What is the cougar mechanism in sofas: features and reliability of the mechanism

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Puma sofa layoutThe transformation mechanism is the function that is responsible for assembling and disassembling the sofa. Puma is a relatively new way of transformation, but, despite this, is popular. The main advantage is the ability to withstand loads up to 200 kg, simplicity and practicality of the layout. The transformation mechanism plays an important role in the production of any sofa. The ability to function, the period of operation, as well as the convenience of furniture depend on this parameter. The modern market offers a wide selection of layout mechanisms.

Features of the cougar mechanism in sofas

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  • Features of the cougar mechanism in sofas
  • What is the difference between the puma mechanism and others
  • Mechanism reliability

Often furniture is used not only for relaxation, but also as a bed. In order to get a comfortable bed from the sofa, such a transformation method is needed that allows you to get a flat surface using a minimum of effort. Puma is one of the most reliable and convenient options. The name is due to the similarity of the process with the movement of a graceful animal.

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The layout is fast and silent. To disassemble the furniture, you need to pull the handle on the case. The construction work is based on the walking principle - the lower case does not travel on the floor, but moves forward. At this moment, the back of the sofa reclines and takes a horizontal look. The process of disassembling the sofa requires a minimum of human effort and takes no more than 3 seconds.

The Puma mechanism allows you to get a comfortable bed, while not cluttering the room, and some models also have a built-in linen box. Such designs are used for daily use.Cougar on the couch

Puma Design Benefits

  • a simple design that both adults and children cope with;
  • the layout does not require any effort;
  • due to the absence of friction, the furniture does not damage the floor;
  • when folded, it takes up a minimum of space;
  • the design is suitable for the manufacture of any models;
  • the presence in the sofa of an additional box;
  • It does not deform under heavy loads.

Interesting! Basically, the mechanism is chosen to buy furniture in the bedroom, since the laid out furniture has a wide space.

What is the difference between the puma mechanism and others

The Puma design has a special folding principle. The front part of the sofa rises and slowly moves forward becoming the emphasis. In the vacated place is the second half.

A person only needs to free the back of the pillows and extend the seat. Everything else is done by the Puma mechanism.Puma gear
Varieties of sofas with the transformation "Puma":

  • angular;
  • direct.

The advantage of corner models is the presence of a side section for bedding.
The main differences from other models:

  1. The system provides a long and comfortable use of furniture.
  2. Unlike retractable and retractable devices, the Puma mechanism works smoothly without damaging the floor and other furniture.
  3. During operation, the design experiences uniform loads, which allows you to maintain long-term performance.

It should be remembered! Not all designs have additional boxes in the assembly. This feature is only available for corner models.

Mechanism reliability

Considering the fact that the structures can withstand up to 200 kg on themselves, we can conclude that such models are made of durable parts.

The reliability of such sofas is determined by the manufacture of a frame made of wood, plywood and chipboard. Internal springs provide durability to sitting during 15 years of service.Cougar on the couch

On the back there are removable pillows that are made of elastic propyleneurethane. Stuffing furniture with artificial down is the best option, as it is ideal for allergy sufferers. Such material does not cause allergies, does not collect down ticks.

Buying furniture is a responsible process, because such a purchase should serve a person for more than one year. In addition to appearance, an important characteristic is the option of transformation. It is he who is responsible for the functionality and volume of the occupied space in the room.

Furniture with the Puma mechanism will be an excellent and useful addition to any interior. Modern designs and affordable price take such models to a leading position.

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