Is it worth overpaying for a cork for a sink?


Everyone faced such a problem as the clogging of a shell sink with small food residues. Clearing the shell of the blockage is difficult, because you need to use special tools. And manually remove the remains of food is very unpleasant.

Therefore, the market is in great demand for a sink plug, which blocks the flow of food residues directly into the drain hole. Its dimensions allow closing any drain.

In addition, the plug can also be used for the bathroom. After all, during bathing in the drain hole, too much hair gets, which then lead to a blockage. The cork for the bathroom can prevent this.

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Use a cork for the sink is not very difficult. It has special suckers, thanks to which it can be firmly fixed on the sink. When all the water is gone after washing dishes, the remains of food remain on the cork. To get rid of them, you need to remove the cork and throw small pieces in the trash can. Then just rinse the plug with water.

Advantages of a sink plug:

  1. Simplicity. The cork is fixed and unfastened by simple movements in a few seconds.
  2. Versatility. The plug can be used for any drain hole.
  3. Purity. The plug itself is quickly cleaned under running water.
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The sink and bathtub plug is a useful device that does not allow small pieces of food to enter the drain hole. But the main question remains: how much will such a product cost? Internet shops in Ukraine and Russia offer a stopper for a bath for 790 rubles. Quite a large amount for a regular cork.

But on the website of Aliexpress you can buy exactly the same traffic jam for 60 rubles. This amount is 13 times less than that offered by the domestic manufacturer. It is not clear why such a high price, because the characteristics of the goods are no different.

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Sink and bath tube features:

  • material - silicone;
  • form - the star;
  • has 5 strong suckers;
  • length - 1, cm;
  • color - green, white, blue.

As you can see, a stopper for a bath and a sink is worth buying only directly from a Chinese manufacturer. After all, a domestic manufacturer requires an amount of more than 10 times more expensive. And the characteristics of the goods are exactly the same.

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