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Designing and arranging a children's room requires a responsible approach, it is important to think through all the details. Particular attention should be paid to the sleeping place, it should not only be convenient, but also functional. An excellent option is a loft bed for children. The design of this model accommodates a comfortable place for sleeping, and it also has additional lockers and shelves for storing various things. This can be clothing, books, school supplies, toys and other necessary items. Consist of two floors. For this reason, they are easily installed in a small room and occupy a very small area. Of course, this is not all the positive qualities that furniture of this kind possesses.

Main advantages

The loft bed has recently been in high demand, due to its unique qualities. As a rule, her bed is one and it is in the upper part of the structure. But in the lower department there can be anything you like - a desk, a cabinet, shelves, drawers. Usually, each parent equips the bed, as it is convenient, for this reason often it is made to order in accordance with the preferences of the customer.

Children's loft beds have important positive features that have made them the most popular and popular:

  1. Multifunctionality. Modern models contain a comfortable place for sleeping and a lower section, which can be used for different needs. It can become an excellent working area that will accommodate a computer desk and a variety of shelves. If desired, a sofa can be easily installed on the lower tier and a closet is provided.
  2. There is always the possibility of converting the lower tier. As the child grows up, it can be changed, supplemented.
  3. Excellent space saving. The children's multifunctional bed can easily fit into a small room. A free space can be used to install a sports wall or a small sofa for guests.
  4. It will save space and finance. It will eliminate the need to purchase additional furniture - cabinets, tables, sofas, cabinets. At the same time, these designs have a wide range of prices, among which you can choose the most acceptable.
  5. Good organization of the place and zoning. Probably many mothers know how hard it is to accustom a child to order, but with the help of these designs it can be done much easier.
  6. Stylish and diverse design. Many manufacturers offer beautiful and original versions of these designs. They will perfectly fit into the modern design of the children's room, will make the room more functional and bright.

On sale often there are models that can easily be transformed. For example, a bed with a hill and a house for playing as the child grows up can easily be converted into design for a teenager, instead of a slide and a house you can install a computer desk, a sofa, a closet, the curb.


Loft beds for two children or for one child are available in different versions. They can differ in form, functionality, availability of additional lockers, tables, sofas, gaming accessories. But the most popular models are those that can have a working, playing or sports zone, They must also be equipped with additional lockers and storage boxes and clothes.

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But in order not to get confused among the huge variety that many manufacturers offer, it's worthwhile to consider popular models. It is necessary to pay attention to their important properties and qualities.


A classic loft bed for children is a standard design that has one berth at the top. The first tier is equipped in accordance with the preferences and wishes of the owner. The height of the bed depends on the age of the child - for preschool children it is worth using the options with height from 130 to 160 cm, but for schoolchildren and teens fit loft bed, whose height is from 160 to 180 cm.

Models of this kind are produced in different versions of the equipment:

  1. With bright and colorful decor. They can be decorated in the form of a sea or space ship, a house, a castle, a bus.
  2. Practical and convenient are options with an empty lower tier. His zone, if desired, can be turned into a convenient game or sports ground.
  3. The perfect option is a loft bed for two corner children, which has a double berth on the upper tier.
  4. Designs with a double berth, which is located on the first tier.
  5. Bed loft with a sofa downstairs or with an extra bed for sleeping with a folding structure. This option will be convenient for those who often have to stay overnight.

In addition to decoration and decoration, loft beds can be painted in different colors. The choice of color depends on the sex of the child for whom the furniture will be applied. If it is intended for two different-sex children, then the preference can be given to neutral tones - beige, green, yellow, purple. If desired, they can be supplemented with a canopy that will cover the sleeper.

With working area

A loft bed with a working area will be an excellent option for a schoolboy and a teenager. This product usually has two tiers - on the upper tier there is a comfortable bed, and on the bottom various adaptations for study and work - a computer table, boxes and shelves for books, bedside tables and cabinets. Be sure to attend a comfortable chair that will not cause discomfort.

Products with a working area have different types of tables:

  • a classic table with a straight design, the table top can have a rectangular or circular shape;
  • convenient are models with a folding or pull-out countertop, which can be easily removed to a special cabinet;
  • corner table, which allows you to save space in the lower part;
  • computer, it is additionally completed with drawers and shelves.

The parameters of the workplace of the table must be more than 60 cm in width and length. The height of the construction usually depends on the growth of the child, but it should not be less than 50-80 cm.

Photo of a children's bed loft with a working area

Baby bed loft with table

With a closet

Products that have a closet and chest of drawers are excellent tools for storing a large number of things and clothes. These constructions can be used not only for children's rooms, but also for living rooms. They are often equipped with a spacious closet, which is suitable for storing things and clothes for the whole family.

At beds of attics for children, the lower tier can be equipped in different versions:

  1. The presence of a large chest under the bottom of the bed. It can be used for bedding, children's things, toys.
  2. Built-in wardrobe with angular or straight shape.
  3. Bed loft with drawers steps and bedside tables, which are perfect for storing school supplies, books, things.
  4. In addition, the beds are equipped with open shelves. They are perfect for books and children's accessories.

If the loft bed is made to order, it is preliminary to discuss the location of the cabinet on the lower tier. It can be in the center, with the right or left side, in the corner corner of the bed.

Smaller lockers, if desired, can be completed with a desk and an armchair. But the wardrobes-transformers will allow you to hide the table top or an extra bed in the structure.

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With play area

In many furniture stores, there is often a bed with a play area at the top or bottom. These models will fit perfectly into a small children's room, while they will make it more functional and stylish. And equipped options for boys and girls with gaming or sports zones will have a positive impact on the development of the child.

Beds lofts with a game and sports area are available in different versions, it all depends on the configuration and the availability of additional elements:

  1. If you use an original loft bed with a slide, the child can become not only functional, but also incredibly beautiful. Children will be happy to play their favorite games and slide off the favorite element of entertainment.
  2. To develop and perform various exercises, the sports zone can be supplemented with ropes, nets and stairs.
  3. Many children like various gymnastic shells, crossbeams, rings, horizontal bars.

A bed loft with a small house downstairs for boys is often performed in various forms and styles. Especially popular are models in the form of a spaceship, a car, a bus, a tent in the woods, a knight's castle. They become wonderful areas for interesting and exciting games with friends.

But do not forget about the girls, for them, furniture manufacturers have also prepared a wide variety of options - doll houses, fairy-tale castles. In addition, they are equipped with tools for creativity and games.


A low loft bed with a baby bed downstairs or up is an excellent bed for young children. It is recommended to use it for toddlers aged 2 to 5 years.

Important criteria for this device include:

  • usually low models are equipped with a small place to sleep;
  • the height of the product from the floor must not be more than 1 meter;
  • on the lower section you can install a small table, bedside tables, boxes, lockers for storing clothes, things, toys;
  • Compact models have retractable additions that allow you to save space and finance. When installing them, there is no need to purchase additional cabinets and pedestals.

For two

The loft bed for two children is a two-tiered structure, with two beds at the bottom and top. Of course this is a standard option, manufacturers offer other more functional and original models that will perfectly suit several children.

The following two types of models are possible for two:

  1. With two beds, which are located in a perpendicular relationship. From the bottom you can additionally have a computer desk, a wardrobe, a bedside table.
  2. Loft beds for children of all ages. For example, the top can be a spacious sleeping place for a schoolboy or a teenager, and from below a small baby bed for a child aged 2 to 5 years.
  3. Bunk bed loft with a retractable staircase. In this version, sleeping places are at the top and bottom, but in addition there is a retractable staircase, drawers, cabinets, tables.
  4. Bed with two beds, from the bottom of which can be a sofa with a folding structure.
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Materials of manufacture

Of particular importance are the materials from which the child's loft beds are made. Of course, not all foundations are of high quality, but children's furniture is usually made only from hypoallergenic materials. But still, when choosing it is worth to carefully study the type of material, it depends not only on the life of the product, but also on the health of the baby.

In the table below there are popular types of materials that are used for making baby beds.

Material Description
Metal Products that are made of metal base, have high strength and durability. They are very light, so they do not make installation difficult. Also differ by simple care, it is enough to wipe them with a damp cloth, all the dust and dirt is completely removed.
Tree A cot with an attic for one or two, which is made of wood, is an optimal and safe option. But it is worthwhile to be prepared for the fact that furniture from a solid massif has a high cost, but its quality fully justifies it. The tree has a long service life, it is safe for health, does not emit toxic substances, it has a beautiful appearance. But for children it is recommended to purchase variants that are not treated with dye coatings from above, because they can have a negative impact on health. Preference should be given to polished beds.
MDF This abbreviation stands for - a finely divided fraction of a tree. During production, fine chips are dried well, processed with special substances and subjected to hot pressing. Furniture made from MDF is safe for children's health, while it has reasonable prices.
Chipboard It is deciphered as a laminated chipboard. Due to the fact that the material is laminated, it becomes absolutely safe for health. It is very durable, moisture resistant, not exposed to mold and fungus, it has a beautiful texture.
Combined This means the use of several types of material, for example, the bed frame is made of wood, back and sides of metal, decor elements made of plastic base. All materials are perfectly combined, while they are safe for health and do not emit harmful substances.

Important selection criteria

To choose a comfortable and high-quality loft bed in a nursery when you buy it is worth considering a number of important criteria and nuances:

  1. Baby versions are designed for weight up to 70 kilograms.
  2. Bed loft for a teenager and child aged 2 years must have strong hardware and strong fasteners. This will allow you to withstand not only a small child, but also a schoolboy.
  3. The staircase must necessarily have a railing and be as stable as possible.
  4. The height of the product should be selected in accordance with the growth and age of the child.
  5. The design should be made of high quality, environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic materials.
  6. The height of the sides should be suitable so that the child does not fall from the second tier.
  7. All angles, protruding details must have a smooth shape.

If you consider all the important requirements, you can buy a quality loft bed for the child, which will fully comply. But still, do not forget about the functionality and design of the design, it is also important. The product must have lockers, bedside tables, drawers. For convenience, a computer desk and an armchair can be provided. The main thing that the bed liked the child and parents.

We make a loft bed for children with our own hands - video

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