How to properly pinch cucumbers in the open field and the greenhouse

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Pinching cucumbers is the main rule in the formation of a prolific bush. Cucumbers are one of the crops that are subject to this procedure. Most dacha residents neglect this method, most often because of the complexity in its implementation. But to achieve a good harvest, without the formation of a bush, unfortunately, can not do. The method of pinching is very important for cucumbers, which grow not only in the ground, but also in a greenhouse or a greenhouse.

Pinching gives an opportunity to get a plentiful harvest of cucumbers without bitterness.

Why pinch the cucumber

Correct pinching of cucumbers in a greenhouse or open ground gives a good and abundant harvest. Many people think that this is a waste of time, and good fruits can be obtained without using this method. Sometimes it does, because the main part depends on the plant variety and the characteristics of its care. But do not forget that if you do not control the growth of vegetable culture, a large number of gems appear on the plant, which do not give a good fruiting culture. To get a good harvest, good shoots are needed that grow on the side of the plant.

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Than useful prickling:

  • stimulated the appearance of female shoots, which give good results;
  • such cucumbers without bitterness;
  • abundant fruiting.

How to pickle cucumbers in the greenhouse

Pinching cucumbers in greenhouse conditions is a rather complicated process. But if the procedure is carried out according to the scheme, many problems can be avoided. In order for the jaw to perform correctly, it is important to know when it should be produced.

This method is carried out in four stages:

  1. After the first couple of leaves appear on the bush, the first pinching is performed. After that, all the sprouts are thoroughly watered.
  2. The second pinching is done after the formation of the next 6-8 leaves; Pinch side shoots, which come from the main sprout.
  3. The third procedure is performed after the formation of 10 leaves. Then pinch the side shoots with male ovaries.
  4. When on the top of the cucumber formed 11 and 12 leaves, this plant reaches the correct length, which is enough to fix on the crossbar itself. This is the last step in pinching, after the fertilizing of the vegetable culture.

Pinching in a greenhouse or a greenhouse is done in four stages.

It is worth taking into account: if the cucumbers growing in greenhouse conditions leave without pinching, then the tops of the crop will grow, the main part of the crop will die. Everything happens because of the lack of sunlight.

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How to pinch cucumbers in the open ground

The formation of the bush is necessary so as not to damage the side stems. The plant must be tied to a trellis or rope. To tie it up is necessary when it begins to slope down and branch. The garter should not be tight, the bush should grow and develop freely.

Not all varieties are pricked. Especially it concerns hybrid kinds of cucumbers. To pinch the cucumbers in the open ground of their whip it is necessary to form.

How to perform a pinch in the open field:

  1. To form the right whip it is necessary to cut off the top over a 5-6 leaf leaving 3 shoots on the bush. The remaining branches should be deleted.
  2. Timely pruning yellow leaves and swirling branches.
  3. Simple varieties of cucumbers are formed in 1 or 2 stems. Therefore, on the stem leave 4 zones for growth, the top of the plant is neatly cut.
  4. In places of growth, it is necessary to leave those shoots from which it is planned to harvest, all the rest is removed.
  5. Do not forget to cut in time the curly and weak loops.

Carrying out the process of pinching in stages, you can achieve the correct growth of the vegetable culture.

Rules of Procedure

Correct pinching of cucumbers is an important procedure, after which the plant begins to receive more sun rays and important elements for the formation of good fruits. In order to form a bush, you need to pinch the individual stems of the plant. Thus, a properly formed bush will bear good fruit.

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It should be noted that cucumbers have a bad root, which in full can not provide the ovary and fruits with useful elements. For this reason, the plant can have yellow leaves, which soon fade.

If the procedure for forming a bush is carried out according to all rules, then these problems can be avoided. Such bushes will give much more harvest than those that grow unformed.

Also, the villager is advised to ensure that in time to remove excess stems on the vegetable, otherwise it may affect the fruiting of the crop.

Shrub formation in one stem

If the process of growing cucumbers is done in greenhouse conditions, then waiting until the bush stretches is not necessary. The procedure for forming into one stem at first glance is a rather complicated process. If you constantly monitor the plant and notice the appearance of new shoots, the procedure of formation will not be a problem.

Once in 7 days it is necessary to inspect the bush for new shoots.

How to properly form a bush:

  1. After 10-12 days after cucumber planting in the soil, you should tie the bush with a rope, pulling them to a certain height.
  2. In places where there are sinuses, between the first four leaves to remove germs and flowers.
  3. After the next 5 leaves grow, remove the lateral new shoots.
  4. During the growth of the stem, remove the side shoots.
  5. The formation of the bush ends when the stem overgrows the height for tying, then the top of the bush is pricked.

For qualitative formation of the cucumber bush, it is preferable to use a qualitative sharp pruner.


Formation of a bush in several stems

This method of formation involves shrubs with several major lateral stems.

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How to generate:

  • the main stem is stretched and fixed with a strong rope;
  • before the appearance of the first ovaries, the side shoots do not touch;
  • After the first ovaries appear, lateral sprouts are attracted to the main stem;
  • antennae that grow from shoots tie a plant to the main stem;
  • As the next shoots grow, they are tied to the main stem.

Important tips for performing proper pinching

Each summer resident knows how to pinch the cucumbers, but there are situations when in the process of the formation of the bush there are situations that require assistance. For those who have just started acquaintance with the garden, it is important to study all the details in order to avoid unpleasant situations:

  1. In the process of garter cucumber is worth remembering the weak root system of the plant. The procedure should be performed carefully without damaging the roots.
  2. During the formation of the bush, do not forget about loosening the soil around the plant.
  3. It is worthwhile to carefully monitor the removal of male inflorescences and unnecessary sprouts in time.
  4. While working with a bush, it is worth remembering not only the fragile root system, but also the fragility of the main stalk. All the manipulations to perform very carefully.
  5. Damaged tendrils or dry yellowed leaves should not be torn off, but neatly cut with scissors.
  6. Caring for cucumbers, for cutting, you must use only clean tools to prevent infection of the plant.
  7. At the time of harvesting it is undesirable to change the tops of bushes in places. Often this provokes yellowing and death of the plant.
  8. It should be careful with the stumps, after cutting the leaves. They can not be left, otherwise the plant is affected by powdery mildew, which will not allow the plant to properly form ovaries.

The procedure of pinching cucumbers is quite complicated, but very effective. With proper execution, you can get a bountiful harvest of sweet cucumbers without bitterness.

How to form cucumbers - video

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