How to choose a dryer for fruits and vegetables: the main selection criteria

Dryer for fruits and vegetablesThe dryer is a universal tool that allows you to work not only with fruits, but also with vegetables, mushrooms, herbs. The most advanced models allow you to dry meat and fish. An irreplaceable thing for lovers of healthy dried fruits. The main advantage of electronic dryers in the absence of the need to use sugar, flavorings and preservatives.

Criteria for choosing a dryer for fruits and vegetables

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  • Criteria for choosing a dryer for fruits and vegetables
    • Volume
    • Material
    • Power
    • Control
  • The best dryers for fruits and vegetables
    • Ezidri Snackmaker FD500
    • Alvin SU-1
    • BelOMO 8360
    • Zimber ZM-11025 / ZM-11026
    • Polaris PFD 0605D

To choose the best dryer, you need to determine the best criteria for this device.


The most important criterion for the choice of devices, which allows you to calculate the number of processed products. On average, drying takes from 3 to 10 hours. That is why, if you have to dry a lot of vegetables and fruits, the volume of the device should be large. Often on the device itself indicate capacity, but if not, you should look at the dimensions.

Important! Most products retain their properties if dried fresh. Therefore, parts of the operation is not recommended.

The right product will make the food as healthy as possible. Therefore, when choosing a dryer, it is important to evaluate the volume, number of pallets, height and weight.Dryer for fruits and vegetables


Plastic and metal dryers are isolated. The material of the product affects the heat transfer and the ability to maintain temperature during operation. A device made of metal does the job faster and better, costs accordingly more. Plastic devices are more compact and lighter, respectively, the transportation process is simplified.

The design of the dryer with transparent plastic allows the hostess to observe the drying process. Due to this, you do not have to constantly remove the lid and get out the baking sheets.

Important! Regardless of the material of construction, after each use, the dryer should be thoroughly washed. Cleaning is carried out without detergents, as their residues may remain inside.Dryer for fruits and vegetables


The minimum power of dryers is in the range of 150-250 watts. They are designed to handle small portions. "Weak" designs are not suitable for frequent use, therefore, suitable for small families.

The optimum power for operation is 350-600 watts.

Such devices are spacious, consume a minimum of energy, the drying process is faster. Suitable for frequent and bulky work.
A heating element

The drying process takes place directly with the participation of the heating component. Heaters are located at the top or bottom of the device. Optimal is the choice of fixtures with a heater installed at the top of the structure. This structure avoids contact between the heater and the liquid.

Dryers according to the type of heating are divided into two types:

  1. Working at TENE. Such a mechanism carries out the drying of products due to convection. Devices are inexpensive, but the color of the product is lost.
  2. With infrared heater. Often found in expensive and modern designs. Infrared heating preserves the beneficial properties of products and also saves energy consumption. Vegetables and fruits during processing keep a fresh look. The disadvantage of the mechanism is that it is not possible to dry small pieces.

Important! When choosing a device, attention should be paid to the presence of a fan in the assembly.


Management is divided into:

  • electronic;
  • mechanical.

The electronic mechanism is convenient by manually adjusting the temperature. In the second case, the designs contain a mechanical relay, which does not allow the temperature to be selected within narrow limits.

Electronic control implies the presence of a wide range of functions and modes, so such devices will cost more.

An important criterion is the presence of a timer for the preparation of a product. In such devices, the hostess herself sets the necessary time, after which the dryer will turn off automatically.

Cheap models do not provide for a timer, so a person must monitor the drying process himself and turn off the device.

Important! In order to avoid breakdowns, constructions with the function of "protection against overheating" should be purchased.Dryer for fruits and vegetables

The best dryers for fruits and vegetables

There are many companies that produce dryers. Each model has its own distinctive features, as well as advantages and disadvantages.

Ezidri Snackmaker FD500

The case is plastic, has protection against overheating. The work process consists in the movement of air along the pallets, gradually moving from the central hole to the outside. Due to this, the products are dried evenly. The model holds up to 15 trays.


  • quick drying;
  • the number of pallets is regulated;
  • easy care;
  • spaciousness.


  • short power cord;
  • lack of a switch;
  • there is noise during operation.Dryer for fruits and vegetables

Alvin SU-1

It is used for processing products of plant origin. On the panel there are buttons for adjusting the temperature and turning on. Power within 800 watts, due to this drying is carried out quickly.


  • spaciousness;
  • high build quality;
  • simple operation.


  • the trays are attached uncomfortably;
  • noise during operation.Dryer for fruits and vegetables

BelOMO 8360

The work is based on convection. The heating element is hidden under the lid, which protects the mechanism from moisture and food particles. Holds no more than 8 pallets. Heating elements keep the same temperature at all levels, ensuring uniform drying.


  • the case is made of high quality plastic;
  • small size;
  • lack of noise;


  • in the presence of the maximum number of pallets, drying below is faster;
  • automatic does not turn off.Dryer for fruits and vegetables

Zimber ZM-11025 / ZM-11026

The peculiarity of the model is that in addition to conventional products, you can make yogurt. The main advantage of the model is that the drying runs as evenly as possible.


  • easy care;
  • lack of noise;
  • wide range of modes.


  • the process takes longer;
  • the height of the pallets is not adjustable.///Dryer for fruits and vegetables

Polaris PFD 0605D

The set includes transparent pallets that allow you to monitor the process of drying. Products do not darken during cooking. The device is equipped with an electronic display with three buttons. On the panel you can adjust the temperature, time and inclusion of the device.


  • stylish design;
  • compactness;
  • silent work;
  • the presence of a timer.


  • power;
  • the need to move pallets.Dryer for fruits and vegetables

Which dryer to choose depends on the specific preferences of the buyer. The presence of a dryer allows you to always have healthy fruits on hand. Thus, you can wean your child from harmful sweets, enrich the body with useful trace elements at any time of the year. Thanks to modern technology, the process is not limited only to the processing of fruits, allowing you to delight yourself with marmalade, yogurt and pastille.

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