Faucet for drinking water in the kitchen: how to choose, installation

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Tap water is not always of high quality. For this reason, many apartment owners install filters. Such devices can interfere with the installation of household appliances, which is especially typical for small premises. To solve the problem, a faucet connected to the mixer for drinking water to the kitchen will help.

Faucet for drinking water in the kitchen

Equipment device

The product in question is almost no different from a conventional mixer. The design of the device has a small hole on the spout for installing the tap on drinking water. The rotation of the valve controls the flow of fluid - in one position the user receives ordinary liquid for domestic purposes, and in the second - purified. Water in such a mixer does not mix, although it enters the device from one pipe.

There are modern models of faucets for the kitchen with a tap for drinking and household liquids. In such a mixer, water comes from one engineering communication, an aerator is used to clean it from pollution. Products are equipped with an indicator that notifies the user of the need to replace the filter. One filter element can clean up to 600 liters of water.

Separate faucet for drinking water

Pros and cons of using a crane

The main advantages of using a kitchen faucet with a water filter are:

  • Compactness. Unlike standard filters, such equipment takes up a minimal amount of free space. This advantage is especially true for a small kitchen.
  • Cranes have a simple design, are reliable and durable.
  • Any user can install the mixer; for this, no special skills or tools are needed.

The disadvantages of a crane with a filter are considered to be high cost compared to conventional mixers, as well as the need to replace the filter element.

Combined faucet for drinking water

Materials for the manufacture of mixers

Faucets for drinking water vary in color, cost and material of manufacture. The last criterion needs to be dealt with in more detail, because the durability of the product depends on it.

According to the material of manufacture, the mixers are divided into the following types:

  1. Models made of brass and stainless steel are considered the most durable and durable. These taps are sprayed to simulate a gold, bronze or silver surface.
  2. Recently, plastic cranes have appeared on the construction market. Such a material is well resistant to corrosion and other aggressive influences. Of the minuses of the mixer, it is worth pointing out a small strength.
  3. The rarest items are glass or ceramic taps. Such models have an original appearance, they are suitable for creating a unique interior in the kitchen.

Despite the advantages of some models, most users consider the ceramic box crane the most reliable products.

Gold color drinking water tap

Varieties of filters

There are a huge number of filters for water purification. Each of them has its own strengths and weaknesses. We will get acquainted with the performance of filters in more detail.


Such a kitchen faucet with a water filter cleans the liquid well, brings it to an edible state. The filter element is mounted on the wall directly under the sink, water is supplied to the tap through hoses. The main advantage of the model is the purification of the liquid during delivery. In this embodiment, there is no need to install a container with a filter. In addition to cleaning the liquid, household appliances neutralize some harmful substances.

When buying such a model, the user must make sure that there is no characteristic odor that indicates the use of low-quality raw materials.

Household filters

Reverse Osmosis Instruments

Such products are considered the most effective. With their help, you can get high-quality liquid without the use of chemicals. A high degree of purification is carried out due to a special filter with small pores, which does not pass anything except liquid molecules. The only drawback of this model is the high price.

Reverse osmosis filter

Filters for the crane

Such products have a direct connection to the mixer, which makes it possible to carry out water purification during its supply to users. The main advantage of the model is the low price, functionality and practicality, replacing the filter element according to the calendar. A significant minus of the product is a frequent replacement of the filter.

Filter for tap

How to choose

When choosing valves, you need to pay attention not only to the material of manufacture, but also to the design of the product. The faucet should fit well with the existing kitchen design. When buying a product, pay attention to the following details:

  • length, height and bend radius of the nose;
  •  equipment configuration (rotates or not);
  •  operating principle and arrangement of control knobs.

Look at the complete set of equipment. This should include hoses, retainers, adapters, and gaskets. An optional filter for water purification is added to the kit for some models of taps. There must be a tee to create a branch from the main water pipe.

Mixer wiring is either rigid or flexible. The first products are more reliable in operation, can last for more than a dozen years, their only the disadvantage is the difficulty in installation, the need to use special equipment for installation. Therefore, most consumers opt for flexible hoses.

Water tap kit

Installation Nuances

Any user can engage in the installation of equipment; installation of a kitchen faucet with a drinking water tap takes about an hour. The workflow itself consists of several simple steps:

  • we put a dense gasket on the base of rubber;
  •  install the mixer in the hole on the sink or in the countertop;
  • twist the brass nut, tighten the lock with a key;
  • turn on the water and check the tightness of the system, if necessary, tighten the fasteners.

High-quality drinking water helps to strengthen the human immunity, prevents the development of gastrointestinal diseases. The best option for cleaning tap water is the installation of a valve with a filter.

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