How to make a fence for your own dacha?

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The fence serves to protect the estate from thieves, denotes the boundaries of private ownership, so everyone tries to protect themselves with this building.

To protect the structure for a long time, it is necessary to lay the foundation - this will be the first stage of the fence at the dacha with their own hands. Depending on the weight of the material for the fence, the foundation can be ribbon (for a heavy fence made of bricks and profiled sheets) or pillar (under a wooden fence).

Tape foundation means the installation of the base along the perimeter of the site, it is used for heavy fences.

Work on the foundation is carried out in the following sequence:

  • They dig a trench up to 1 m deep. The depth depends on the load that will be transferred to the base;
  • At the bottom of the trench lay a sand cushion;
  • Perform a leveling of the zero mark on the wooden formwork, which should rise above the ground approximately 30 centimeters;
  • Filling the trench with mortar or concrete with subsequent consolidation.

The foundation on concrete bricks implies the use of wooden fences for dachas, or other structures with a low weight. Such grounds assume the placement of individual supports at a certain distance from each other. This type of foundation is cheap because of the use of a smaller amount of a mortar mixture. It is arranged in the following order:

  • With the help of a drill with a diameter of up to 30 cm in the location of wooden poles, after approximately 2... 3 meters, make grooves in 1..., meters;
  • At the bottom of the pits lay a 20-centimeter layer of sand. Then the sand is poured with water for compaction;
  • Fence poles are installed with the required distance, level, fixing them in the pit with cement mortar.
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The device of a wooden fence in the country

Wooden fences can be considered the cheapest. The price of a fence for a dacha depends on the material from which they are executed. For example, a fence of finishing ceramic bricks will cost several times more expensive than the fencing of wooden boards. Previously, it was described how to establish a foundation for the type of fence in question.

It should be noted that the racks for a wooden fence for cottages should be covered with an antiseptic or hot bitumen with a lower part, it will resist the rotting of the material, which is caused by high humidity air.

Before carrying out the work, the following tools and materials should be purchased:

  • Edged plank board;
  • Two or three-meter bars with cross-sectional dimensions 4 *, centimeter;
  • Nails or self-tapping screws;
  • Supporting posts;
  • Level;
  • Tools for sawing wood (hacksaw, jig saw, etc.).

The bars for fastening the fence should be installed in the pit by the level taking into account the direction of the fence - the vertical of the columns is checked from both sides. To determine the direction between the first and last post, a strong cord is pulled. After fixing the position of the support, you can pour the pit with a concrete mixture. How are the columns and cross bars are indicated on the photo of the fences for the dacha.

After fixing the posts to them, you need to nail the wooden blocks on which the fence will be attached. If metal pipes were used as racks, then a corner is welded to fix the bars, and the guide bars are fastened to the posts using self-tapping screws. The distance between the guides is chosen so that the boards are fastened in 20 centimeters from the top and bottom of the fence. Next, the boards are nailed to the boards according to the design of the fence. The dimensions of each board should be strictly adjusted to the standard so that there are no distortions and height differences on the finished fence.

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Making a fence of corrugated board

The use of a fence for summer residence from a corrugated board has some advantages:

  • Strength;
  • Easy installation;
  • Beautiful view;
  • Profiled sheeting is relatively inexpensive;
  • Does not require maintenance during operation.

This type of fence is often combined with brickwork, as shown in the photo. In this case, for the fencing device will require a preliminary installation of the ribbon foundation, but such a pleasure can not afford each because of its high cost.

Let's consider a simpler version using metal supports and a log. The fence can be mounted on a columnar foundation.

For the execution of works, you must purchase the following materials:

  • Profiled sheeting of the selected color;
  • Metal or wooden supports;
  • Wooden or metal lags, which are intended for reliable fastening of the profiled sheet;
  • Fastenings (dowels, screws, screws);
  • Tool: drill, level, screwdriver, strong rope.

Before the construction of the fence at the dacha, it is necessary to measure the territory, to designate the location of the racks on the terrain. In the locations of the racks, wooden pegs are hammered. Then, in place of the pegs with the help of a drill, dig pits with a depth of up to m. A layer of sand is poured onto the bottom of the pit and it is poured with water. The first racks should be placed on the corners of the building to set the direction for the future metal fence for the dacha.

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Support for the fence from the profile is a metal pipe or a profile of a square section. The height of such supports is calculated based on the height of the fence and the depth of foundation, the distance between adjacent posts is 2-3 meters.

The top of all support posts is aligned along the tensioned rope between the outriggers. These supports must first be secured, for this purpose they are leveled by means of a level, the pits are filled with a solution. The level should be applied to the racks on both sides, at an angle of 90 degrees, to prevent the slope of the pole.

Filling the pits under the counter should be carried out together: one holds the rack, the second holds the pouring. After compaction of the concrete mix, the positions of the column are checked again with a level.

After hardening of the concrete mix, it is possible to mount a metal profile to which the corrugated board will be fixed. Metal lags should be installed at a distance of 20 cm from the top and bottom of the corrugated sheet. Mounting is done by welding.

After the construction of the fence frame for the dacha from the corrugated board, proceed to fixing the metal sheets. It is important to properly attach the first sheet, and on it you can mount the rest.

Mount the sheets of corrugated board begin with the corner part of the site. Verticality and horizontality of the leaf are regulated by means of a level, the rest of the fence is fixed on a tight rope.

Sheets of corrugated board are attached to the guides with screws, which have special rubber gaskets. Consumption of fasteners 5... 8 pieces per each sheet of metal. To fix the corrugated board with rivets is not recommended, since this material is not able to provide sufficient strength of the fence to give.

Video: installation on the fence of the fence from the corrugated board

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