"And they became one" with the help of super-glue from China

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When a favorite thing breaks or gets worse, the heart stops for a few seconds. After such stress, serious rehabilitation is needed. However, the superglue V-7000 with AliExpress will help to connect what seems forever lost. Of course, the subject will not be the same as before. Cracks and seams eloquently remind of the tragedy. Yet the hosts are overjoyed by the fact that they again hold their jewels in their hands. This special adhesive is successfully used for processing:

  • ceramics;
  • glass;
  • metal;
  • skin;
  • wood;
  • rubber;
  • fabric;
  • plastics;
  • films.

A unique adhesive connects materials, different in structure and texture. Superglue V-7000 is used for both needlework and household purposes. But before the delicate procedure begins, it is important to check how the fiber reacts to the chemical composition.

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When all eternity is ahead

The peculiarity of such synthetic products is that it must be combined forever. In most cases, the desired eternity does not last more than a month / half a year. To securely fix the two parts of a smooth or rough object, it is worth sticking to several rules:

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  • carry out the procedure at a temperature of 18 to 30 ° C, in a dry room;
  • thoroughly clean the surfaces to be glued (sometimes they should be degreased with alcohol);
  • apply the substance evenly;
  • connect and hold for 4 to 6 minutes;
  • leave the thing in this position (put under the press) for 24-48 hours.

Unlike other means, chemical substance B-7000 produces a slight odor, but inhalation of its vapors is dangerous for the respiratory tract. Upon contact with cotton and woolen fabrics, an exothermic reaction occurs - the treated zone is unusually heated. The substance is highly flammable. You need to be careful not to get a drop in the eyes or on the skin.

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Convenient, but dangerous

For convenience of operation, a special plug is provided in the tube - a thin tube through which adhesive is released. Such a drip effect allows you to penetrate into the most problematic areas and process cracks in 2-3 mm. A needle is attached to the cap, which does not allow the liquid to dry out inside the plastic cover. The volume of one package is 25 ml.

In the process of creative pursuits, finger bundles most often suffer. Flush the prints of the adhesive can be using acetone or a pharmacy solution "Dimexide."In another case, the palm is immersed for 5 minutes. in warm water, after which they remove stains with pumice stone. On the fabric, it is removed with a soap solution: washing powder and ammonia (in the ratio: Art. l.). The thing is soaked in this liquid for 2-3 hours, and then cleaned with a brush.

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Advantageous offer on superglue В-7000 is given by sellers from trading platform АлиЭкспресс. A tube of 25 ml costs only 60 rubles.At the same time, the price for an ordinary product of such a plan (3 ml) is from 94 to 108 rubles.

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