How to get an early harvest of squash?

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Seedling method of growing the patissons allows you to approximate the ripening of the fruit for several weeks and is widely used by truck farmers. It is especially popular in regions where spring comes late, and for a long time there is a cool weather.

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When and how to plant seeds for seedlings?

You can start planting seeds from the middle of April. In small pots or plastic cups fill up light and nutritious soil. Suitable substrate from the store. If desired, prepare it yourself, mixing:

  • land from the garden;
  • humus;
  • some sand.
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Put in each glass of 2 seeds, deepening them by 4 cm. Abundantly water and cover with a plastic bag. In this form, they should be until the germination in a warm place (at least 25 degrees of heat).

Before planting, rinse the seeds in the potassium permanganate, rinse with clean water and dry it a little. This will help prevent seedling disease.

When the shoots appear, take shelter and transfer them to a cooler room (16-18 degrees Celsius). Hold the seedlings there for about a week, until they are slightly strengthened, and then you can again raise the temperature.

If you do not lower the temperature at the first stages of growing seedlings, it will begin to stretch.

Care of seedlings of patissons

Watering seedlings should not very often and a small amount of water, so they do not rot. The first fertilizing should be done when the seedlings are 2 weeks old, and the second (and last) - before planting in the ground.

As fertilizer is suitable infusion of mullein or nitrofoska.

Planting seedlings on a bed

At the age of 25 days on seedlings up to 3 of these leaves will form. At this time, they can already be planted in the garden. In the cups, where both seeds were planted, choose the strongest, and carefully cut the second with scissors. To pull out is not recommended, so as not to damage fragile roots, because then both plants can not survive the transplant.


Before planting in the holes, seedlings need to be stabbed. For this, plants should be placed for several hours in a cold room, increasing the time with time. In sunny weather, seedlings are instead exposed to the street.

Transplant the patissons into the open ground with the ground, without shaking it. After dropping the holes, shed warm water and cover with peat.

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