Technology of creation with step-by-step instructions of a fabric and woven hammock with own hands

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Even the busiest man in the world can quickly and easily make a hammock with his own hands for the garden. But this primitive structure replaces the expensive sessions of physiotherapy. Research scientists have shown that a few hours of sleep on such a bed contribute to the restoration of forces after a hard day's work. The body of a resting person is in such a position that all muscles relax sufficiently. In such a relaxation, stress is relieved and depression is treated.

World of hammocks

To make "the luxury of the rich" is not difficult. First of all, the family should decide on the design model. The simplest version will be a classic sample, because it does not require special equipment or materials. To get a stunning hammock with their own hands, it is worth familiar with the photos of successful homemade masters of other masters.Among them, many of the following interpretations can be found:

  • with slats and without them;
  • frame articles;
  • fabric fabrics;
  • hanging chairs;
  • creations from the vine;
  • weaving on the technology of macrame;
  • various variations of fastenings (logs or rings).

Now it is necessary to determine its location. Some people prefer to use trees as supports.

If the garden is suitable for this purpose, there are no exhibits, then you can successfully use the pergola or beach canopy.Aesthetic looking hammocks in arbors with a strong metal frame.Portable models come with ready-made supports, so only two athletes are needed to transport this rookery.

The diameter of wooden poles should be chosen more than 20 cm. Metal supports should be with a cross section of 85 mm. For stability, dig a pit deep, m and pour it with concrete.

Do it yourself

All kinds of pendant designs can be divided into two categories. The first includes models with rigid and hard parts - all kinds of straps for fastening. The second group includes samples made exclusively of soft materials, if one does not take into account rings for suspension. A peculiarity of such Mexican designs is that the material of the cloth flows around the body of the lying. There are two technologies for creating this luxurious hammock with your own hands: from ordinary matter or using the macrame system (weaving ropes).

The minimum height from the ground of the hanging bed is one meter, and the maximum one is, m. At the same time, about 30 cm are taken away to the deflection of the cloth.

From fabric

The first thing to do is to choose a dense fabric. However, to the touch, it should be pleasant and soft. In total, two three-meter lengths of cloth are needed, the width of each of them is about, m. Also, an average rope is needed to attach the bed to the trees and fix the product in the form of a cocoon. The procedure for manufacturing the Mexican version of the hammock is as follows:

  1. Sew together two parts. At the same time, from one side and the other (marked with a yellow strip on the diagram), there are sections along, m that serve as pockets. It is in them you can put some kind of mat or a thin mattress. The edges need to be processed so that the fabric does not crumble.
  2. Procurement for fastenings. The sides marked with a red outline should be bent by 3-5 cm and stitched several times along the edge. In the holes formed, it is necessary to pass the cord, and then tighten it tightly.
  3. The diagram shows how you can simply fix the ends of the rope. It is sufficient to wind it around the axis and tighten the resulting bundle with a strong knot, for example, a sea knot or a striker.
  4. Attaching to the posts. Twisting a cord (5-10 meters) around the tree, many advise to fit pieces of cloth or plastic. This protects the wood and the rope itself from wear.
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Before you make a hammock with your own hands, it is important to find a suitable place for him in the garden. Because the length of the product depends on the distance between the supports. Often, such a bed is less than 3 meters.

Before use it is necessary to test the strength of the suspended rookery. Check the tension and sagging of the fabric.

If desired, you can make a hammock more complex design.

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To create it, you need to find about 150 meters of a strong cord or rope for macrame, whose diameter is 6-8 mm. With such a stock of material will get a nice openwork product up to, and more meters in length. In this case, also two wooden rivets with holes are required, each length is up to half a meter. With their help, the width of the bed is limited. Moreover, they are used as the basis for fastening the threads. Such an exclusive hammock for the dacha can be made with a skeleton, the detailed drawing of which is given below.

In the beginning, it will not be superfluous to review several master classes of weaving macrame. It is worthwhile to learn 2-3 kinds of creation of usual knots. If desired, your skills can be developed and created exquisite canvases for hanging beds. To make it an ideal place to relax, it is important to do the following job front:

  1. Preparation of rails. It is necessary to select two quality planks, the thickness and width of each 3-5 cm. It's up to the master.
  2. Then drill holes (d = 2 cm). The distance between them depends on the pattern, the diameter of the holes in the grid, and also the width of the rookery. Calculate this gap can be as follows: the length of the bar is divided by the number of holes. Standard for a single product goes from 10 (for a bar in 90 cm) to 22 holes. In the original intervals should be 7-9 cm.
  3. About 20 meters of the cable will go to the fasteners. The rest of the length is divided into the pattern itself.

Reiki should be checked for defects and chips. Any crack under the weight of the human body can increase. As a result, the design breaks down, which will lead to numerical injuries. Before use, they must be sanded and uncovered with paint (paint).

To create a normal grid, you need to cut twenty strips. In the calculation, each leaves 6-7 m. After that, a long process of creating a pattern begins, which includes:

  1. Sorting ropes for 2 pcs. Each pair should be connected at a distance of 1 m from the end. The two extreme pairs are longer by 50 cm.
  2. In the holes put two ropes and again fix the nodes.
  3. Create a loop for holding. The first cable extends into the last hole, and the tenth - in the first. The arc is crossed.The remaining pieces are divided into two parts (4 pieces each) and folded together to form an arc. With the help of the cable you need to tie them with 3-4 loops on each side.
  4. According to the chosen scheme, a pattern is woven. You can find simple patterns of netting or complex intricate patterns. There is already a matter of taste.
  5. The process ends with the same actions as described in the first paragraph.
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By this principle, you can make a hammock chair with your own hands. The only thing is that its dimensions are two times smaller.In addition, some use a large arc, which is put on the hinges, and then in a circle weave the product. But for him you need to find a reliable log or ring, as well as chains (cables) to hang the structure to the ceiling.

As you can see, making a hammock with your own hands is not so difficult. Basic skills of macrame or sewing, creativity and a little patience will play an invaluable role in creating this miracle.

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