Electronic kitchen scales which are better: review and comparison

Experienced chefs try to equip their kitchen with modern appliances. And the scales in the cook arsenal are the main weapon. Indeed, without them, the perfect performance of a new dish is impossible, because even a slight deviation from a clearly calibrated proportion, if it does not spoil, will completely change its taste.

Which kitchen electronic scale is better

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  • Which kitchen electronic scale is better
  • Criterias of choice
    • The presence of the bowl
    • Upper limit
    • Error
  • The best brands of scales
kitchen electronic scales

Unambiguously answer this question is possible only after familiarizing yourself with the features of technology and compiling a list of tasks with which she has to cope. There are only 3 options for kitchen scales:

  • tabletop;
  • wall mounted;
  • tame.

The assortment of the former impresses with a variety of design solutions, sizes and maximum weight. This is due to their popularity, because compactness and lightness are easily combined with great features.

Wall mounted in a very small kitchen. They can’t boast heavy lifting capacity, but they do not occupy useful space either. The fastening system allows you to fix the assistant on any convenient vertical surface. And most models, if necessary, can also be folded, deploying only at the time of use.

Manual - the embodiment of a combination of precision and minimalism. They do not require a separate space, because after use they are easily placed in a drawer.

Noteworthy professionals is a spoon-scales. Weighing spices with its help turns into an easy task.

Criterias of choice

If the scales are used only seasonally, when preparing winter preparations, then you can not overpay for design and multifunctionality. After all, all that is needed is to weigh a large number of products. But when they are used daily, weighing the ingredients of a complex dish or just counting the calories consumed, it is precisely the additional functions that are important.

The presence of the bowl

with a bowl

The advantage of the bowl is that it can be used to weigh liquids and bulk ingredients. The lack of small capacity: the volume rarely exceeds 1.5 liters. When you need to determine the weight of the steak, there will be problems with its placement in an unsuitable container for this.

If baking prevails in the family diet, then the bowl-scales will become a useful assistant. When preparing many different dishes, it is better to choose more spacious platform options.

The calibration function is provided for most models, so putting the capacity on the platform and continuing weighing with it will not be difficult.

Upper limit

upper limit

This parameter more than others depends on the intensity and volume of cooking. A “country wave” with tens of kilograms of weighed and processed products requires weights with an upper limit of at least 5-10 kg. If winter preparations are not practiced in the family, then a border of 3 kg is enough. Models with an upper limit of 2 kg are less common, but are usually complemented by a large number of functions, among which there may even be calorie counting.

The upper limit of tabletop kitchen scales can reach 10 kg, wall-mounted - 5 kg. Manual options, called steelyards, are able to weigh up to 50 kg. In a spoon, you can weigh up to 0.5 kg.



Electronic scales are weighed with an accuracy of 1 g, which distinguishes them favorably from mechanical counterparts, sometimes “deceiving” by 50 g. But multifunctional options with a small load capacity can differ in accuracy to 0.1 g. The same error is typical for miniature spoon scales.

The best brands of scales

Among the German brands offering accuracy and decent quality at a reasonable price, Beurer, SOEHNLE and ProfiCook can be distinguished. The production facilities of the first pair are located in Germany, and the last - in China. But this does not affect the model performance. International Redmond together with Russian Maxwell, VITEK and ViTESSE are worthy competition to the Germans.

Endever, iBang and Kromax managed to reduce the cost of technology by placing production in China. On quality, unlike prices, this was not reflected. But if you want to buy scales that speak of luxury with all their looks, then you should pay attention to the Italian company Casa Bugatti. The brand has nothing to do with French cars, but managed to emphasize the status of owners with the help of household appliances.

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