White kitchen with an area of ​​7.5 square meters. m with rails instead of upper cabinets

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DIY kitchen repair
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Our kitchen is small, but with plenty of light, as the windows face the sunny side. I wanted to make it as light and airy as possible. When the designers proposed to abandon the upper cabinets, at first the idea seemed a gamble, despite all its attractiveness.

Kitchen made by company Wenge Furniture,
g. Murmansk

White modern kitchen

The upper facades always heavily weight the interior and the small room becomes even smaller. If you remove half the useful space of the cabinets, then where to put the kitchen utensils? But in the end, everything turned out in the best way. The price of the kitchen is 170 thousand. rubles.

Roof rails over the work area and countertop "took over" part of the dishes and other things. Chrome metal tubes completely occupy the main wall and look very stylish.

Railings with hinged shelves

For the convenience of working on the countertop, a sconce with directional light flux was installed on both sides of the hood. And now in the evening they are an additional source of lighting.

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White sconces over the work area

Near the window we have a tall glass pencil case without doors. Its rear wall is mirrored, and the shelves are glass. All the dishes in the house fit there, and the mirror gave the effect of depth, which is important for a small room.

Tall glass pencil case

In the place of a high pencil case there used to be a refrigerator. I had to rack my brains a bit over its further placement, but in a new place the kitchen only benefited from this. A refrigerator was placed near the sink.

Refrigerator near the sink

The only drawback is that the two cannot simultaneously open the refrigerator and wash the dishes. But this is nothing compared to the fact that we now have 2 tall cabinets (a pencil case and a refrigerator) in our room, where everything we need is placed. The place under the sink is also not empty. We installed a “magic corner” in it - a retractable mechanism that allowed us to use this inaccessible place. And the microwave became into an uncomfortable corner on the countertop.

Refrigerator near the sink

In the evening, artificial light helps to delimit space into zones. Above the dining table we have a chandelier with a lampshade. It is light outside (to harmonize with the overall style), and inside it is orange. In the evening, this light creates incredibly warm lighting and the kitchen takes on a cozy look.


And for permanent use, we have a chromed 5-horn chandelier that gives plenty of light.

5-arm chandelier
5-arm chandelier

The facades of the Spanish manufacturer ALVIC are made of MDF coated with UV varnish (color white gloss). The varnish is subsequently polished and the slabs become perfectly smooth and even.

Glossy facades Alvic

The aluminum profile of the Italian company GOLA is also white glossy. It does not violate the clear lines of the headset, reliable in operation and fingerprints do not remain on it.

GOLA aluminum profile

I had to embed part of the headset into the windowsill. The tabletop line continues on top of it, and the section itself goes under the window. It does not open the entire width, but on the other hand, we slightly extended the lower cabinets.

Part of the headset embedded in the windowsill

White countertop made of HPL (high pressure plastic). It is in harmony with the color of the entire interior and has rear protection against hydrothermal influences.

Plastic countertop
White plastic countertop

All accessories in cabinets from Blum. These are TANDEMBOX, which can withstand heavy loads and LEGRABOX (upper drawers with thin sidewalls). All of them are wear-resistant, slide smoothly and close silently.

Hardware Blum

In continuation of the railing and other chrome interior details, a tall German Frap mixer with a slewing crane at the bottom is installed. It has a built-in water filter and aerator.

mixer frap

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