Food processor dough mixer for home

kneading machine detailsIn the household, when preparing food, considerable time is spent on preparatory work: cleaning vegetables for salad and second courses, cutting meat for first or second courses, kneading dough for baking. A multifunctional harvester with a dough mixer facilitates and accelerates the cooking process, freeing up space in a limited kitchen space.

When choosing, they are guided by the daily menu of the family. If the menu is dominated by meat, then choose a harvester with a meat grinder. If you often use fresh squeezed juices - take a combine with a juicer. For lovers of cooking and oven, a combine with a dough mixer is useful. Let's consider the functions and whether a combine operator needs a dough mixer at home.

What is a dough mixer?

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  • What is a dough mixer?
  • What types of dough mixers exist
  • Features of a dough mixer for home
    • Is it worth buying?
  • Advantages and disadvantages

how does the mixer workThe mixer operator is a device consisting of a mixing tank, several kneading nozzles and an electric drive. The drive rotates either the reservoir, or the nozzle, or both of them.

IMPORTANT: Some models without a combine are more often used in the field of catering (in cafes, pastry shops, restaurants), usually more the size, more expensive and more powerful than household dough mixers. As part of a food processor, a dough mixer makes baking easier and saves space on the kitchen.

What types of dough mixers exist

industrial dough mixersPlanetary. The motor rotates the nozzle simultaneously in two directions (in the bowl in a circle and around the axis of the nozzle), which allows you to use the maximum functions and makes it popular among users. The basic model includes 3 types of nozzles: hook, shoulder blade, whisk. More advanced models have additional nozzles.

By type of test are grouped into:

  • for different types of dough;
  • for batter;
  • for yeast dough;
  • for a cool test.
  • According to the principle of work:
  • mechanical restoration,
  • ultrasound,
  • vibration.

The home unit kneads the dough continuously, industrial - periodically.

The speed of rotation is divided into:

  • normal speed
  • high-speed
  • super intense speed.

According to the position of the nozzle in the tank are divided into:

  • horizontal position,
  • vertical position
  • inclined position.

Features of a dough mixer for home

kneading bowlFeatures of work:

  • works with several types of test;
  • fast, compact and economically consumes electricity;
  • acts continuously;
  • acts mechanically, by ultrasound or vibration;
  • with an inclined axis it is convenient for application at home;
  • bowl capacity 5-10 liters;

Is it worth buying?

Everyone chooses for himself a technique by functionality (for which they want to use it).

  1. Spiral (high-performance) is used for yeast and yeast-free dough (bread, puff pastry, pizza).
  2. Planetary (universal) is used for batter, sauces and pastries.
  3. Horizontal is used for tough dough (dumplings, dumplings).

Reviews of people using this unit were divided. Satisfied customers note advantages (hands were released, an indispensable assistant, speeding up and facilitating the cooking process, and others) and disadvantages.

Others share their experience with equipment that did not meet the requirements of its owners. Still others express a desire to acquire such a technique, but do not know how to choose a kitchen mixer. So the choice is obvious: it is worth buying a harvester and using it with pleasure.

Advantages and disadvantages

Spiral mixer


  1. a combine with a dough mixer combines a meat grinder, a vegetable cutter, a juicer, a coffee grinder, which can be purchased separately and will be troublesome and expensive. To have only one mixer operator for this is a good convenience;
  2. modern models of combines with a dough mixer are compact, take up little space;
  3. in spiral ones it is possible to regulate the temperature of the product; they are distinguished by high productivity;
  4. stainless steel bowl and nozzles are more reliable than plastic ones;
  5. easy to disassemble, wash and assemble the parts of the combine;
  6. the cover fits snugly and protects against involuntary activation without a fixed lock, facilitates further washing of the unit. In the absence there will be drops on the table, clothes, drips of dough;
  7. additional nozzles facilitate the preparation of cookies, noodles, speed up the cooking process;
  8. quiet, fast work;
  9. understandable device, you can start to work even if you do not look at the instructions;
  10. some models have an inertial twist of the cord.


  1. high price for stainless steel products;
  2. the need to disassemble, wash and assemble parts;
  3. a powerful combine will cost more;
  4. a cheap combine does not guarantee high quality dough, and the amount of dough will be less;
  5. separate purchase of additional nozzles;
  6. plastic bowls are fragile.
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