Top 8 best robot Panda vacuum cleaners: characteristics, pros and cons + choice

Robot vacuum cleaner - the perfect home assistant. He quietly and quietly performs his duties to keep the house tidy and almost does not require human intervention. Many housewives dream of this, but find it difficult to choose.

After all, I want to get an efficient, durable and cost-adequate unit. Panda robots are very popular among buyers, but are they really good? We'll figure out.

The content of the article:

  • Features of the production of Panda vacuum cleaners
  • Factors of choice
  • The best robots from Panda
    • Place # 1 - Panda i5 model
    • Place # 2 - Panda X950 Model
    • Place # 3 - Panda X900 Wet Clean Model
    • Place # 5 - Model Panda X600 Pet Series
    • Rank # 6 - Model Panda X500 Pet Series
    • Rank # 8 - Model Panda X5S Pro Series
    • Overview of competing offers
    • Competitor # 1 - model Okami S100
    • Competitor # 2 - iPLUS X500 pro model
  • Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Features of the production of Panda vacuum cleaners

Brand Panda is positioned as Japanese. And this is true, but there is a small nuance.

The company did not develop the technology for manufacturing vacuum cleaners for robots, but acquired along with an unknown Chinese firm Lilin. Here it is, in fact, is the author of the units sold under the brand name Panda. True, the Japanese finalized the design, added functionality to it and completely redesigned it.

Robot vacuum cleaner panda

Brand Panda is well known in Asia and Europe. Robotic vacuum cleaners of this brand are popular in Russia and other CIS countries, where its sales are steadily increasing

The resulting unit quickly won the sympathy of consumers. Products under the Panda brand are successfully sold in Russia, as well as in Asia and Europe.

The manufacturer has placed its assembly plants in China and carefully monitors the quality of work. Japanese engineers, in turn, are engaged in new developments. Thanks to this brand, it is possible to successfully combine reasonable price, high functionality and quality.

The special feature of Panda vacuum cleaners is the lack of a turbo brush. The lower part of the body is equipped with two side brushes that guide dust and debris to the suction inlet. Developers believe that this technology allows the vacuum cleaner to better cope with its work, greatly simplifies its maintenance and prevents damage.

Design feature of Panda vacuum cleaners

The lack of a turbo brush is a highlight of Panda vacuum cleaners. The developers are confident that in this way they managed to prevent unit breakdowns and achieve the most efficient cleaning (+)

This is explained by the fact that the design of the turbo-brush, which is present in other units, involves the winding of animal hair and long hair. As a result, its bristles become clogged.

This dramatically reduces the quality of cleaning, and in some cases can lead to damage. The owner has to clean the brush often enough. If there are pets in the house, then it will have to be done more often.

Work in apartments with animals

The development of automatic cleaners from Panda focused on the treatment of floors in homes and apartments with living pets. Due to the lack of a central brush in the device, there are fewer parts that require regular cleaning of wool

Over the years of its existence, the brand has released several lines of robot vacuum cleaners: ORIGINAL, PET and last year’s OKAMI, whose representatives are designed to be thoroughly cleaned in homes where there are pets.

The WET range includes vacuum cleaners that can do wet and dry cleaning. PRO line is distinguished by the presence of a turbo-brush. The manufacturer emphasizes that the series was created specifically for those who are confident in the greater efficiency of such cleaning.

Advantages of Panda brand vacuum cleaners

A significant advantage of the Panda brand is its maximum functionality. Even the most inexpensive models have additional features that are usually present in competitors in higher price categories.

Factors of choice

The cost of such vacuum cleaners is much higher than that of conventional analogs. Therefore, it is important for a potential buyer not to make a wrong choice. Otherwise, for very decent money, you can get a useless thing. Consider the most important aspects of a competent choice.

Maximum cleaning area. Each model is characterized by the number of square meters that it can remove on one charge. This is a very important indicator. It is usually listed in the technical data sheet of the device.

Robotic vacuum cleaner from the brand Panda

Panda offers a very wide range of its products. To choose the best option you need to accurately represent the desired functionality of the home assistant.

If not, you need to consult with the seller. For normal operation of the vacuum cleaner, it must be able to clean on one charge the area larger than the one with which he has to work.

Battery. It is advisable to choose the highest possible battery capacity. The higher it is, the longer the device can work autonomously. Batteries whose capacity is below 2500 mAh are considered relatively weak. Greater values ​​are welcome. The maximum capacity of today's batteries in 5000-7000 mAh.

Actually the type of battery is also very important. The lowest cost and at the same time far from the best characteristics of batteries such as Ni-Mh (Nickel-Metal Hydride). Li-Ion or lithium-ion and Li-Pol or lithium-polymer batteries are recognized as the best in properties and capacity. The latter are considered a promising novelty. They are lightweight, completely safe and eco-friendly.

Container. The capacity of the waste bin determines the possibility of continuous operation of the device. For large houses of more than 80 square meters. m should choose the maximum volume of the container - from 0.5 to 1 l.

Complete set of the vacuum cleaner robot

When choosing a robot vacuum cleaner should pay attention to its complete set. The panda is usually not stingy and offers spare side brushes, filters and other necessary stuff.

Half a liter capacity will be enough for cleaning 50-80 square meters. m, and for an even smaller area suitable garbage container minimum volume - 0.3 liters. If you have the desire and opportunity, you can choose the reservoir "with reserve". Then it will have to be cleaned less often.

Power and other parameters. It is better to choose a device with the highest suction power. The higher it is, the more efficient the vacuum cleaner works.

It is worth asking about the noise level. The quietest models operate, emitting less than 50 dB. The average is below 60 dB. Such units, according to the manufacturer, do not interfere with their sound to rest and go about their business.

Price dependence on the height of the device

The height of the vacuum cleaner is another significant factor. The lower the unit, the easier it will be to clean the furniture. Miniatures of less than 6 cm are produced, for which the manufacturer significantly increases the cost.

The best option is the height from 7.5 to 9 cm. Such a unit will be able to pass under most of the low pieces of furniture.

Possible cleaning method. All robotic vacuum cleaners can be divided into three large groups. The first is intended only for dry cleaning.

These are the devices sweeping away garbage and dust under the case where there is a suction inlet with a brush or without it. Depending on this device can effectively clean various types of flooring.

Robot vacuum cleaner Panda in the process

During dry cleaning, the vacuum cleaner sweeps the floor with side brushes, directing debris and dust under the case where the suction inlet is located

Vacuum cleaners for washing the floor spray the washing liquid, rub it, and then collect it in the tank for dirty water.

A kind of symbiosis of these two designs - combined units. They are capable of dry cleaning and wet floor cleaning. The latter, however, is the wiping of the floor surface with a damp cloth.

Orientation in space. Each of the robot vacuum cleaners has a navigation system that can be represented by sensors, a camera or laser detectors.

The first option is the least functional. The devices equipped by him are capable only of chaotic movement, which is completely unacceptable for a house of two or more rooms.

Equipped with a laser system or camera devices are able to build a map of the room and plot the desired route.

Additional options. The list of additional features that manufacturers equip their products is quite impressive.

Almost silent robot vacuum cleaner

Robots vacuum cleaners from the Panda are of low noise. They work so quietly that animals are not afraid of them.

It is important to understand what is necessary for the user, and from which it is quite possible to refuse. The most popular options are:

  1. Independent return to the docking station for recharging.
  2. Ability to program start time.
  3. The presence of sensors that protect against collisions, falling, touching, etc.
  4. Clasping elements: rubberized bumpers, skirts, etc.
  5. Opportunity to overcome obstacles in the way.
  6. Existence of filters for additional clarification of air and an ultra-violet lamp for a floor disinfecting.

These are the main criteria for choosing a vacuum cleaner robot. They are relevant for Panda models, as well as for any manufacturer.

The best robots from Panda

Every year the company releases new items, creating more attractive models for users. Some of them go unnoticed, while others become real hits and undisputed sales leaders. Let's try to make the TOP-8 of such devices.

Place # 1 - Panda i5 model

The multifunctional novelty of 2017 quickly gained popularity among buyers. This is a combined type vacuum cleaner that performs a full dry, as well as wet cleaning.

Like most of the Panda units, it lacks a turbo brush, but it has a significant suction power, reaching up to 125 watts. Moreover, it can be adjusted depending on the type of floor to be cleaned.

The first in the Pand lineup is the most versatile device that successfully combines the functions of a cleaner, a watchman and a communicator. Activation of the vacuum cleaner can be done via Wi-Fi. A new vacuum cleaner from Panda is able to track movement in a protected area, take a picture of a moving object and send a photo or video to the owner.

Thanks to the lithium-polymer battery with a capacity of 7000 mAh, the device is capable of removing 240 square meters. m in one cycle. After which it automatically returns to the base.

The device is equipped with four modes of dry cleaning:

  • standard;
  • local;
  • along the walls;
  • delayed.

The latter involves work on a predetermined schedule.

A high-tech processor is integrated into the device, which gives it many possibilities. This is a smart navigation system that helps not only to navigate, but also to select the optimal cleaning mode.

The installed widescreen video camera allows you to build a map of the house and select the desired route. In addition, the vacuum cleaner can work as a caretaker, reacting to movement in the room and sending a signal or photo to the owner.

The device can act as a kind of communicator, providing the possibility of a video call or a photo. A robot can store collected information and protect its confidentiality.

The advantages of the model are:

  1. High efficiency of cleaning flooring of any type.
  2. Low noise.
  3. Improved intelligent navigation system.
  4. Remote control.
  5. Broad additional features.

The disadvantages of users attributed the high cost of the unit, due to its versatility. In addition, noted the lack of programming weekly cleaning cycle. You can only choose the time of daily cleaning.

Place # 2 - Panda X950 Model

Decent representative of the middle price segment. Multifunctional device with a small suction capacity of up to 40 W and an average capacity Ni-Mh type battery. The functional model is able to quickly and efficiently carry out dry or wet cleaning of an area of ​​100 m². Differs in maneuverability and accuracy.

To control the device using the touch panel or remote control. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a capacious 0.6 l waste bin, fine filters and cyclone type.

A robotic assistant performs wet and dry cleaning. The latter can be carried out in one of six modes.

Thanks to a perfect navigation system, it provides an overview of the room, creates its own route and selects the optimal cleaning mode. Significant advantages of the model:

  • possibility of programming the date and time of the cleaning;
  • the presence of a virtual wall, limiting the movement of the unit;
  • the choice of cleaning power of the floor covering, depending on its type;
  • low noise level;
  • automatic return to docking station.

Users do not like too long the process of charging the device, it takes about five hours. In addition, they note that the device often regards a small threshold as an insurmountable obstacle.

Place # 3 - Panda X900 Wet Clean Model

Powerful combined type vacuum cleaner designed for wet or dry cleaning. The nickel-cadmium battery of small capacity ensures its operation for two hours. During this time, the device deals with 70 m².

Charges the device quickly enough, in just three hours. Increased up to 85 W of suction power allows you to effectively clean any type of coat from wool. The model is able to quickly charge. In addition, it performs a high-quality wet cleaning, as it is equipped with an automatic wetting cloth.

A feature of the unit is the automatic wetting of the cloth in the process of wiping the floor. Dry cleaning is done in one of four modes.

To control, you can use the touch panel or remote control. Restriction of the movement of the vacuum cleaner is made through a virtual wall. The advantages include:

  1. The presence of ultraviolet lamps, effectively disinfecting coating.
  2. Independent search for a docking station and return for recharging.
  3. The ability to set the schedule for cleaning the room.
  4. The ability to recognize highly contaminated fragments of the floor.

The users do not note any particular deficiencies in the model. Some do not like the noise of the device and the lack of remote control.

Place # 5 - Model Panda X600 Pet Series

Represents the average price segment, is able to produce wet or dry cleaning. The suction power of the unit is relatively small - 22 W; it cannot be adjusted. A nickel-cadmium battery allows it to clean up to 120 m² at a time. For dry cleaning five preset modes can be used.

The developers have supplied the model with five modes of dry cleaning. Due to this, it effectively cleans the most different types of coating. After charging is exhausted, the robot returns to the docking station itself.

In the process of washing does not provide automatic wetting wipes, the owner will have to periodically rinse it. The device has a low noise level - up to 50 dB. To control using the touch panel or remote control. The robot is equipped with an intelligent obstacle detection system and effective fall protection.

Other advantages:

  1. Automatic search and return to the docking station.
  2. Existence of UF-lamp for additional disinfection.
  3. The possibility of programming work on the days of the week and on the clock.
  4. Restriction of movement of the device through the virtual wall.

Owners of such units consider a small dust collector a disadvantage; its volume is only 0.5 l. In addition, it is noted that the device does not always have time to get to the base and is completely discharged on the road.

Rank # 6 - Model Panda X500 Pet Series

An excellent solution for a small apartment, since at one time the device is capable of removing no more than 80 m². The capacity of the dust collector is 0.45 l, which is quite enough for the duty cycle.

The device has a high suction power - 50 watts. Because of this, it cleans well the various types of coatings from animal hair. The Panda X500 Pet Series cleaning robot from Panda successfully combines good functionality, reasonable price and high quality. It has various modes of cleaning.

The robot performs only dry cleaning, but it can perform seven different modes. One of them is a delayed launch, which involves starting work at a specific time.

In the process of cleaning the equipment is able to adapt to the type of surface in order to clean it to the maximum quality. Other advantages of the model:

  • low "noise", up to 50 dB;
  • the presence of a docking station, self-return for recharging;
  • possibility of remote control;
  • good equipment with spare brushes and filters.

Low-power battery is considered a significant drawback of the model. In addition, users refer to them low functionality of the device. It does not carry out wet cleaning and does not disinfect the coating with a UV lamp.

Rank # 8 - Model Panda X5S Pro Series

Another interesting novelty last year, winning user recognition. The unit is designed for full wet or dry cleaning. A powerful battery allows it to clean up to 150 m².

For dry cleaning five modes can be used. Wet is made with automatic wetting wipes and suction of contaminated liquid.

Multifunctional practical novelty from Panda. The vacuum cleaner perfectly copes with various types of cleaning, can be built in the Smart house system. The unit is equipped with inertial navigation, which allows it to independently change the trajectory of movement, to be well oriented in space.

The device is equipped with a two-stage filter and cyclone-type suction technology. Of the significant advantages of the model, it is worth noting:

  • the presence of a removable double turbo brush;
  • possibility of remote and remote control;
  • bumper with rubber pad for a soft touch;
  • self-recharging.

The developers have placed the engine in the vicinity of the dust collector, so the latter can only be cleaned with a brush. Washing will have to be abandoned. Virtual wall is not included.

Overview of competing offers

The line of robotic vacuum cleaners of the Panda brand has worthy competitors, which are produced by manufacturers in Europe, Central Asia, America, etc. Let us consider for review two options.

Competitor # 1 - model Okami S100

A model from a series that was specifically designed for wool removal. The device has a high (90 W) suction power. Lithium-ion battery allows the device to operate continuously for two hours. During this time, it takes about 200 m².

The vacuum cleaner works in six modes for dry cleaning and one for wet, which allows to clean any type of coating. Powerful robot vacuum cleaner designed specifically for homes in which animals live. Effectively removes pet hair.

The height of the device is quite large - 9 cm; it cannot work under very low furniture. But it is equipped with a fairly voluminous dust collector and a reservoir for detergent.

To control, you can use the remote control or the start button on the case. The advantages of the model are:

  • three-stage air filtration system;
  • automatic supply of liquid to the cloth in the process of wet cleaning;
  • self-recharging;
  • UV lamp for disinfection.

The robot has certain disadvantages. To them, users attributed the high cost and difficulty in overcoming obstacles above 1.7 cm.

Competitor # 2 - iPLUS X500 pro model

This robotic vacuum cleaner attracts an affordable price, combined with high performance. There is no charging station in its configuration, which means that the device will need to be installed manually to restore the energy resource.

The time of continuous work is 110 minutes, during which he manages to clear up to 80 m². The wedge device is charged for 4 hours.

An automatic cleaner can only perform dry cleaning, for which there are two basic modes. To prevent collisions with obstacles and falls, a group of infrared and ultrasonic sensors is mounted.

The winning feature of the model is the ability to independently adjust the suction power depending on the type of coating. The device is well oriented in space, able to recognize obstacles, the degree of surface contamination.

The virtual wall in the kit is missing, which can be attributed to the shortcomings of the model. In addition, the list of minuses is to enter the inability to wipe the floor with a damp cloth. This is because the device is not capable of sucking liquid.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Advantages and disadvantages of robotic vacuum cleaners of the Panda brand against the background of competitors will present a detailed video review:

Panda's robotic vacuum cleaners will become indispensable helpers for the hostess. Manufacturer for a very reasonable price offers multifunctional, efficient, reliable units. This distinguishes them from a number of analogues and makes them very attractive to users.

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