How to throw the mirror out of the house correctly: the basic nuances of deliverance

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Mirrors hardly leave the inhabited houses, people treat them with care. Many people have the feeling that it is very close, dear thing, which is hard to part with. Can I throw away, without hesitation, the subject in which every day reflects its owners and people close to them?

Important fact: the mirror - a mystical object. His special power, the magical properties are described in different sources. many will contact him.

For example, look at him, when people were forced to come back; private inverted mirror (to conserve energy); broken - for trouble; curtained - after the owner's death. Divination, omens, charms: the mirror - one of the most important objects that they use. Therefore, removal of it from the house - a ritual.

Getting rid of the broken product is simple and intuitive solution: the pieces are dangerous and in all senses are negative. But take away things from the house, which to a certain point is a reliable assistant, requires specific action. Not everyone is ready to just throw it in the trash. There are ceremonies and techniques to help owners prepare subject to liquidation.

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Can I throw away the mirror

The content of the article

  • Can I throw away the mirror
  • How to throw away old mirror
  • Rules of getting rid of the vanity mirror

old mirrorThere are situations when parting with the old object is unavoidable. If the product is got from the former owner, we must remember that objects retain a special energy, which may be unsafe. Better not to use these things.

Store or use the cracked and darkened by the mirror of time - is inappropriate. In it, not only can not see the reflection or it is distorted. This sort of thing is bad for the mood of the person, his energy resources.

Sometimes the mirror leaves the usual place, not only because of the damage. Change the interior, permutation, buying new vending accessory - a situation which leads to the elimination of old things.

How to throw away old mirror

How to throw the mirrorHow to throw the mirror out of the house right? Broken product is dangerous as any glass, which can cause injury by touching your hands or bare foot stepping. debris removal technology standard.

  1. Sweep and tidy gloves to collect large pieces.
  2. Check the entire area where they could spread to small parts.
  3. Thoroughly wash the surface.
  4. Throw away the tissue and broom (small fragments stuck in them).

Well, if you can pack a small part in a durable bag that will not cause injury to people and animals, accidentally coming into contact with them.

A sign of a broken accessory traditionally entrenched in popular consciousness. There sage advice - try not to be reflected in the fragments or cracked glass, not predict the disaster itself.

What should be done with pre-accessory, which the owners have decided to throw away? There are some precepts rooted in the past. Significant moments in life always accompanied by special rituals. There are ceremonies and to bid farewell to the old mirror: they help to part with the usual "Through the Looking Glass", which has become part of life at home.

How to throw away old mirror out of the house right? One of the most important moments - to prevent an action taken by the product crashed out of the house.

Best of all, if it did not happen. Previously offered to bury the mirror. Now optimized so that it did not break until such time as the owners do not put packaged object near the containers.

Can I throw away the mirror? Processing it before his removal from home requires the observance of ritual purification. For this purpose, the strongest substance:

  • Cold water;
  • Chetvergova salt;
  • Candles.

The water should wash the surface completely within a few minutes. For this fit any convenient containers. So rinse the mirror before you remove it from the house.

Chetvergova salt (which are reserved to the Holy Thursday) three times sprinkled already learned from an old house object. Candles need for the consecration of a place where there was a mirror. In its place new items to be delivered after at least seven days.

Holy water, candles, which we must cross the surface and the parting words - another well-known ritual of parting. After the meeting the subject in dark fabric or packaging taken out of the house.

Can I throw out the mirror? Draws attention advice: leave it without any reflection, for a period(Week or month).

This recommendation is consistent with the old reverent attitude to this thing. A small private mirror is always inverted in cases when did not want to be under the influence of the evil eye. And when a large piece of furniture, displays the life of the household, ready for removal from the home, and at some time or turn over to the wall, or left in the pantry. All accustomed to the fact that the product has already "off."

Take off his energy, information collected them, and remove it right out of the house should be taking into account such things:

  • The sturdy packaging;
  • Carrying out a single person;
  • In phase waning moon.

Very prudent advice - bury accessory. It contains the ritual side, but is also useful from the point of view of safety.

Thus, nobody get hurt. For citizens, this advice is not very practical. It is easier to pack fragile items before release into the heavy paper, cardboard, cloth, and gently put next to the place where it will be taken out the trash.

These tips are a double benefit. They soothe people who are attentive to the signs and all the ways to protect your home. On the other hand, help to properly dispose of unsafe item.

Rules of getting rid of the vanity mirror

Getting rid of the vanity mirrorSometimes, in boxes and cabinets accumulated some old desktop, cosmetic mirrors and plug of powder boxes. But the hosts did not raise his hand to take them to the trash. Psychologically this is understandable.

On the one hand, they were accompanied by an important moment for every woman care of her appearance, it is a kind of "old friends". Part with a light heart with such trifles does not work, even though they have long since become clutter.

Most often, these mirrors, no one looked for years.For small personal items need to be handled with the same caution as to the major subjects of an interior.

No need to overload the life of unnecessary things. But the feelings of loss and should be avoided. You can use all the same rituals - water, candles, salt.

Pack up and say goodbye. Wait at least a week prior to the acquisition of new things. Change of old objects on fresh - an important life-span, which should strengthen the power of the person.

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