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The lush bush of a peony up to two meters high attracts the eye of an enthusiastic florist and any connoisseur of beauty. To grow such an attractive plant on your site, you need to ensure full-fledged care for tree-like peonies. It is important to immediately choose a suitable place for planting, fertilize the soil, then water and cut the plant in time to make it develop well.

These centenarians can grow in one place up to a hundred years, delighting the skilled grower with annual flowering. They significantly decorate the landscape design, fitting in different styles - from retro to modern times. In order for the plant to be healthy and strong, it is important to take responsibility for every stage of cultivation.

Secrets of Correct Landing

According to agronomists, planting a tree-like peony in autumn is the most successful time. To be more precise, this is the end of August - the beginning of October. It is during this period that the seedling will be able to take root and prepare to grow new shoots with the advent of spring. It is best to grow a moderately sunny place, protected from drafts. Landing in the shade of a house or a large tree will not allow the bush to develop well, and can lead to underdevelopment and flaccidity.

In order to have a presentable appearance in the future, it is necessary to properly prepare the soil: to make sand, necessarily clay, turf and humus. So it will turn out nutritious and at the same time it will be well aerated. If the loamy, dense earth is in the site of planting, then it must necessarily be mixed with sand and fertilizer of organic origin.

Peonies do not like acid soil. The soil for treelike pions should not be acid 7 pH. If necessary, a small amount of lime is applied to the acid soil.

Proven landing technology

How to plant a tree-like peony in the ground, so that it quickly took root and went into growth? The main thing to observe the technology of landing:

  • prepare a seedling (remove excess shoots and dry roots, treat roots from pests);
  • dig a cone-shaped hole (approximately 80 cm deep and the same in diameter);
  • ensure good drainage of the soil by filling the bottom with expanded clay or rubble;
  • pour a part of the humus from the sod or chernozem on top of the drainage layer;
  • on the nutrient layer put the peony and water it well;
  • After the hole is covered with soil to the level of the root neck and compact it.

Proper planting and care of several tree-like peonies in one area will bring good results if the distance between the bushes is at least one and a half meters.

How to store seedlings

It happens that the pion was bought only at the end of autumn, and even at the beginning of winter. Of course, at this time it should not be planted. In this period it is important to keep it right until spring. To do this, you can conduct several preparatory activities:

  • carefully inspect the acquisition for rotten or dry roots, remove them with a sharp sterile knife;
  • pick up a small container, suitable for the size of the roots;
  • plant a seedling during wintering in nutrient soil in a container and put it in a basement or in a cool room.

In the transfer vessel, there must be a perforation for draining the water so that the roots do not rot.

The temperature of the outside air and the condition of the seedling will tell how to properly plant a tree-like peony in the spring to the site. If the temperature in the room in winter was kept about zero degrees, then shoots will not go into growth. The plant will build up the root system over the winter. And only with the onset of warm days will there be new kidneys. The planting technology should be observed the same as in the autumn period (good irrigation, drainage and nutrient soil). After planting, you should try to pay attention and ensure systematic care for tree-like peonies.

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Care for treelike pions

If you have an adult bush growing on the site, it will not require intensive care. All you need to do is water on time, loosen the soil between waterings for good aeration of roots, remove weed grass, periodically introduce fertilizers.

Peony tree-like water should not every day for a little bit, and every two weeks for a bucket of water under each bush. And that between watering the water does not evaporate quickly, the hole is mulched (straw, leaf or hay).

Another important point in creating comfortable conditions for growth and flowering is the correct diverse fertilization of the soil. Thanks to it, the plant has a larger number of buds, they acquire a more vivid color, the period of their flowering increases. Start feeding the treelike peony in the spring during the active vegetation period. Nutrients are introduced until the fall, regulating the order of potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers.

A beautiful aesthetic view of the plant can be given by trimming excess shoots and faded buds. Timely pruning of the treelike pion is also an important component of proper care. It is carried out in early spring during the formation of the kidneys on healthy shoots. It is at this time that the dead branches are visible, which can be removed. One more pruning is carried out in the autumn: once in 10 - 15 years the adult shrub is shortened to the base with the aim of rejuvenation of branches and more magnificent branching.

Features of the first flowering

For what year does the tree-like peony blossom? Is it worth waiting for flowering in the first year? These questions are quite expected to occur in every horticulturist, who planted varietal peonies on his plot. Here everything is individual, and depends on the strength of the plant, the number of roots, the time of planting, favorable weather conditions and the quality of the contents. Usually a young specimen gives a good bloom in the second - third year. And in the first year, flowering is not pronounced. Flowers of double full pions can be quite ordinary. Do not get upset and uproot the plant. Patience and proper care will necessarily bear fruit.

Young peony is tree-like, when it blooms, requires the removal of a large number of buds. It is important at the first flowering to remove the uppermost bud even before it blossoms. The second flower needs to be cut already after it has blossomed. Pruning is carried out neatly with a sterile sharp pruner, trying not to damage the growth point.



More specifically, we should focus on the formation of a beautiful tree or bush. After all, it depends on how to trim a tree-like peony, its appearance depends. When forming shrubs, shoots are cut evenly at one height, facilitating their branching. Young branches are developing fairly quickly, so do not be afraid of pruning. The plant will only get better from this.

When forming a tree, you will have to work harder. It is necessary to isolate the strongest central branch, saving it from the side shoots. The top should be made branched, forming the crown. Pruning in order to rejuvenate the plant and remove dry branches is carried out in early spring, weak branches are shortened to 20 cm from the ground. It is important to remember that the abundance of flowering will depend on the number of mature branches, because the buds do not appear on the branches of the first year.

Do not regret buds, they also need to be cut. The more flowers formed on the pion, the smaller they will eventually grow. If you cut off a third of the inflorescences, you can get large and full flowers.

The process of reproduction

Growing a tree-like peony is a fascinating process, especially during the reproduction of already existing specimens. After all, you can get more colors in several ways:

  • divide the adult bush into several parts;
  • root a few cuttings into the ground;
  • get layers;
  • grow new plants from seeds;
  • Plant a new variety on the existing shrub.
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Division of the bush

Peony is tree-like, the care, the reproduction of which passes with the observance of agrotechnology, brings good results. For division, choose a large plant and dig it out so as not to damage the root system. Then it is divided, cutting with a sterile sharp knife. You can not only split in half, but also into more parts. The main thing is that there should be at least four shoots on the parts.

When cutting, you should try to minimize the roots and not put a virus in them. For this place, the sections are treated with a pink solution of manganese and covered with powder of wood or activated carbon.

To divide, you can not take plants younger than five years of age.

Getting the Lines

To propagate a tree-like peony by means of layers, it is enough to bend the lower branch to the soil, cut the outer part of the trunk, sprinkle it with powdered corn root and fill it with soil. In this case, the branch will continue to feed at the expense of the mother plant. And soon he will start independent roots and new shoots. When can I transplant a tree-like peony and separate it from the main bush? It is with the growth of new shoots. It is best to root off the layers in the spring, and to plant the young specimens in autumn in a separate container.


For propagation cut choose a strengthened bush, aged 4 - 5 years with good stiff branches. The most suitable time for the procedure is the beginning of July. Cuttings will have time to take roots before the onset of cold weather. To plant a cutting, cut off a part of the stem with several buds. The upper cut is made straight, the lower cut is obliquely. To the germ is well established, the lower cut is treated with a stimulant (rootstock). An important role in rooting is played by the soil: peat and sand should be used. Water the seedling better with warm water. After watering, cover it with a jar or a trimmed plastic bottle. If possible, use a mini-greenhouse. Understand that the stalk has taken root will be possible on new shoots, which it will eventually release.


To perform the vaccination procedure, it will take some skill and, as the gardeners say, an "easy hand". For cuts, you use tools that are necessarily sterilized, work better with gloves. Usually a simple strong bush is planted in varietal (terry, multicolored). From the plant variety cut a branch, the bottom of which is cut in the form of a wedge. On the main bush choose the lower branch and remove part of it also in the form of a wedge into which the graft is driven. The joint is to be treated with a garden crock and wrapped by a film.

Not all vaccinations are successful. In order for everything to work out, you need experience and the right time for the work. August is the best for this.

Excretion from seeds

How to care for a tree-like pion to get good seeds? It is necessary to leave the largest and most beautiful inflorescence, not cutting it after withering. And give the seed box a proper way to ripen. The seeds obtained are etched and prepared for winter planting in a container. Sprouted sprouts dive and transplant into a peat mixture in the spring. Plant a young growth immediately in the open ground can not, otherwise it will die. The best conditions for young animals can be created in a greenhouse.

Get the plant from the seed quickly does not work. And before flowering, it can take several years. The method of propagation by seeds is often chosen by breeders for breeding new species.

Tree-like peony: transplant

The process of planting and transplanting flowers differs in just a few points - this is excavating and processing before planting. In other respects, the events are very similar:

  • determination of the landing site;
  • preparing wells for landing;
  • directly landing and further care.

An adult plant will not tolerate a change in growth place more than once in five years. And respond to the stress caused by the disease. Better than peonies without the need not to disturb.

The transplantation of the tree-like peony in autumn will allow the plant to settle down and prepare for spring growth. It is necessary to choose a time when there is no cold and there are no frosts at night. When digging out, it is worth considering the fact that the root system is highly developed and can penetrate deeper into the soil to a meter. If you dig out everything on the bayonet shovel, you can damage the tender roots. For digging, forks are more suitable, with the help of which the chance to break the roots becomes smaller.

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Ways of shelter for the winter

About how to cover a tree-like peony for the winter, you can speak, focusing on a particular region of growth. Or a specific climatic zone. In the seaside towns with warm winter, the flowers do not harbor. In the middle lane or Siberia without shelter simply can not do. After all, severe frosts, icy rain and a blizzard will not spare tender shoots.

To prepare a bush for hibernation, you need to prune the leaves. You can shelter when the temperature approaches zero.

Shrimp from fir branches or straw

One of the most common methods of shelter in the middle zone of Russia is the construction of a hut made of straw or lapnika. The design is fixed over the plant and fixed, so as not to fly off at the first wind. In this way they save the shoots in winter from a heavy layer of snow that can break them. When a good layer of snow falls, the hut should be well sprinkled with them. So you can create comfortable temperature conditions inside the shelter during the frosty period.

Bending to the ground

If the branches of the peonies are not too stiff, then for the winter it can be bent to the ground and pinned with a dense steel wire. Top cover with windmills or lapnikom. For adult specimens, this method is not suitable, since during bending, old branches will easily break down.

In spring, when warming comes, the shelter should be removed in time, otherwise there is a risk of pereprevanyvaniya and rotting.

Peonies perfectly adorn the courtyard and any site. They please their flowering for a long time. Tree-like peony, leaving in autumn and winter, followed with care and love, will certainly thank the mistress of abundant flowering. When planting such a plant at home, it is worth being ready for planned activities: pruning, fertilizing, spraying from diseases, transplanting. Without them, it is simply impossible to grow a magnificent large copy. The time when you can transplant a tree-like peony, also need to be selected with particular care, given the age, plant condition and season.

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