What can be done from the old cabinet: rework and decoration options.

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What can be done from the old cabinetIt would seem that when buying a new cabinet, the old one has two ways: to the landfill or to the country. But if you wish, you can give him a second life, thus saving on the purchase of other furniture.

What can be done from the old cabinet

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  • What can be done from the old cabinet
    • Desktop
    • Bedside table
    • Shop
    • Stools and chairs
    • Wardrobe
    • Box
    • Shelves
  • Decorating an old cabinet
    • Painting or pasting
    • Fabric use
    • Patterns
    • Slate surface
    • Aging
    • Decoupage

Redesign options for the old cabinet are very diverse.


The old cabinet can be disassembled into building material for a desk. The cabinet body will serve as wall-legs; drawers can be made from shelves. At the end, the structure should be varnished for wood.

Bedside table

Bedside table from an old closet.It’s possible to make one or several pedestals from an old cabinet. Both the case and the shelves are suitable for this. Moreover, they can be both hollow inside, and with shelves or drawers depending on your needs.


An old cabinet can also serve as material for creating a shop. It is useful, for example, in the hallway, so that several people can simultaneously sit on it and comfortably put on shoes. You can make a shelf in the lower part where shoes would be stored.

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Stools and chairs

Of course, homemade stools and chairs from an old piece of furniture can not be compared with the beauty and grace of those that are offered by shops. Nevertheless, they may not be inferior to them in convenience, and will only be worth the effort and time spent.


If you leave only three walls of the cabinet and remove all the shelves from the inside, you will get an excellent wardrobe where you can hang outer clothing at the front door. If you still leave the top shelf, then this will be a niche for hats.


An ordinary simple box is easy to make from any board of the appropriate size. It is suitable for storing potatoes, old books or magazines that are not appropriate for the season of clothes and shoes and much more.


Shelves from an old closetIt is not necessary to create a new element of furniture, you can simply disassemble the old cabinet into spare shelves for other items. You can simply hang shelves for books, lamps and decorative elements.

Even if the interior of the apartment is carefully designed by professional designers, and home-made furniture there if it’s not a place, then these same ideas can be noted for giving, where most people transport the old furniture. In this case, the cabinet will not just stand in the corner and accumulate various trash in itself, but will live a second life as a useful piece of furniture.

Decorating an old cabinet

If the purchase of a new cabinet is not planned, and the old one began to look shabby to indecent, then you can refresh its appearance. There are several ways.

Painting or pasting

Pasting an old cabinet.This is the most obvious option. The old coat of paint is removed and the surface is repainted (it is not necessary to use the same color). If there are any scuffs on the cabinet, then you can cover them with special decorative stickers (they come in different shapes: butterflies, flowers, stars, raindrops and even more complex images).

REFERENCE! If you need to refresh the appearance of the cabinet as a whole, then you can glue the entire surface with wallpaper. If this seems boring, then on a plain background, you can make a collage of memorable photos or motivating quotes.

Fabric use

If gluing with wallpaper and other paper for some reason does not fit, then you can wrap the surface with a cloth. This can be done closely, but you can add some kind of filler so that the furniture is soft to the touch.


Special stencils of various shapes and sizes are on sale, with which you can paint the surface so that the piece of furniture will look like the original work of a talented designer, and not an ordinary old cabinet.

Slate surface

It is created with the help of special slate paint or film. This looks especially good in a room decorated in the loft style. But in any other case, it will be at least functional: write down daily plans for the day, leave important reminders for yourself, draw and much more.


Cabinet aging.Provence style means artificially aged furniture. An old cupboard fits this requirement perfectly. It remains only to make his time-worn out look neat and cute, and not be separate ragged spots.


This is a creation on the surface of a drawing using paper or other elements, not paint. Suitable napkins with a pattern, old newspapers and magazines, clippings from postcards and other paper products - everything that suits the style.

REFERENCE! With a proper approach and accurate execution, the result of the work will be an outwardly completely new piece of furniture that can be mistaken for a project implemented by a talented designer.

Thus, any old cabinet can live for many more years in its original condition or a lifetime as a new piece of furniture. This will help to save on the purchase of new things and add originality to the interior.

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