Washable kitchen wallpapers: catalog of design ideas (photo)

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When repairing an apartment, some people finish the kitchen walls with cold tiles. But tile has a number of disadvantages in comparison with washing wallpaper. The problem is the laboriousness of the process of changing boring tiles, as well as the cold structure, which is unpleasant for touching. Washable wallpapers have virtually no flaws, practical, easy to clean and replace if desired. In this article, we consider the types of washable wallpaper for the kitchen from catalogs and their photos.

Washable wallpaper

The choice of wall covering materials is very wide. For repairs in the kitchen, it is best to use washable, non-woven, vinyl wallpapers and other types of coated canvas against active pollution and the possibility of wet cleaning. When choosing wallpaper for the walls of the kitchen space, one must take into account that food is being prepared there, high humidity and steam evaporation. There is a need for frequent cleaning, cleaning from dust and dirt.

Wallpaper in the kitchen

Therefore, the wallpaper should have the following properties:

  • resistance to wear, structure density;
  • the presence of a non-marking surface;
  • do not fade in sunlight;
  • moisture resistance;
  • tolerate wet cleaning with detergents;
  • be able to paint.

Washable wallpaper feature

When selecting material for gluing walls, you must carefully read the instructions for use. Washable wallpaper made in different ways can withstand different types of cleaning. On rolls, the corresponding marking is provided:

Wallpaper marking
  • single wave pattern - moisture resistant,
  • two waves are depicted - superwashing,
  • three waves - the ability to wash with abrasive detergents,
  • one wave and brush pattern - resistant to abrasion and mechanical stress. You can use a brush with detergents to clean,
  • three waves with a brush - increased resistance to mechanical stress.

If the room has sunshine all day, then look for wallpapers labeled “resistant to ultraviolet radiation” and do not choose dark and bright colors, as they fade and fade in the sun.

Roll of wallpaper

A complex geometric pattern or ornament requires adjustment, so carefully look at each roll to match the batch number. Since the canvas from different parties may vary in shade.

It is advisable to keep the designation and marking until the end of the repair, so that if the calculation of the number of rolls or alterations is incorrect, buy wallpaper for this particular batch.

Types of washing (superwashing) wallpaper for the kitchen: a catalog of options with photos

It is difficult to choose wallpaper coverings from a huge assortment. The composition of the material is diverse, the riot of colors and shades of the catalog allows you to choose a decor for any environment. Canvases designed for walls in the kitchen are:


These canvases glued from cellulose fibers are pressed, polyester and viscose are added to them. The material “breathes”, it is not affected by humidity, mold does not form under the wallpaper.

Non-woven wallpaper

It is convenient in work, does not bubble, easily straightens. The glue is applied to the wall, not to the wallpaper. This type of wallpaper can be painted. Withstands up to 7 layers of paint. There are many options and you can choose according to your taste. The disadvantage is the high price.


The material is durable in quality, affordable, moisture resistant. It is preferable to choose vinyl coatings on a non-woven basis. Wallpaper lay evenly, hiding the relief of the roughness of the walls.

Vinyl wallpapers

A smooth texture is more advantageous than a relief surface and, as a rule, cleans faster. Cheaper options do not let air in. Dear ones have a porous base and evaporate moisture. It is advisable to cover the walls with an antifungal solution. The coating may have an imitation of a brick wall, masonry, fabric structure, mat. They will always look stylish and attractive, due to their high resistance to wear. You can clean such a coating using abrasive detergents.

Silk screen printing

This is a type of vinyl wallpaper, where the top layer is decorated with silk threads. They wash well, do not fade under the rays of sunlight. They look elegant and rich.

Silkscreen Wallpaper

Cullets and fiberglass. The canvas is made of fibrous filaments, which are made from quartz sand, soda with the addition of lime and dolomite. Very durable in composition, characterized by durability, fire resistance, anti-allergenic. Mostly white, tolerate painting 10 to 15 times. Cracks are closed, smoothing the relief.


Such coatings visually expand the space, decorate and update the decor of the room. In small-sized rooms, this effect can be achieved with images of city streets in a panorama, beautiful landscapes, imitation of an open window and a view from it. It is recommended to use photo wallpaper with anti-vandal coating, non-woven, coated for wet cleaning.

Wall mural in the kitchen

Foam - acrylic

The basis of such paintings consists of foaming paints. Through gravure printing, acrylic paints are applied and then foamed at high temperatures.

Acrylic wallpaper in the kitchen

Wallpaper coatings are resistant to moisture and mechanical stress. They are characterized by softness, bulkiness. This type of coating will last up to 15 years. Use only a damp cloth for cleaning.

Metal or metallized

This is a material made using modern technology. A non-woven fabric is coated with a foil layer with a thickness of 0.0165 mm. On it, using a special technology, a decorative pattern or embossing is applied under silver, gold and bronze.

Metallic wallpaper in the kitchen

Treated wallpaper cloths from dirt and deposits can be wiped with a soft sponge with substances for wet cleaning, and wipe with a dry cloth to brighten. They are not exposed to ultraviolet rays and are resistant to wear.

They retain heat well. Under them does not appear mold, fungal lesions. They are made from environmentally friendly material and are safe for health. Suitable for children. The disadvantages include the preliminary alignment of the glued surface, it should be perfectly flat and smooth.

Metallic wallpaper in the kitchen

And also the thin top layer is subjected to mechanical stress, does not let air through, so the room needs ventilation or good ventilation. The high price is also considered a disadvantage.


The canvases are coated with a top layer of wax to increase wear resistance and performance properties. The base consists of a non-woven fabric, cork veneer with a thickness of not more than 1 mm is glued to it. It has high sound insulation, is not electrified, environmentally friendly material.

Cork wallpaper in the kitchen

Service life is up to 20 years. When impregnated with wax or varnish, it does not absorb extraneous odors, does not leak moisture, and allows wet cleaning. Disadvantages - this is a heavy structure, they need special glue. The joints are hard to fit. Poor color scheme.

Tips for choosing a style for different rooms

Wallpaper canvases made using modern technologies are distinguished by ease of maintenance and resistance to pollution. They are glued to any surface, easily removed if necessary, changing the interior. Due to their resistance to moisture and durability, they can be used in modern kitchens.

Professional Tips

Design specialists recommend that you do not burden the kitchen space with an excess of texture and color solutions. If you emphasize the walls, then the furniture should be neutral, calm monophonic tones.

Plain wallpaper in the kitchen

If the furniture is bright, then the walls make more muted shades, without flashy fragments and spots. Warm colors will fit on the walls of the rooms, where the windows face the north side, and the sun is a rare guest.

Walls in the kitchen from different wallpapers

A colder variety of colors is appropriate in well-lit sunny rooms. Organically look wallpaper from several colors, different textures and designs. Wall murals fit perfectly.

The choice of coverage for different rooms

In small-sized kitchens, to expand the space, it is worth using light-colored wallpapers in cold shades. Perfect fit beige tones. For a richer and more luxurious look, golden texture canvases are suitable. In such a room small flowers, patterns, a small ornament look good. A bright spot is demonstrated on one wall.

In the kitchens combined with the living room, the conventional designation of the borders is applied using coatings of different colors and structures. The kitchen area uses detergent-resistant cleaning wallpapers. In another zone, you can use any other, more capricious materials.

Combining coatings, it is advisable to use them of the same thickness and quality, from one manufacturer. Vertical stripes visually increase the height of the ceiling, transverse stripes expand the space. You can use wallpaper with a smooth change of colors, which will allow you to enjoy the look of the walls for a long time.

Use styles

The use of different styles to decorate the interior of the kitchen allows you to make it unique, original, and most importantly - comfortable. Style minimalism and high tech - it is a plain color, abstract drawings, imitation under a stone, brickwork or metal.

Hi-tech style kitchen wallpaper

The classic style is best represented in the kitchen in the form of a cage, floral ornament, fabric pattern or photo panel. As well as old streets in the form of frescoes, paintings by famous artists. Provence and Country present finishes in light colors with floral designs.

Image of vegetables, flower bouquets, still lifes. The texture of roughly planed boards, plaster, matting. All this goes well with bright furniture.

Recommendations for gluing walls with wallpaper

The surfaces in the premises must be prepared, and the work itself is carried out according to certain rules:

  • the walls are cleaned of old materials, dust, dirt and dried;
  • primed, putty, small cracks smeared;
  • pasting start from the windows. For convenience, draw a vertical straight line from the ceiling;
  • it is necessary to carefully treat the seams when gluing rolls, carefully process them with glue;
  • use the glue indicated on the wallpaper labels;
  • spread the canvas with a soft roller.

Modern branded wallpapers are produced by more than 30 manufacturers. They have a diverse assortment of types of paintings, all kinds of coloring, texture, drawings. This allows you to choose the right wallpaper coverings for any room.

Washable coatings of the necessary colors, patterns and textures will not be difficult to choose for modern furniture. Today's decor meets all the safety requirements in operation, supports fashion trends in the interior. A kitchen corner can turn into not only a room where food is prepared, but also into an elegant, cozy and beloved place for the whole family.

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