What is a personal electronic scales: how the electronic scales with the calculation of fat, the advantages and disadvantages

What is a personal electronic scalesFor those who are watching their health and refers to a diet more seriously, preferring to consider food as framework to impact the development of muscle mass, body fat, body fat analyzer scales with a thing required. Such personal scale can not only know your weight, including grams, but also to analyze body composition.

Ideal device is for those who have followed and believed the slightest changes in these parameters during active sports. Libra will show calories, date, temperature in the room, the indicators of fat and body weight up to 50 grams. Such an instrument would allow the right to start a diet, exercise and get better results from the work of his own body.

Rating scale with body fat calculation.

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  • Rating scale with body fat calculation.
  • How do electronic scales with the calculation of fat.
  • What should I look for when choosing scales with the calculation of fat.
  • Advantages and disadvantages
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One of the first position, the device takes the calculation of fat

Tanita brand. This device allows you to determine the qualitative composition of the body. It has a comfortable lighting, stylish design and can be used by a person weighing up to 200 kg. Convenient data storage function, allows you to track changes in a picture percentage body fat, body weight at a certain period of time. The device is useful for those who keep a strict diet and exercise. And this device has a fluid analyzer function in the body, helping to prevent dehydration which is one of the earliest characteristics contributing to obesity.

Electronic scales Tanita brand

Another worthy manufacturer may be called Soehnle, A company that develops and produces floor scales with the analyzer. One of the models is called Soehnle 63760 Body Balance Comfort Select and involves the calculation of weight indicators, muscle mass, fat, calories and water index.

Electronic scales Soehnle

This unit can memorize the parameters of eight people, has a powerful battery that can run for over a decade, provided everyday use. The special convenience of this product - is the presence of a special small screen, which is being submitted separately from the balance.

On it you can see all of these indicators, as well as possible to know the temperature and time. Device has received many rave reviews from those who engage in professional activities, in compliance with a special diet and monitors the load and consumption of calories. The device not only shows the parameters, but analyzes them.

But it is also worth noting Model Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale, Which became one of the leaders among the scales at an inexpensive price point. She has a number of major advantages:

  • stylish design;
  • ease of use;
  • special application (Mi fit), allowing to analyze the data, different embodiments of the data supply;
  • weight is shown with an error of 150 grams;

Such scales are outside durable glass, the back of the durable non-slip plastic. The maximum weight of a person, capable of making measurements, should not exceed 150 kg. Work system of batteries, which as you use need to be replaced. This easy and safe model has become popular due to the ease of operation, compact size and low weight.

It can be easily placed in the bathroom and hide in the bedroom. Omron BF 508 model will appeal to those who prefer a detailed analysis of weight, body fat, lean body mass and body mass index function. This model introduces in detail with all these characteristics, as well as give information on visceral fat in humans. This particular type of fat you need to know, since he with a large percentage said the threat to health.

Electronic Scale model Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale

Visceral fat surrounds the human organs. Scales are convenient for those who analyze properly comply with diet, and whether there is a tangible result of weight loss during exercise. Use such scales can a person with a maximum weight of 150 kg. And also the product analyzes how effectively leaving fatty tissue, counting the change in body weight of twelve levels.

How do electronic scales with the calculation of fat.

The principle of operation of this product in a low frequency pulse that passes through the electrodes located on the weighing plate analyzers. As soon as get up on the scales, the signal passes through the feet of the body. The signal is completely safe and harmless.

It allows you to identify the parameters of water, fat, analyze body mass index by using the built-in calculator. In some models, you want to enter data on height and weight, it helps to make a calculation personal data and output parameters that are necessary to determine the quality of training and power system. The quality and accuracy of the scale depends on:

• from the position of the electrodes;
• the formula, which is built into the calculator;
• correct figure when weighing.

What should I look for when choosing scales with the calculation of fat.

Weight calculation of fat.When buying a device with counting fat, muscle mass, you need to look at the quality of the product. Known brands usually include in their products all sorts of innovations that can simplify the work and thus be more convenient for most users. Very popular model scales with expanded memory function.

It is worth to buy them if you are going to analyze the weight for several family members. But it is also worth to buy a model with additional options that allow to analyze different parameters - fat, bone mass, muscle, water, the necessary calories. All this helps to better carry out exercise and diet.

Advantages and disadvantages

The big advantage is a modern design and navigation system. It is also convenient to use the device with a powerful battery that does not need to change every month. The lighter and smaller device size, the easier it moved around the house. Buy better model with a maximum error of 50 grams.

clever weight

The disadvantages of certain models include:

  • high price (in models with more features);
  • if the model has a small memory, it is not always convenient (especially for use by several people);
  • Not all models have a backlight, but it is very convenient;
  • most devices instruction in English, which causes difficulties for those who do not know him.


Choosing a model of the scales with the calculation of fat, do not buy too cheap products. They quickly break down and will not delight a long and trouble-free operation. Much more profitable to buy once a model for an average price and use it as often as you like. Quality Scale - is to help the whole family to support the weight, to monitor the dynamics of physical activity.

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