We beat the dough quickly with a folding whisk from China


Beating eggs is the main process for baking cakes and pies. That's why it's so important to have a nice whisk to beat the eggs in the kitchen. After all, he can both beat eggs, cream, and knead the batter. Corolla will be a faithful helper and during the preparation of sauces and even soups-puree

Only which corolla to choose? In the market not so long ago there was a new whisk for whipping. It differs from ordinary coronals in that it is able to fold. That is, each loop turns and folds like a matryoshka, turning into a shovel. To turn the blade into a whisk (and vice versa), it's enough just to turn the handle.

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Advantages of folding whisk for whipping:

  1. Simplicity. Use a whisk quite easily.
  2. Speed. Corolla saves time and even muscle energy. After all, whipping with a fork or a spiral whisk would take much more time and effort.
  3. Noiselessness. Unlike different blenders and mixers, the corolla does not make any noise during cooking.
  4. Versatility. Corolla is useful for preparing various dishes.
  5. 2 in 1. A slight turn of the handle of the folding coronet turns into a spatula, which is great for stirring gravy, sauce and so on.
  6. Compactness. Corolla in the folded state takes much less space.
  7. Purity. Folding whisk is perfectly cleaned in the dishwasher.
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Folding whisk for whipping should be for every mistress. However, how much does this adaptation cost? In Ukrainian and Russian online stores a folding coronet costs 1190 rubles. A fairly high price for such a product.

But on the website of Aliexpress this device costs only 156 rubles. For this amount is worth buying this product. In addition, the price is almost 8 times less than the price that the domestic producer has specified.

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Characteristics of the Chinese folding whisk for whipping:

  • material - polypropylene;
  • height - 2, cm;
  • width cm;
  • color - green, orange, purple.

As you can see, a folding whisk for whipping is useful in every kitchen. But it is best to buy it only directly from the Chinese manufacturer. Otherwise, you have to pay a fairly large amount for such an adaptation. But the characteristics of goods are absolutely no different.

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