What is the Fuzzy Logic function in the washing machine?

Progress does not stand still, so everyday appliances are improving every day. Among the developers' attention were washing machines.

Today, in the control panel of the AGR, you can find such fashionable inscriptions as Fuzzy Logic, Eco Bubble, Stream Wash and others. Sometimes we use technology, even without paying attention to these inscriptions. And in vain, because the functional of expensive equipment should be used in full.

Below you will find out what Fuzzy Logic is in the washing machine.

What is the Fuzzy Logic function in the washing machine?

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How does it work

So, Fuzzy Logic - what is it? If we translate this phrase from English into Russian, we get the value "fuzzy logic". The term appeared in the 65th year of the last century and has nothing to do with washing machines. Therefore, to try to understand what this combination of words means, it is not worth it. It's just a melodic verbal composition, which pleased the manufacturers. What is this really a function?

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In the stylalk with Fuzzy Logic a lot of sensors are built in, which weigh the clothes, determine how dirty the clothes are, control the hardness of the water and much more. All these sensors and sensors send data to the control board, which, having collected the indicators, decides what time to take for washing, how much water to allocate and what mode to choose.

For example, in such a SMA there is an optical sensor equipped with an infrared ray, which determines, through checking the water, how much laundry is dirty. The purer the water, the purer the things. Also, the machine with the "Fuzzy Logic" can determine the fat content of the stains - the faster the water is saturated with dirt, the more greasy stains are planted on clothes.

How does it work

If you describe the essence of the function in ordinary words, it turns out: "The dirtier and greasy the laundry, the longer the laundry will be."

In the table below you will see how the cycle time is calculated, depending on the degree and type of contamination of the laundry.

How does it work

In the table you will see 5 definitions of time - very small, small, medium, large and very large, which means 8, 12, 20, 40 and 60 minutes respectively.

In the latest models, in addition to timing, Fuzzy Logic technology can calculate how much water for washing, powder or detergent, and also calculate the required revolutions of the drum during spinning. In this case, as the initial data, the washing machine uses the type of laundry, the degree of water hardness and other parameters.

Since there can be hundreds of combinations, there should be many modes in the car. This is the only and main distinguishing feature of the SMA with Fuzzy Logic from a conventional typewriter.

In general, the system described above works on the same principle as in the picture below:

How does it work

Advantages and disadvantages

Speaking about the advantages of the system, it is worth noting only the real benefits that the user receives:

  • Reducing the cycle time of the wash cycle, because the sensors determine the type and degree of soiling of the laundry.
  • Reduced consumption of water resources thanks to the function of determining the weight of things.
  • Reduced consumption of energy resources, since less water is required, which requires heating.
  • Automated cycle of washing. You do not need to select the washing parameters: temperature, spin speed, wash time and other options.

Important! Machines with Fuzzy Logic are an order of magnitude higher than conventional models. Therefore, choosing a modern dumb-bell, consider this in your budget.

It is impossible not to say and about the minuses of machines with the function "Fuzzy". Although they may be somewhat subjective, as they are based on feedback from users. And, as you know, often the machine's working capacity depends on compliance with the rules of operation, correct connection and other factors.

So, disadvantages can be such:

  • Due to the active use of sophisticated electronics, the longevity of the machine is reduced, and the likelihood of breakdowns is increasing.
  • When washing, the program can be automatically adjusted, which means that initially the washing time reported by the machine can change during the process.

The vast majority of users are still satisfied with their choice and are confident that the advantages of such models are greater than the disadvantages. Particularly pleased with the machine fans of intellectual technology, who value their time.

Product line: Overview

Let's consider some representatives of "smart" technology:

  • LG F1281TD.Model for 8 kg of laundry with 14 modes. Higher classes of both energy efficiency and washing. Can wash silently. Provides protection from children, as well as a system that protects against leaks.

Product line: Overview

  • BOSCH WLG20265OE.This is a narrow model, designed for 5 kg. There are modes for washing outerwear, shirts and shirts, and there is also a night cycle. The possibility of adding things to the drum during washing is realized. Locking leaks and child protection - additional features.

Product line: Overview

  • ASKO W6884ECO W- SMA full-sized, can hold 8 kg of laundry. Presses at a speed of , 00 revolutions per minute. There are a dozen programs, of which the most unusual and useful is "White linen." All levels of protection are implemented, there is an option for weighing clothes.

Product line: Overview

  • ELECTROLUX EWT1366HDW.This vertical CM is designed for 6 kg of laundry, equipped with 7 programs. Protected from children, there is also protection against leaks. Presses at a maximum speed of 1300 revolutions.

Product line: Overview

  • Samsung WF1802XEC.Another full-sized representative of washing equipment. In addition to Fuzzy Logic, there is the Eco-Bubble system. It is equipped with 9 programs. There is an option, refreshing clothes without washing.

Product line: Overview

The cost of each model ranges from 25 to 100 thousand rubles, so you can pick up on your taste and wallet.

Do not fall for the bait of marketers, buy only models with the option of determining the weight of the laundry, otherwise you will not get any savings when washing. Be vigilant and choose only high-quality "smart" equipment.

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