Shelves for spices. How to store seasonings in the kitchen?

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Spices are a rather capricious resident of the kitchen. In addition to the fact that they need to be strictly dosed when added to dishes, carefully selected, they must also be properly stored. Functional shelves can easily organize a place to store your spices. We used to say how to store vegetables, this time talk about seasonings.

Spices in the kitchen

How to store spices

There are several rules for storing spices. They are simple, but they must be observed in order to preserve the freshness of seasonings for a long time.

Spice storage in the kitchen
  • Never store them in very warm places - near the battery or near the stove, so as not to reach far. Heat from batteries and stoves has a bad effect on seasonings, shortening their shelf life. The sun's rays also do not contribute to the improvement of taste. It is best to put them in a cool and dark place. Humidity also affects spices badly, so make sure they stay in a dry place and moisture does not get there.
  • For best preservation, it is worth buying spices whole and grinding them right before use. This is much more convenient than storing seasonings that have already been ground right away, since it is necessary to add whole spices to some dishes, as well as marinades. Spices such as sesame and poppy love cold, so they are advised to freeze.
  • We do not recommend pouring spices into a hot dish directly from the bag - steam may get into the package, which will affect the acceleration of spoilage of the product. It will be easier and more convenient to pour seasoning with a dry spoon.
  • It will be most convenient to store your spices in glass or ceramic jars with sealed lids. For convenience, you can sign each of them. Some manufacturers produce jars with already allocated places for signature. Glass flasks and test tubes are popular - with their help you can turn the kitchen into a personal laboratory. But remember that the tubes are modest in size. Therefore, if you really want to use this particular solution for storing spices, take care of the extra space for storing spices in advance.
  • Ground spices are also stored less than whole ones - about 7 months against several years, so it’s worth checking the shelf life of products every 2-3 months and getting rid of spoiled ones.

Estimated shelf life of fragrant products:

  • whole roots and seeds: 3-4 years;
  • berries, nuts, root crops: 2-3 years;
  • herbs, leaves: 1-2 years;
  • ground spices: from 1 month to 1 year, depending on storage conditions and the original form. For example, ground roots are stored for no more than 2 years, and leaves and seeds for no more than a year.

It is also worth remembering that ONLY in its entirety the following spices retain their spicy aroma: coriander, zira, all kinds of pepper.


How to understand that seasonings have lost their properties and are no longer suitable for adding to dishes?

  1. Change in aroma - in spoiled spices, the smell disappears completely or changes significantly.
  2. Change in taste - carefully try seasonings, even a slight change indicates spoilage of the product.
  3. Fading - spoiled foods darken or even fade - this is a clear sign of spoilage.
  4. The appearance of mold or dampness - with these signs, in no case use seasonings, they can harm health.

Types of Spice Shelves

There are many types of shelves for storing spices. The choice depends only on the configuration of the kitchen and your own preferences.

Spice Shelves

Shelves on the walls and doors

Such shelves are not only as functional as possible, they can also emphasize the interior of the kitchen. For such shelves are special limiters.

Spice rack on the wall

There are a lot of materials from which the stand can be made, but the most reliable ones are wood, metal and plastic, but the latter is less popular due to the insufficiently solid appearance. Shelves can be bought in stores (sometimes they are sold immediately in a set), but you can do it yourself.

Spice rack on the doors

Spice Storage Modules

Spice and seasoning modules

What is it? These are special systems designed to store seasonings. This original design is good because it looks most impressive in a modern kitchen and is undeniably convenient when organizing a place for seasonings. The organizer is usually made of durable and high-quality material, and the storage jars themselves are made of glass. The only drawback is the high price, but it is worth noting that many housewives, in comparison with other seasoning solutions, choose these modules.

Spice Storage Modules

Magnetic boards

A fairly original way of storing fragrant products. Magnetic boards are sold in a set with convenient and beautiful jars. Made of stainless steel.

Magnetic boards for storing spices and seasonings

Boards can be attached to any surface - horizontal or vertical, as you wish - on the walls of the kitchen, doors, surfaces and the bottom of the cabinets. Such shelves look unusual and emphasize the kitchen, decorated in the spirit of minimalism.

Magnetic boards for storing spices and seasonings
Magnetic boards for storing spices and seasonings

Railing system

Railing system for storing spices and seasonings

Railing is a wall-mounted metal structure, designed not only for spices, but also for various kitchen appliances. It can be in the form of removable shelves or elements held on a metal bar. It happens in different forms (the form depends on the imagination of the manufacturer), sold separately or in a finished set with jars for spices.

Railing system for storing spices and seasonings

Trays and baskets

With a limited budget and an indefatigable desire to organize storage of spices beautifully, trays can come up. Most often they are made of wood, they look like small low drawers with high sides that protect products from falling. Suitable for storing cans and bags. Extremely practical, they can be stored both in an open place and put in a closet - thanks to their convenient shape, they can fit anywhere and do not take up much space. Such trays simply but tastefully decorate the kitchen. A similar solution could be baskets. Unlike trays that can decorate a minimalist kitchen, baskets are suitable for eco-style.

Trays and baskets for storing seasonings and spices

Organizer pockets

Practical and simple, as well as a budget solution for any kitchen. They do not take up much space and are convenient to use. So that they also serve as decoration, choose soft materials for packaging.

Seasoning storage pockets

How do they look? These are bags or packaging made of thick fabric and film. They can be clung to any surface - walls, shelves, doors. Practicality also lies in the fact that such pockets can be washed and cleaned in the right place.

How to make a wooden shelf with your own hands?

If you decide to install your own wooden structure for spices, follow our recommendations.

Do-it-yourself wooden shelf for spices
  1. Materials - wood, chipboard or drywall.
  2. Initially, you need to choose a location for a shelf made of wood, think about its design and shape. To prevent condiments from falling, organize borders on the sides of the shelf.
  3. Decided on the dimensions? Cut parts of the future shelf with a jigsaw, grind the ends.
  4. Before direct mounting, mark out the fasteners.
  5. In the absence of space on the walls, it is easy to organize shelves on the cabinet doors - from the outside or inside.
  6. Be sure to grind the surface of the shelf.

Video: do-it-yourself shelves, coasters for spices and seasonings from wood to the kitchen

That's all you need to know about shelves for storing spices. A wide variety of types, ease of use and the ability to fit into almost any interior make shelves the best choice for storing your seasonings.

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