Original decorative brick walls in the interior of the kitchen

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Brick wall kitchen
There is a popular belief that brick can only be used for the construction of capital walls. However, today decorative brick is very popular, which can be successfully used in the decoration of the kitchen. A brick wall allows you to give this room an original appearance, while such a dining room becomes comfortable and cozy to use. We will tell you how to use this material in decoration.
Brick wall in the kitchen

Benefits of using

The advantages of using this finishing material are mass. This is its durability, strength, resistance to temperature extremes, moisture resistance, as well as ease of combination with other finishes, which will only emphasize the originality of the design.

If we talk about the features of decorative bricks, then we note the following:

  • Ease in work.
  • Such a wall does not require additional decoration.
  • Affordable cost.
  • Excellent heat and sound insulation characteristics.
Using decorative stone in the kitchen
At the same time, we note that when using decorative white brick in the decoration, it is necessary to observe the measure. They should not clad the entire surface of the walls. A sense of proportion and the use of quality materials will allow you to equip a comfortable, original, and attractive kitchen. Such a wall in the interior will be a spectacular touch in the design of your home and emphasize the originality of the interior.

Also, such a masonry can be used as a wonderful background for another bright decor. Through the use of this material, you can visually highlight various functional areas.

If we talk about the shortcomings of the front white facing brick, then we note its heterogeneous structure, which leads to quickly contaminate the surface, so you will need to properly care for such a wall, often holding an appropriate wet cleaning.

Designers do not recommend using it for cladding a small room, as this can lead to a visual decrease in the room.

It is noted that natural material has the ability to absorb light. Accordingly, you will need to take care of additional lighting.

Types of decorative bricks in the kitchen

Types of decorative brick

Currently, in specialized stores you can find various types:

  • Natural.
  • Artificial.
  • Ceramic tiles under the brick.
  • Wallpaper with a pattern and glass.

Let's talk in more detail about each of these types, which will allow you to easily choose the material used in the decoration.

We use white, red natural brick masonry in the decoration of the kitchen

How to use bricks correctly
Natural white silicate or red ceramic bricks can also be used as a great way to decorate a room. The homeowner will only need to remove the layer of plaster and wallpaper from the masonry of the walls, covering the top with varnish or paint.

We can recommend similar design solutions to you using brickwork in the kitchen decoration in large areas that are decorated in a classic style. Such a wall will emphasize the original design of the room design, while the material itself is resistant to moisture and significant changes in temperature. Ceramic bricks can be easily washed even with chemically active cleaning agents.

High-quality and inexpensive facing brick

It has a flat surface and small size. It is an ideal solution for a small kitchen area. The small dimensions of such a facing brick greatly simplify the decoration of the walls. And the available range will provide each homeowner with the opportunity to choose the finishes to match the color scheme and design of the decorated dining room. With the help of such material, it is also possible to finish panels, a working apron, window and door openings.

Imitation ceramic tile

Today on sale you can find ceramic tiles that mimic white silicate or ceramic red bricks. Working with him is not difficult, which helps to slightly reduce the cost of repairs in the house. Rectangular ceramic tiles can be used in kitchens decorated in the style of hi-tech, modern, Provence and country.

Ceramic tiles in the kitchen

Glass brick and embossed wallpaper

In the event that for some reason you do not have the opportunity to use natural brickwork for decoration, you can use vinyl washable wallpapers that have brick patterns, or the so-called glass brick, which has an attractive exterior view. It imitates natural materials and at the same time has an affordable cost. Using it will provide you with the opportunity to transform your kitchen with minimal costs.

How to use

Wall decoration in the kitchen
Such decorative materials look best in kitchens made in the style of loft and country. A combination with others is possible, which will achieve the original appearance of the interior. Such an interior with a brick wall will visually expand the room, emphasizing its originality.

White decorative clinker brick in the interior will allow you to focus on glass, chrome surfaces and will be a great option for zoning the room. Such decorative material is widely used in high-tech rooms.

Brick is widely used in the design of kitchens in the Art Deco style. Such a design involves the use of restrained light shades and natural materials. Restrained tones will make your kitchen at the same time strict and noble. And this is exactly what is required for such a luxurious and elitist style of room decoration.

Brickwork in the interior of a classic style can be used to clad individual elements of furniture, for example, a bar counter or to decorate an entire wall. In the classic style, we can recommend you to use this finish in light or red.

Expert Advice

Brick wall in the kitchen
We offer you quite simple and at the same time useful advice from interior design specialists that will make it possible to use a comfortable and original kitchen, in the decoration of which decorative brick.
  • Brick apron is not recommended. This material is not very hygroscopic, and the rough surface significantly complicates the care.
  • It is recommended that the laid masonry be treated with colorless varnish, which will subsequently simplify the maintenance of such a surface. The varnish itself will protect the material from moisture, and subsequently wet cleaning will not present any problems.
  • If you have any difficulty in choosing a wall where the brickwork will be used, you need to pay attention to the natural lighting in the kitchen. The wall, which is illuminated by the sun's rays from the window, should be finished with stone. Such a wall in the kitchen will emphasize the originality of your design repair.
  • Do not brick all walls in the kitchen. This will make such a room look like a basement, and the kitchen itself will visually decrease in size.
  • To emphasize the beauty of this decorative material, it is necessary to use additional lighting. The more light, the better and more visually the room appears.
  • The original solution will be the brick lining of cabinets and cabinets in the kitchen, which will emphasize the originality of the design of the room.
Brick wall in the kitchen


Decorative brick is an original material that can be used in the decoration of the kitchen. Today it is widely used in design repairs, which allows you to create original, comfortable to use kitchens, part of the walls of which are decorated with brickwork. You can easily find photos of such material and such designer interiors on the Internet and can get ideas for your repair.

Photo: interior design of a kitchen with a brick wall

Decorative stone in the kitchen
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Using decorative stone in the kitchen
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Decorative brick
Brick wall in the kitchen

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