Modern design studio kitchen color oak vanilla on 16 square meters. m

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Our kitchen has a large area (16 sq. m). It begins almost from the doorway, but with the help of designers and a small redevelopment, it was possible to make the interior light and cozy. And, it would seem a drawback - the proximity to the street doors, turned into a real highlight.

Kitchen made by company Giulia Novars,
g. Moscow

Modern vanilla oak kitchen

The dining and kitchen areas have now increased due to the fact that you get into them immediately. The entrance hall with the help of partitions gave part of the area and the kitchen became more spacious (especially when compared with the neighboring ones).

16 sqm kitchen

BRIO kitchen consists of facades of panel construction (ДСтП). The facades are trimmed with plastic - the colors are vanilla and aged oak, with a selection of patterns, so that the panels are similar to natural wood. Today's plastic can hardly be distinguished from a material that mimics it. In this case, the aged oak belongs to the eco-decor - a popular trend.

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Modern kitchen

The colors of the kitchen are quite restrained, but in the modern kitchen they look the best. Shades of furniture facades continue throughout the interior. The walls are the same as the bottom vanilla cabinets; dining table and shelf, which is its continuation, the color of oak.

Aged Oak Dining Table

Thus, not a single color dominates the interior; they are both self-sufficient and harmonious. An additional touch is the pistachio chairs and curtains.

Pistachio Chairs

The wall panel of the bar zone is plastic with oak finish, with decorative shelves made of stainless steel 2 mm thick, passing with the selection of a pattern into the countertop. Shelves seem to hang in the air, giving the dull facades lightness and weightlessness.

Bar area and oak upper cabinets

All surfaces are matt and dull. Facades open with hidden integrated handles (stainless steel finish).

Hidden, integrated handles in the lower cabinets

From one edge of the facade we have an oven located above the sink, and from the end - open shelves for every little thing.

Open shelves from the edge of the cabinet

Such shelves, on which you can put a bright trinket, are very necessary in a laconic interior, almost without decor.

Open shelves as part of the decor

Along the entire working area, under the cabinets, there is a built-in LED backlight with a touch switch. In the evening, thanks to her, the kitchen becomes very cozy. And it’s more convenient to work with such lighting.

LED lights

The tabletop is finished with 40 mm thick plastic. The end face is additionally treated with a strip of stainless steel and the service life of the countertops has increased many times.

Plastic worktop with stainless steel trim

All built-in appliances from NEFF: oven, dishwasher, hob.

NEFF integrated technology

The wall panel of the working area is glass, with enamel finish on the back. I do not like bright aprons, so in our case it is functional and inconspicuous.

Glass wall panel with enamel
Work area wall panel

Chrome exhaust hood Elica.

Chrome exhaust hood Elica

Sink and mixer of the Franke brand. Additionally, it has a water filter and a niche for wet dishes.

Franke sink and mixer

The kitchen turned out simple and concise, but at the same time beautiful and comfortable.

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