How to descale an electric kettle at home

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Among the electrical appliances operating in the kitchen, an important place is occupied by an electric kettle. Once there comes a moment when a plaque appears in the teapot. After this, the operation of the heating element is disrupted, a smell appears. In order to prevent this phenomenon, regular cleaning of the inner surface of the electric kettle is carried out. We will discuss in more detail how to descale an electric kettle with available methods.

Scale in an electric kettle

What is scale?

Typically, tap water boils in an electric kettle, which has high rigidity due to salts. When water boils, carbon dioxide and a calcined mixture are formed. It creates a coating on the inner surfaces. Even the water that has passed through the filter gives a precipitate, because it is impossible to remove the salts 100%.

Electric kettle scale

If deposits are not removed in a timely manner, the following consequences are possible:

  • The thermal return of the heating element is reduced - the water will warm longer, the cost of electricity will increase;
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  • Drinking water with sediment exacerbates chronic diseases.

General recommendations

Mistresses use methods known for a long time. However, for electric kettles there are some features. It is important to remember that if you use the unverified method, the effect will be the opposite, and the kettle will have to be disposed of. Before proceeding with the removal of limescale deposits, the internal state of the kettle is examined. Models made of plastic are not processed with chemical solutions. When cleaning, an open spiral will lose its protective layer and begin to rust.

Rust on the spiral of an electric kettle

Monthly precipitation removal is recommended following simple rules:

  • Family members are warned about cleaning;
  • Before cleaning, water is poured, and then a cleaning composition is added;
  • Cleaning ends with a thorough rinse with running water;
  • Deposits cannot be removed with sharp objects or abrasive powders;
  • With heavy precipitation, several cleaning methods are used.

Helpful hints:

  1. Cleaning is carried out regularly, since it is impossible to get rid of deposits once and for all, because this is a natural process of heating water.
  2. There will be less scale if you soften tap water, for example, filter it before filling the kettle.
  3. For cleaning, compositions that have fewer side effects, such as citric acid, are selected.

How to clean an electric kettle with folk remedies (including glass)

As a rule, deposits appear on the bottom and on the walls of an electric kettle. Experienced housewives know how to reduce their appearance, and if they appeared, then how to get rid of them (glass models are no exception). First of all, it is not recommended to use sharp objects for scraping. Here are some of the ways to clean an electric kettle from limescale at home.

How to wash an electric kettle with lemon and citric acid

A crystalline white powder intended for culinary purposes, known as citric acid. Powder goes on sale in the form of packages weighing up to 50 grams. It is known that calcium deposits are destroyed in an acidic environment. Electric kettle cleaning is based on this principle.

How to clean an electric kettle with citric acid

It is produced in this way:

  • The container is thoroughly washed to remove delaminations;
  • Water is poured into 2/3 of the volume, a bag of powder is added;
  • Boiling of the solution begins. After boiling, water boils, large particles of sediment exfoliate. With a small layer, 15 minutes is enough to clean the inner surfaces;
  • The boiled solution merges, the surfaces are wiped with a soft sponge;
  • At the final stage, the water is boiled twice without powder.


  1. You can not fill the powder in boiling water, as a foam is formed due to the reaction.
  2. The quality of cleaning will improve if the solution is left overnight.

If there is no citric acid powder, then freshly squeezed juice is suitable. In this case, the removal of sediment is carried out by the method described previously.

How to clean an electric kettle with lemon

Cleaning with lemon slices is simpler:

  • Lemon is cut into slices, which are placed on the bottom of the kettle;
  • Water should boil for half an hour, and then cool;
  • The cooled water is drained, and the scum removed is removed with a soft sponge.

Disadvantage This method is that it is effective only with slight scale.

Baking soda

Drinking or baking soda is found in the kitchen cabinet of every housewife. It is used not only as a food supplement for cooking, but also as a medicine. Its special property is associated with the effect on sediment.

Cleaning is performed in the following sequence:

  • A liter of water is poured, soda is poured. Three tablespoons are enough;
  • The solution boils for half an hour, and then cools;
  • The cooled water is removed, the internal surfaces are wiped with a sponge;
  • The teapot is washed, filled with water, heated.

Vinegar and Essence

Fermented raw materials are distilled into acetic acid. After dilution with water from acid, an acetic essence is obtained with a concentration of up to 80%. Table vinegar of the desired concentration is obtained after diluting the essence.

Removal of precipitates with solutions is carried out in the following sequence:

  • Half a glass of tablespoon 6% vinegar or essence 2 tablespoons is poured into the filled kettle;
  • After boiling, the solution cools for 4 hours. If the scale is very large, it is better to leave the solution overnight;
  • The vinegar solution is removed and the kettle rinsed thoroughly. The unpleasant odor goes away after prolonged ventilation.

Is it possible to wash an electric kettle with carbonated drinks?

Most carbonated drinks have acid. For example, lemonade contains phosphoric acid. To use it, you need to choose a colorless drink, otherwise the internal surfaces will be painted.

To wash in this way, do the following:

  • A liter of soda is poured into the kettle;
  • The lemonade is brought to a boil, cooled;
  • After a while, the drink is drained, rinsing with clean water is performed.

Advice! In case of light pollution, it is enough to pour lemonade for several hours, and then clean the surface with a sponge.

Oxalic acid

Some plants (spinach, sorrel) contain an acid called oxalic. It is a colorless crystalline powder, almost completely soluble. It is sold in hardware stores. High efficiency of powder for cleaning deposits is noted. When working, be careful.

Cleaning is carried out by the following method:

  • A little powder falls asleep, water is poured;
  • The solution boils, settles for several minutes;
  • Dissolved deposits are removed with a sponge, after which a thorough washing is performed.

Advice! A small scale can be washed with fresh sorrel leaves. Due to the low percentage of oxalic acid, the solution boils several times.

How to clean limescale in an electric kettle with household chemicals

When folk remedies fail or a quick effect is needed, household chemicals come to the rescue. Typically, the rules for using chemicals are indicated on the packaging.

Descaling in an electric kettle

However, the following sequence is common to them:

  • The dose of the substance specified in the instructions dissolves in the kettle;
  • Until half an hour, the resulting solution is boiled;
  • After a short settling, the dissolved scale merges;
  • The inner surface is thoroughly washed, after which water boils several times.

The most common household chemicals are Antinakipin and Cinderella. As a rule, when using chemistry for the first time, the scale exfoliates and falls off in pieces. Cleaning ends after rinsing the internal container repeatedly.

Antinakipin Cinderella


  1. Cleaning agents can be harmful to health, therefore it is better not to allow large deposits to cope with alternative methods.
  2. It is necessary to use household chemicals after carefully studying the instructions. Particular attention is required to comply with the dosage of the drug.

Limescale Prevention

An electric kettle can be protected from scale for a long time if simple rules are followed.

  1. A model with a closed spiral or with a disk is purchased, since in this version cleaning is simpler and more efficient.
  2. Running water with high hardness is not poured. Only sludge, melt or spring water boils. In addition, the installed filter protects against all impurities.
  3. The minimum amount of water required is boiled. Unused boiling water is drained, fresh water is collected.
  4. Rinsing is performed before and also after boiling.
  5. Daily surfaces are wiped with a sponge.
  6. Cleaning is carried out regularly (regardless of the amount of scale).

So, you can protect the kettle from scale in different ways. Each method has advantages and disadvantages.

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