DIY illuminated mirror: choice of design, materials and tools, assembly

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The illuminated mirror looks elegant and aesthetically pleasing. Such a product can be hung above the dressing table in the bedroom, in the hallway and in the bathroom. For the independent manufacture of the interior item does not require special skill. Today we will step by step look at how to make a mirror with our own hands.

Choosing a Design for Creating a Backlit Mirror

The content of the article

  • Choosing a Design for Creating a Backlit Mirror
  • Preparation of materials and tools
  • How to assemble a product
  • Decoration Features
  • The nuances of using a bathroom mirror

backlit mirror designThere are several design options that you can use to create the product (the color will depend on the interior or your design):

  1. Rectangular make-up mirror with lamps on the facade frame.
  2. Rectangular or round mirror with illumination behind a mirror from ordinary or LED lamps.
  3. Product backlit from LED strip.
  4. Decorative mirror, like decoration, on the canvas.

Whatever design you choose, you must first determine the size and purpose of the item. For example, if the product is made in the bathroom or in a room with high humidity, then you should not choose incandescent lamps. Here it is better to choose LED lighting fixtures.

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TIP: when making a make-up mirror, it is necessary to take into account that hot elements can cause burns.

Preparation of materials and tools

backlit mirror toolsNot everyone in the house has special carpentry tools, so we will choose a material that does not need to be processed for a long time. To get started, we’ll prepare a series of tools common to the first three options:

  1. Matte LED lights or tape.
  2. Mirror.
  3. Cartridges with a base E27 or E14 - the quantity will depend on the size of the product.
  4. Electric cord, plug and switch.
  5. For the box, we select a wooden furniture panel, which is previously sawn into 8 rectangular slats. We make the size according to the parameters of the mirror. For a more aesthetic look, you can cut edges at an angle of 45 degrees on 4 parts. Sand the edges with sandpaper.
  6. Covering for a box. It is recommended to choose: stain of any color, enamel or furniture lacquer.
  7. Metal corners and strips, self-tapping screws and a screwdriver.
  8. Wood drill 38 mm.
  9. Wall mounts.

TIP: for the third option, instead of a wooden box, you can take a narrow metal (plastic) frame, on which a mirror will be attached with furniture glue.

For the latter method, you need to purchase a thin mirror and diamond to cut out the necessary shapes. You will also have to buy holders and canvas on which you want to install reflective elements. The canvas can be wooden or plastic.

How to assemble a product

backlit mirror toolsHaving prepared all the necessary ingredients, we move on to assembling the mirrors with lighting in the bathroom with our own hands.

1 design option. Fasten the cut wooden parts with metal plates on the back of the work. Make a hollow along the inner edge of the frame. Next, cover the product with the selected paint.

TIP: for a more beautiful effect, the coating is applied in several layers. If you have chosen a varnish coating, you should make sure that it is heat-resistant.

We make holes for the cartridges. The distance between the holes should be at least 12-15 cm. Then install the base and bring to each wire. It should be a chain.

TIP: so that the light does not hit the eyes when using the item, it is recommended to put a few lamps or make double parallel wiring. In the latter case, the cartridges are connected through one, and on each circuit you need to put a separate switch.

How to make a mirror with bulbs with your own hands? After installing the electrical elements, it is necessary to hide the bare contacts under the adhesive tape or cover it with tow. We fix the remaining wooden parts with corners perpendicular to the frame and fix the mirror canvas. It can be planted on the furniture edge or strengthened with plates.

We got a make-up mirror with a backlight on the wall, made by ourselves.

2 design option. First, the box gets off. It should be smaller than a mirror canvas in size. We fix the lamps around the perimeter, as in the first method. It must be remembered that the light elements must be located on the outer edge of the box. The mirror is glued on top of the box with furniture glue.

TIP: backlighting does not have to be done from 4 sides. Some craftsmen fix lighting on only two sides.

3 design option. It is also done as the second one, only instead of lamps the LED strip is glued. The tape can be fixed on the mirror itself with bulbs around the perimeter, made by yourself, on the back of it, pick up the mount to the wall and use the product. Before you cut off part of the tape from a roll, you need to find out how to do it correctly.

Some tapes are sold with a self-adhesive base. If it is missing, it is recommended to use double-sided tape for installation.

4 design option. How to make a mirror with bulbs? Here you need to choose a canvas on which several pre-cut mirrors are mounted. The graphic contours of the reflective details depend on your imagination and skill. For the first time, try to make some triangles (circles, rectangles, any simple figure will do). Holes for wiring are made on the canvas, in the places of fastening of the mirror parts. Then the LED strip is glued to the back of each element. Cords are pulled out of the base.

TIP: you can stick the tape around the perimeter or on both sides of the canvas itself, then the mirror fragments are simply glued to the furniture adhesive to the base.

Reflective parts are mounted to the shield using special mounts.

Such decoration can be placed in any interior of a house or office.

Decoration Features

decorating mirrors with backlight
  1. If you want to make an oval or round mirror with light bulbs with your own hands, choose the third manufacturing method.
  2. You can stick a mirror on any base (option 4) and attach the LED strip to the canvas. Beautifully reflective surfaces look on glass, on colored plastic, on metal. When choosing glue, consult with the seller which is best suited for your case.
  3. If you encounter problems installing electrical components, consult a professional. They will tell you how to conduct wiring.
  4. Do not forget that the light from the mirror should not shine in the eyes.
  5. There is a large color palette of bulbs and ribbons that can be used for decoration. You can combine several colors.

The nuances of using a bathroom mirror

use bathroom mirrors
  1. Before making the product in the bathroom, you need to determine its location. The dimensions of the product will depend on this.
  2. It is also worth paying attention to the intensity of lighting, this will affect the selection and number of lamps.
  3. It is not recommended to mount electrical parts near water.
  4. When choosing material, one should take into account the increased humidity in the room. Particleboard and MDF are highly affected by vapors and vapors. Over time, they swell, and the product loses its original appearance. Some metals are afraid of moisture, this should be remembered when preparing.
  5. During assembly, it is necessary to isolate all the contacts and place them in sealed pipes or cable channels (in some cases, the wires can be coated with sealant).
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