Electronic scales for fishing

fishing scalesFishing is an excellent way to get away from it. It's so nice to sit with a fishing rod on the bank of the river in peace and harmony with nature. However, in addition to rest, for the angler is also a sports gambling. At what is important not only to catch a lot of fish, but also to make it big. But the weight of the catch caught quite difficult to determine at a glance. Therefore, before or had to endure before returning home and it is weighted, or use Bezmenov. However, the latter does not give an accurate result. And many fishermen go fishing, take pictures with the production, and then release it into the wild.

What is the balance for the angler

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fish catchThe way out of this situation are the scales. They, along with photos are wonderful documentary proof impressive catch. Fishermen do not fit the usual weighing Arrange

CTBA, because they are big and heavy. Therefore, for such purposes issued special instrumentation. They are small and do not take up much space in your backpack. They also have excellent accuracy. This is a very important indicator, because the lucky fisherman need to show off to your friends and colleagues to their catch.

In addition, they are used in different fishing tournaments, where weight is a determining quality to win. They should be waterproof because they are frequently in contact with water.

What are the functions fishing scales

The measuring devices are an important item in the arsenal of every fisherman with fishing trips. They are particularly suitable for fishermen that are engaged sports fishing, because with this form, caught by the catch is released back into the body of water. And if the size of the catch caught any fisherman can describe - with the palm, thumb, elbow-deep, real weight, few people say. Photos taken of the catch and not the forehandby its real weight.

Weighing fishing weightsFishing the scales will be a perfect measuring device for this. And as evidence of a particularly large catches are perfect. The principle of operation is in the balance during weighing using a calibrated spring. Thanks to this program ensures maximum accuracy, several times higher than readings steelyards.

The main functions in the balance is - weigh-caught fish for themselves, or to later boast documented results to suspicious friends.

IMPORTANT! If sport fishing and the catch is released back into the body of water, it is strictly forbidden to determine the weight of fish caught, hanging it over the gills and mouth. This method can greatly injure her.

What are the scales and how they differ from each other

There are two types of instruments: mechanical and electronic.

Mechanical scales fishing

mechanical scale fishingSuch scales are made on the basis of Steelyard. After the hook was hung caught fish, a special notch on the dial indicates its weight. dial size is large enough, so take careful not to look into it to see the result. Have a soft and comfortable grip, allowing comfortable to hold even a particularly large catch.

On some models of mechanical scales, this handle is collapsible, allowing you to place them in a backpack without difficulty. Hook and calibrated spring made of stainless steel. There are measuring devices with integrated tape measure.

It is very convenient, since there is no need to take further measuring tape to determine the length of the catch caught. The maximum weight that can be measured using such weights, is about 22 kg. Plus mechanical fishing weights is their simplicity of use, low price and the fact that they do not require batteries.

Electronic balance

Such a measuring device determines the weight more accurate than the mechanical version. The sensors that are built into the scales allow to determine the mass of even fry. The design they coincide with the mechanical. At the front of the display is showing the result. Located at the bottom of the hook, for which the suspended fish. Fishermen who hunt only for particularly large specimens, instead of the hook is often mounted a special grip, made of stainless steel.

Plastic case carefully protects all electronic components from possible moisture penetration. Electronic fishing measuring instruments have built-in memory. They will appreciate the fishermen who analyze their catches. sensory scales also exist. They allow not only weigh one fish, but also the entire catch as a whole. As a rule, this type is equipped with grip. Allow the fish to weigh up to 50 kg.

electronic fishing scales

There are a special kind of scales - souvenir. As a gift made only mechanical version of the scale. this meter

ny device It can be a great gift for the avid fisherman. They can be applied to either the name of a commemorative engraving. Doing this should only specialists, as the scales have fairly delicate and sensitive mechanism

, Which are easily damaged. Buy such a gift can be in a specialty store, gift shop or online store.

What to look for when buying?

for large weightsFirst and foremost it is worth paying attention to usability. The measuring device must be well protected from moisture. It is worth checking the documents stated accuracy. We need to navigate and load capacity of the measuring device, since all of it is different.

REFERENCE! When you purchase it is important to draw their attention to the country of manufacture, as may depend on the measurement system.

Some scales show the result in kilograms, and some footage. Also worth a very careful to buy the device at the Chinese site, as it can come up with a menu in Chinese and incomprehensible system of measurement.

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