Wall design in the interior of the kitchen: selection rules, recommendations

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Very often correctly selected wall design helps to make the room more comfortable. If speak about the kitchenthen apply for decoration should be practical materials.

Rules for registration

To wall designthe kitchen helped to decorate the interior, should use the room effectively. Decorating is very often associated with dividing a room into a cooking and eating area. In this case, follow design Reception - dividing the surface into 2 parts.

kitchen zoning

The main part is the main background of the interior. That is why it is necessary to carefully select the color and texture of finishing materials. But for kitchens with gas boiler it is necessary to make a so-called apron. It is a part of the wall that can be dirty during cooking. Such an apron is best made of metal, ceramics, MDF panels, stone. So interesting kitchen Design will bring unique notes to the room.

apron in the kitchen with a gas boiler

You will not spend too much effort if you complete interior wall in the kitchen using wallpaper. Using this material, you have the opportunity to choose the most interesting colors and patterns. Washable and water-repellent materials that you can paste over will last much longer

do it yourself.

wallpaper in the kitchen

Quite practical and inexpensive design is wall painting. If you have a great desire, you can play with the texture. However, you need to bet on the right choice of colors. Then painting the surfaces will fit perfectly into the design of the room. But you need to remember that the painted surface is sensitive to temperature drops and mechanical damage.

painted walls in the kitchen

For registration kitchen walls MDF and PVC sheets can be used, which will slightly reduce the volume of “cookery”, however, a large number of microorganisms will not accumulate on the surface of these materials. So modern ideas Suitable for a spacious room.

walls in the kitchen from MDF

Very rarely, in modern design, the walls are lined with wood (read also Wood Style Kitchen), since it reacts poorly to moisture. However, in large areas this option can be used: it will be very beautiful and interesting. Most importantly, wood panels will help maintain a healthy microclimate in your home.

wood paneling

Choosing the best wallpaper for decoration in interior design

To your kitchen became beautiful and comfortable, should pick up wallpaper moisture resistant. Of great importance is the density of the material. The higher it is, the wallpaper will be more practical and durable. High density is a guarantee of the absence of pores. Therefore, dirt will not accumulate on the material of your choice.

Quite practical are vinyl wallpapers, which are presented on photo 2018 of the year. The two-layer structure of this material allows you to combine the decorative advantages of vinyl spraying and its practicality.

vinyl wallpaper in the kitchen

If your kitchen combined with a relaxation area, you can decorate it do it yourselfusing natural materials or silk screen printing. Almost all ideas for the interior can beat the wallpaper with the photo applied to them.

A great option is the material for the kitchen surface, painted in a specific color. To do this, choose non-woven wallpaper, which are highly practical.

walls painted in one color

How else can you decorate the walls?

Looks gorgeous brick wall in the interior of the kitchenas well as relief plaster, which harmoniously combines with modern technology. The plaster itself can be coated with a special paint that will give the surface a shade of nacre. Such the kitchen look unusual and stylish.

brick wall in the interior of the kitchen

Very often, to decorate the wall, the choice falls on the tile. You need to select high-quality tilewhose color is in harmony with the main background of the interior. However, you must remember that absolutely any color tiles in the kitchen make the room a little cold. Therefore, experts recommend changing the color of the grout for the seams. To tile design made it more enjoyable, pick out rich shades of grout that contrast with the color of the ceramic. And in this case even gray colors will play and give the interior interesting notes.

kitchen tile

Designers recommend using unusual tile laying patterns. You can insert into the overall picture contrast tileas shown in photo 2018 of the year. The color of the apron is better to make saturated, which will determine the stylistic solution for your the kitchen.

unusual tile for the kitchen

Decor Ideas

A fully finished room after repair can also be nicely decorated and attract the attention of guests to the design. For example, use Modular pictureswhich are very popular today. How much admiration they can give you! Even the simplest paintings in the interior will change the kitchen for the better.

modular paintings in the kitchen

Pay attention to the poster paintings, which, thanks to the realistic design, are able to give your guests unforgettable moments. If you have on the kitchengreen walls, then the picture should be bright and as bright as possible. Hang murals or mouth-watering reproductions over the dining table. However, remember that vertical panels in a low room visually raise the ceiling.

In some cases, designers recommend a great design reception is murals on the wall. They are applied to flat or embossed surfaces. The result is a picture whose plot you can choose yourself. It can be a landscape, nature, abstraction, sea, flowers.

frescoes in the kitchen

Not very often used for decoration laminate on the wall in the interior, since this material is more suitable for the living room and hallway. If you decide to use a laminate, then it is better to pay attention to the material, which has a cold tone.

wall laminate in the kitchen

Sometimes the most modern ideas the design of the room where the whole family gathers at the dining table only adds extraordinary design. However, the most important thing is not to overdo it using the original decor. Sometimes you need to apply not only his potential and their imagination, but also heed the advice of designers.

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