We study the features of the cherry variety Zhukovskaya by description and photo

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Without a cherry tree there is not a single garden. When choosing a variety for your garden, pay attention to the description and photos of Cherry Zhukovskaya. The variety is well known to gardeners and is highly appreciated by lovers of these delicious and healthy fruits.

General information about Zhukovskaya

The cherry variety Zhukovskaya was obtained by Soviet breeders in the middle of the last century. It is regionalized for the Central, Middle Volga regions and more southern regions.

Cherry variety Zhukovskaya has excellent characteristics. The tree is a medium-sized tree with a sprawling crown. The fruits are large, dark red. Pulp of excellent taste, similar to cherries. Fruits contain a lot of useful substances:

  • organic acids,
  • macro and microelements, including copper and iron,
  • pectin,
  • vitamins A, C, B2, PP, P,
  • folic acid.

Fruits are suitable for processing and consumption in fresh form. The variety is resistant to such common stone diseases as coccomicosis and ring spotting.

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Among the shortcomings of the variety can be noted the following:

  • the variety is self-fertilizing, pollinators are required,
  • fruits have a fairly large bone,
  • In frosty winters, flower buds can partially or completely freeze out.

For the successful annual fruiting cherry Zhukovskaya need pollinating trees. The best are the varieties of cherry Vladimirskaya, Lyubskaya, Molodezhnaya, Apukhtinskaya, Black consumer goods.

Terms and place for planting cherries

The rules for planting cherry varieties Zhukovskaya and care for it are slightly different from those commonly used for stone fruit trees. Due to the low resistance of flower buds to low temperatures, you need to carefully consider the choice of a site for planting a seedling. The best cherry will grow on the gentle southern slopes, without high groundwater, on light fertile soils.

Near the tree there should be enough free space for air circulation. This will protect the cherry from fungal diseases and winter injuries.

Plant cherry seedlings in spring, after the soil is thawed, but before the sap flow begins. When autumn planting is great chance that the seedling will not have time to settle down before the onset of frost.

In order not to be mistaken, when choosing a cherry seedling Zhukovskaya compare it with the description of the variety and photo.

How to plant a cherry seedlings correctly

Planting pit should be prepared in advance, so that the soil has time to settle. This is usually done in the autumn, since in the spring the frozen soil is much harder to dig. The approximate size of the pit is 50 to 50 cm for easy fertile soil. If the land is infertile and heavy, dig a larger pit. Ground mixture for seeding the seedling is prepared in the following proportions:

  • one tablespoon of phosphorus and potassium fertilizers;
  • 1 glass of ash and dolomite flour;
  • 1 bucket of manure or compost.
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For heavy soils, large river sand should be added to the mixture.

If the plot has a groundwater table above two meters, drainage and planting of the seedling on the mound, above the ground level, is necessary.

At the bottom of the pit, the prepared mixture is poured with a mound, a seedling is planted on it, and the roots are straightened. They should be located naturally, without bending to the side or up. Level the tree in height and cover with the remaining mixture. The earth is compacted and watered. On both sides the seedling is tied to pegs so that it does not bend from the wind and grows upright.

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Care for Cherry Zhukovskaya

Care for the tree is simple and includes regular watering, spring and autumn pruning. Before the winter, the trunk must be whitened.

The whitewash protects the tree from frostbite, repels rodents and destroys wintering pests. Choose whitewash with the content of fungicides.

A healthy and well-groomed tree cherry Zhukovskaya will be a garden adornment and favorite delicacy of adults and children. If you liked the variety on the description, appreciate the beauty of the cherry blossomed or sprinkled with ripe fruits on the following photos.

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