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For various reasons, drops of blood can get on the sofa. This phenomenon usually occurs from animals that carry pieces of meat not in a bowl, but immediately on the sofa. Or it happened that someone in the family cut a finger with a knife and inadvertently drops of blood fell on the sofa. There can be many reasons, but such a nuisance causes some discomfort, and spoils the appearance of the sofa. Let's figure out how to deal with this and explain in detail how to remove blood stains from the couch.

Blood stains on the couch

How to wash blood off the couch with your own efforts

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  • How to wash blood off the couch with your own efforts
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  • How to wipe dried blood off the couch

Of course, it is not advisable to take the sofa to the dry-cleaner, and it will take a lot of time. You can call a specialist in furniture cleaning, but it’s expensive in terms of financial waste. It is better to use proven methods and remove blood with your own efforts. After spending 10 minutes of free time, you can clean the sofa.

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Faux Leather Upholstery

To begin with, before applying methods to remove blood stains, test on a piece of artificial skin, and only then get down to business.

ATTENTION. Not every withdrawal product can cope with spots of blood, so as not to disrupt the appearance of the sofa upholstery. This must be taken into account in advance so that there are no problems and light spots do not appear. As they say: you get rid of one problem and then with your own hands you create the next.

It is required to prepare a solution.

  1. Take any dishwashing detergent and add one tablespoon of ammonia, then mix thoroughly until smooth.
  2. Next, lower the brush with a soft pile into the composition, slightly shake off the composition and begin to gently rub into the stains.
  3. After removal, pat the upholstery with absorbent wipes or use a sponge.
How to wash blood off the couch

IMPORTANT: Dry wet areas thoroughly. This is especially true for upholstery in light colors, on which dry circles remain.

Genuine leather sofa

Genuine leather is a sensitive material, and therefore requires increased attention.

ATTENTION. Using funds, try not to leave bald spots that spoil the appearance of the sofa. Also, do not scrape with sharp objects and use hard rough cloths for cleaning or wiping. These items will only damage the natural skin and leave deep scratches.

The composition of the solution. We wet the laundry soap so that a thick gruel is obtained, then add 1 g of citric acid, 15–20 ml of water and mix until the lemon is dissolved. Then apply on the stain and leave for 3 minutes, and then wipe the rest with a damp cloth. If the stain remains, then repeat the procedure, but reduce the time to 2 minutes. Wipe off the residues again and dry the wet areas well.

How to wash blood off the couch

The original way. Take 0.5 Coca-Cola and set to boil. Boiling time 1 minute. Then dampen the sponge and just rub the stains. It acts instantly and verified more than once.

ATTENTION. This method is suitable for any color of genuine leather.


Upholstery, it can be of different qualities, one is painted, and the other is not. This important point must be taken into account. Upholstery from China, quite often has the property of moisture to lose the brightness of the fabric.

ATTENTION. Take a preliminary test for the composition of the solution. And if all is well, then take up the removal of blood stains.

The first way. Your actions:

  1. Soak a cotton swab in water, squeeze lightly so that water does not drip, and then dip in soda.
  2. Rub the spots in a circular motion. Usually this composition acts instantly.
  3. Then remove all residues and gently soak with another swab.
  4. Further drying of the upholstery is required.

The second way:

  1. Hydrogen peroxideMoisten the sponge in hydrogen peroxide and moisten the stains.
  2. Leave to foam for a while. Peroxide will corrode blood quickly enough and will not leave streaks. The procedure takes up to 3 minutes.
  3. Wipe with a damp towel and leave to dry.

The third way:

  1. You can cope with the problem if you use a dishwashing gel. Pour 10 ml of gel into 50 ml of water, then foam and apply foam onto the brush.
  2. Further, starting from the very edges of the spot and slowly approach the middle, leave for 3 minutes.
  3. We remove the remains with a damp rag and then use a dry rag.

Fourth way for light upholstery:

  1. Take 5 pcs. aspirin tablets, pre-grind to powder.
  2. Then pour the finished powder into 200 ml of warm water at room temperature with a spoon to speed up the dissolution process.
  3. Apply to blood spots and leave for about 15 minutes.
  4. Rinse with plain water and wipe dry with an absorbent towel.

ATTENTION. For stubborn and dried spots, increase the time to 25 minutes.

How to wipe dried blood off the couch

Of course, it is better to get rid of blood stains as soon as they appear, but there are times that the owners could not notice immediately. It does not matter, we will help to cope with dried blood on the couch and give practical advice.

  • Boric acidTake 3 grams of boric acid and mix in 20 ml of water, then apply the resulting slurry to dried blood and leave for 15 minutes. Then remove the residue and rinse with a wet hand moistened with water. Then dry the sofa thoroughly.
  • Sea salt. With the help of sea bath salt, we get rid of dried and sticky spots. Take 20 g of sea salt, pour 50 ml of water, mix. Then, add 10 ml of ammonia to the resulting composition and apply to dried areas. We wait 20 minutes and remove the residues with a sponge. Then we make quick drying using a fan or hair dryer.

IMPORTANT. Do not use the hairdryer in maximum mode when drying, too hot air flow, may form a clean crust.

  • High-speed composition. For one teaspoon of potato starch, add 40 ml of hydrogen peroxide and add 50 ml of warm water. With this composition, apply to the surface of the spots and leave for 25 minutes. Shake off the leftovers and rinse with plain water, just observe the norm of moistening, do not wet it much. Next, dry as follows: put an absorbent towel on a wet place and iron it with a hot iron.
  • New way. Wet the place with soda and sprinkle with salt. Let it absorb salt. Leave on for 30 minutes. If necessary, repeat the procedure. This method allows using bubbles to penetrate deep into the focus of the spot and soften the blood. And the action of salt, allows you to absorb the dried mass. After the process, simply sweep away the residues and if you need to apply in the same way a second time. As soon as the place becomes clean, dab the towel with a little pressure, this will help remove excess water from the surface.

REFERENCE. An abundance of water penetrating deep into the sofa with the methods of rubbing blood stains leads to rapid spoilage. Therefore, apply formulations containing water very carefully.

Now, knowing all the intricacies of removing blood stains from the couch, you can quickly deal with this problem yourself, without attracting unauthorized persons.

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