What are the mirrors: varieties of mirrors

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Variety MirrorsThe shape, size, and operation of the mirror may vary. To choose the mirror design correctly, you need to familiarize yourself with all types and features.

What are the mirrors

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  • What are the mirrors
  • Types of Mirrors
  • Mirror Design
  • Other distinctive features

There are 2 main varieties of mirrors, depending on the purpose:

  1. Spherical. They are able to provide a viewing angle of 160 degrees.
  2. Dome or panoramic designs with a viewing angle of 360 degrees.

Also, such surfaces differ in the method of attachment:

  1. Ceiling.
  2. Wall mounted.
  3. Corner
  4. Hanging.

Reference! Mirror structures in the form of spheres and domes make it possible to exclude the presence of blind spots.

Mirrors Views

Types of Mirrors

There are many different types of mirrors:

  1. The old ones. They are considered antiques. They are almost never used in modern times, but they look beautiful. But in modern times there is a tendency to skillfully age mirrors. In appearance, it is similar to antique designs. To do this, acid is poured onto its surface. It does not cause any harm to health.
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  3. With backlight mounted inside. The shape and size of such a surface can be any. They are not only an excellent decoration item, but also make the necessary lighting in the process of applying cosmetics to the face. The surface will emit light, and at the same time reflect it. Therefore, the space of the room will increase visually.
  4. Many-parted. Such designs consist of many small mirrors interconnected. The form can be any: in the form of fragments or drops.
  5. Faceted. It sets the facets called facets. These designs will become appropriate if you need to scatter the rays of the sun.
  6. Curly. They are considered the most popular among those listed. Their shape can be varied: in the form of an animal, plant, leaves or letters. On the market you can find any option, depending on the wishes. In such surfaces, a frame is rarely installed.
  7. Colored. From the name it is clear that the coating material will be colored. Most often, such designs are made on the basis of polymer acrylic. The color can be any, but the most common: gold, gray, pink, blue, green and bronze.
  8. The curves. The purpose of this design is not to see its display, but to cause laughter. Due to the curvature of the mirror, the image is distorted, and this can cause laughter. Types of designs can be varied.
Mirror Shapes

Mirror Design

The mirror is based on silver or aluminum tape. The latter is applied less frequently. Also, a coating is always made on its surface that protects it from moisture.

Standard reflective surfaces are made of 3 layers of coating:

  1. Silver. This layer is considered reflective.
  2. Copper film. This layer is needed to protect against moisture and corrosion.
  3. Several coats of paint. This layer also serves as a protection against moisture and mechanical damage. In expensive models, in addition to paint, polymers are also installed.

Reference! Also, a frame is often made in the mirror.

2 floor mirrors

Other distinctive features

There are also other distinctive features. Depending on the production method, they are:

  1. External (set for the street). Such mirrors are installed to prevent accidents on the road or to reduce crime.
  2. Internal They can be installed inside shops, parking lots or outlets. The purpose of these mirrors is to prevent theft.Mirror

There is another criterion for the difference in mirrors. They are:

  1. Standard. Colorless designs that make on the basis of silver films.
  2. Matt On these mirrors set a special decoration. For example, engraving. Therefore, they appear faint shine.
  3. Spyware. One side is made like a standard mirror, and the second like transparent glass.

Buying a reflective surface should be carried out depending on the budget and use. A beautiful mirror will definitely fit into the interior of the room, visually increasing its size.

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