Ideas for designing a small kitchen

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Design Features

It is important to find a solution that becomes optimal. To do this, consider different options that are suitable for a small space.

Direct kitchens - the best solution for tight spaces

Direct kitchens

Layout linear type. The kitchen area is 4.5 square meters.

40 ideas of modern design of a small kitchen

Traditionally, when using the direct method of placement, the dining area is arranged directly opposite the headset.

Dining area opposite the headset

The modules on top must be functional. They are suitable for placing dishes and all kinds of accessories.

Also possible U-shaped option. It is especially good for the attic.

U-shaped kitchen

A room in the form of a square is suitable for placing furniture modules in a U-shape in it.

Square Room

If you want, you should use a rectangular space extremely compact.

Rectangular space

If you decide to place the furniture in the form of the letter P, the replacement of the surface for cooking will be windowsill. This will allow rational use of the available area.

This option is not possible in rooms that are too narrow. It is important that the distance between the surfaces is 1 meter 20 cm.

Plan for 1 meter 20 cm

Optimum T-shaped and angular options. Creating the optimal layout for a compact space is easy.

T-shaped kitchens

If the space is small, an arrangement in the form of the letter G is suitable.

L-shaped kitchens
Brown kitchen

To equip a small kitchen, it is worth purchasing a corner type set.

40 ideas of modern design of a small kitchen

With this layout, furniture modules, sink and appliances are located only on two walls. There are different types:

Using a wall with a window opening for a headset.

The space of the wall located outside the window is not filled with modules.

A great option is to equip the surface for cooking delicious dishes directly under the window. Often the windowsill becomes a great substitute for the dining area.

Cooking surface under the window

Corner kitchen in a contemporary neoclassical style.


Continuation of the cooking surface under the window opening.

Cooking surfaces under the window opening

The windowsill and the surface for the preparation of culinary masterpieces are combined. Available space is used to the maximum.

Stylish headset in the form of the letter T.

Stylish headset in the form of the letter T

If the kitchen furniture is placed T-shaped, this option is ideal for any space. Suitable for kitchens and living areas combined with the living room. It is worth giving preference to built-in appliances.

Creating a kitchen design in a studio apartment

How to arrange the space:

It is worth paying attention to zoning. Receptions can be physical or visual.


The available space can be used for storage or an optimal relaxation area. If desired, a replacement window sill will be a place to work. Another option is the organization of the dining area.

Rest zone

It is important that the color of the finish and the chosen style of the kitchen are combined with the rest of the space.

Blue kitchen

It is important to provide a hood. Otherwise, textiles will be affected during cooking.

The technique is worth choosing built-in. In this case, the headset will become more compact.

Built-in appliances
White kitchen

When choosing a technique, it is worth considering the noise that it makes.

Uniform distribution of light is required.

Light distribution

In order to modernize the space, it is worth purchasing mobile furniture. Example: folding models that can be easily moved if desired.

You need to consider where you will store food and kitchen utensils. This is the place under the bar or the top modules.

Place under the bar

Finishing materials in light colors will help make the space wider.

Table in the kitchen

It is important to delicately use shades and decor in the interior.

Kitchen decor

New kitchen sets

Creating volumetric surfaces. Such decor will make original even a calm interior.

Calm interior

Use of inscriptions on facades and walls. Letters will be an excellent additional decor. It can be designs or slate boards.

Slate boards
White kitchen

Perfect solution - open shelves. Today, this technique is again relevant. Will be able to use the available height. The effect of a habitable room will be created.

Open Shelves

Cabinets will increase space

If desired, you can make the depth of the modules smaller. In this case, it is worth deviating from the standards. Do not place the equipment in a narrow part. The dimensions of modern devices are designed for standard depth cabinets. This rule is especially important for the oven, dishwasher and refrigerator. If desired, you can purchase a compact version of the sink and hob.

At the basement level, it is worth placing drawer-type drawers.


An additional cooking surface is built into the lower modules from above.

Modules on top
Modular furniture

It is good to complement the headset with retractable type constructions in the form of nets or carousels.

Extendable Type Designs

Retractable nets are optimal for convenient food storage.

Retractable type nets

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