Why did the Japanese choose Thermo, not tea: all the benefits of Thermo

You often boil water? I think that a positive answer to this question will give the majority. Boiling water is needed not only for tea or coffee, some drink only boiled water. They believe that it protects the health and ensures the safety of the poisoning and intestinal disorders. But the question of how you boil, the answer is most likely, will not be so straightforward. Our compatriots often use kettle. But the Japanese have chosen Thermo. Why? Try to understand.

Why did the Japanese choose Thermo instead Maker

Similarities and differences of the kettle and Thermo

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  • Similarities and differences of the kettle and Thermo
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  • And why the Japanese prefer Thermo?
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The main element of both devices have become a spiral or heating disk. It comes in different capacities, it affects the time the water boils. Then the differences begin.


He quickly begins to boil, you can choose a comfortable capacity of 0.5 to 3 liters, move the kettle from boiling water in another room. Water keeps the temperature just a few minutes, then it begins to cool.

After 20-30 minutes the temperature returns to the ambient level. It is indispensable for rapid heating for two to three cups of coffee or tea, brewing sachet of porridge or noodles.


Important! For boiling water in a kettle is enough 2-3 minutes.

instrument design may be quite varied, ranging from classical to modern. This mainly affects the colors and decoration of the body. is he It may be metal, plastic, glass. Form thus remains ergonomic.

Features Dummies:

  • rapid heating;
  • convenient volume;
  • mobility;
  • aesthetics;
  • wide range of models.

Many prefer the morning press teapot is: time is precious, and the capacity of 1.5 liters is enough for tea for the whole family.

Important! When the body heats up quickly, so you need to keep the kettle away from children.


This is a more thorough household appliance, with this manifests itself in everything from tanks and finishing features.


Reference! Thermo calculated on the amount of 3 to 8 liters, maintains a predetermined temperature for a whole day. Its body works like thermos, and the outer wall is not heated and therefore do not burn.

First boil lasts a long time, from 15 minutes to half an hour. But then the device holds the standard level of 70 ° C and warmed to boiling water for a few seconds. As a result, he much more economical kettle of general energy consumption.

Important! Regulates the number of sensors Thermo blocking switch if no water tank. The apparatus has a timer and a single liquid dispenser portion.

Thermo cost is much higher than the kettle. The price starts from 800 rubles. and up to several thousand, depending on the capacity and number of additional functions of the instrument.

Not everyone is happy with a lot of weight and dimensions of Thermo. Houses for him will have to allocate a stationary place, and carry it from room to room will not work. Besides, morning need extra half an hour for it to run and get the first cup of tea.

Important! The experience of families with both instruments shows that tea is more profitable to use on weekdays, and Thermo weekends and public holidays, especially during the reception of guests. Then a large capacity becomes a boon for fans of the long-term tea drinking.

And why the Japanese prefer Thermo?

What similarities and differences between devices, we understand. But would like something to understand why the Japanese have made a very definite choice in favor of Thermo?

The practicality of the Japanese is well known. A Thermo proved to be more profitable, which determined the choice.

Thermo benefits


  • The Japanese companies and offices usually works a lot of staff, and kettle just do not have time to provide hot water to all comers, whereas Thermo manage to do it without any problems.
  • Another very useful feature is covered in ability to support two containers at different temperaturesThat unites it with the cooler.
  • For family use This device is also easy to use and safe. He is protected against power surges and children's pranks, economical in power consumption.
  • Includes water filterPurifying from mechanical and chemical impurities.

In sum, we obtain a good set of benefits, by which the Japanese could not get through, sensibly assess the benefits of Thermo at work and at home.

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