How to wash cushions in a washing machine

How long can you sleep at night? Do you think the cause is stress or insomnia? And how long have you been washing your pillow? Non-compliance with hygiene standards leads to the accumulation of bacteria and microbes in the fillers. Therefore it is important to know how to properly wash the pillow at home. In this article, we'll look at the different kinds of fillers, and you'll find out if you can wash each one in a typewriter or use hand wash.How to wash cushions in a washing machine

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  • 1The rules for washing pillows: which program to choose
  • 2How to wash pillows with different fillers
    • 2.1Feather and down filler
    • 2.2Washing synthetics
    • 2.3Other fillers

The rules for washing pillows: which program to choose

Natural fillers from feathers and swan's down are a favorable environment for the development of bacteria; and the products of mites are allergic in humans. You can go to a professional service where the pen is being thoroughly processed. But if you are used to cleaning the house, we will tell you how to do it right. Are the products with natural filler washed in the washing machine? Fountain, feather products perfectly tolerate washing. The main thing is to know at what temperature to look after the pen. Choose a gentle mode and 40 degrees.

The rules for washing pillows: which program to choose

How often to wipe pillows from synthetics, depends on the duration of use. When buying a new product, look at the label. There it is indicated on which program you can take care of him. Synthetic filler from polyester and hologofayber should be washed at least 3-4 times a year.

Orthopedic and antistress pillows with filler (berry stones, grass, croup) should be replaced with time.

How to wash pillows with different fillers

Washing the pillow is justified if it has served you no more than three years. After that, you need to discard it or replace the filler.

Feather and down filler

Qualitatively, clean the pen in the washing machine, you can split it into parts.

  1. Shake out the filler from the napernik, divide it into several parts. The smaller the parts, the better the feather or fluff will be cleared.
  2. Take some pillow cases or fabric bags.
  3. Spread the filler in bags and send it to the laundry. It is better to load 2-3 covers at a time.
  4. In the drum, add special balls to break down.

Feather and down filler

It is better to turn off the spin mode or set the speed to 500 revolutions. After this, let the cushions hang in an upright position, and drain the water.

Feather and down filler

If the filler is heavily soiled, use the soak method. For this, add 5 h of water to 4 h. l. ammonia and a spoon of gel for washing. Soak the covers with a feather for 2 hours. After the water runs off, spread the feather in the sun so it dries well.

Washing synthetics

Synthetic, fluffy and cushions of artificial fluff quickly lose shape. After 3 years the product becomes flat, it is inconvenient to sleep on it. To check if there is any sense in washing, put a heavy object on the pillow. If the mold has recovered in time, then send the product to the drum.Washing synthetics

Synthetic products can be fully loaded into the machine. Add to the drum tennis balls, as well as liquid detergent.

Bamboo fillers are similar in care with synthetic ones. Choose a gentle mode at a temperature of 30-40 degrees. Pillows of bamboo and sintepon do not tolerate strong wringing. Set the speed at 500 revolutions.Washing synthetics

Unlike downy, artificial materials are dried in a ventilated room, away from the sun. Do not hang the product, otherwise it will lose its shape.

Other fillers

Cushioned side cushions are often made from polystyrene beads. Such products are called "anti-stress". You can erase them in the standard mode, set the temperature not more than 40 degrees. Polystyrene does not absorb moisture, so the pillows will dry quickly.

Is it necessary to wash a new pillow from latex? No, this material does not tolerate contact with moisture. Latex materials can be wiped with a dry cloth.

Sheep and camel fillers are machine washable. Set the mode for wool. Use liquid funds for cashmere and woolen things.Other fillers

It is important to dry the pillows well, so that they retain their shape and do not accumulate moisture, otherwise an unpleasant smell is provided. If you do not want to completely wipe the pillow, set the steaming mode (if available in your AGR model). The regime will destroy the bacteria and return the product freshness. In time, replacing pillows, you take care of your health. Do not forget to take care of things in a timely manner, then your sleep will be sweet.

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