are fewer and fewer works on the dacha, so why not take advantage of the last, warm days to collect natural materials for handicrafts. Ideas are hovering in the air, you just need to peep them from nature and implement them.

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