How to clean suede shoes

Maintain the appearance of shoes to help correct and daily care. It is footwear that tolerates all the complexities of bad weather: snow, mud, puddles and various means with which the sidewalk is sprinkled. Suede is mainly used for making autumn-spring shoes, so it requires care. We will tell you how to clean suede boots, shoes, shoes at home, and also how to restore them the old look.How to clean suede shoes

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  • 1Can I wash suede shoes
  • 2The better to clean suede
    • 2.1Water procedures
    • 2.2Cleaners
    • 2.3Daily Care

Can I wash suede shoes

We do not always have time to put our shoes in order. Sometimes it becomes easy to laziness to clean boots or sneakers. Washing of suede in a typewriter will suit everyone, especially since most washingtons are equipped with programs for shoes.Can I wash suede shoes

To understand how to wash shoes, information on its manufacture will help. Natural suede is made of skins of small cattle or deer. The material is porous and pleasant to the touch. The main advantage of suede is good air permeability. Not every material can boast of this; but it also passes water well.

Manufacturers produce special sprays that protect suede, have water-repellent properties.

Therefore, washing in a typewriter is not recommended for natural products. Artificial suede can be cleaned in the stylalk, but only if the product is made qualitatively. It is recommended to set the temperature not more than 40 degrees.

Can I wash suede shoes

You can wash sneakers and ballet flats that have elements or inserts from suede. Such shoes normally tolerate care in a washing machine. Is it possible to wash and wet shoes from suede? You can if you know how to do it right.

The better to clean suede

Care of shoes should be started with dry cleaning. From dirt and dust are disposed of by a special brush by hand. It is important to wait until the dirt dries: if you start to process the material immediately, as they enter a puddle, the mud will penetrate even deeper.

Advice! You can use a regular sponge for utensils. Soft side cleans dust, hard - complex dirt.

The better to remove complex pollution? To remove stubborn stains, use steam cleaning. Pour boiling water into the container and hold the shoes for several minutes over the steam. The method well helps to straighten the suede, to restore its original appearance. The method is universal for white and black suede. To restore velvety material, use the folk remedy:

  • take half a glass of milk;
  • dissolve in it 1 tsp. soda and 2 drops of ammonia;
  • wipe the shoes with a solution, then pat with a dry cloth.

The better to clean suede

Water procedures

The wet cleaning will help to get rid of salt traces inside and outside the shoes. In a container with water, dilute the liquid detergent, you can apply shampoo for suede products. Lower the brush into the solution and clean the shoes of dirt. After the procedure, blot the surface with a dry sponge to better remove moisture.Water procedures


For light and dark suede special sprays for cleaning are sold. Foam is popular. Before use, dust and dirt must be removed from the shoes. Then evenly spray the foam over the surface, wait a few minutes. Then it remains to remove the residues with a dry rag.Cleaners

To remove local spots, there are stain removers for suede. Well proven by such means:

  1. Kiwi Spray. It has a colorless composition, so it is suitable for light shoes.
  2. Series Salamander.Will help restore the suede material to its original appearance, it includes cream and sprays.
  3. Funds from manufacturersMovi and Silverhelp cope with complex spots.

For cleaning, it is better to use special brushes. One side of them with a stiff, wry bristle, the other with a rubber. The brushes are produced by the company "Bar" and "Twist".

Daily Care

In dry weather, there are no difficulties in taking care of suede products. After returning from the street, clean the surface with a brush from dust; the pile should be combed in one direction. Handle suede with professional compounds for protection against moisture. If the boots get wet, fill them with paper and leave to dry. Periodically replace wet paper with a dry one.

Daily Care

Timely care allows you to save shoes, sneakers, shoes in good condition.

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