Fans of popcorn necessarily need a silicone bowl from China


Popcorn - this is an excellent snack during the movie. Many people prefer to cook it on their own in the microwave, buying closed grains for popcorn. However, the same problem always arises: it is quite difficult to find suitable dishes that are closed with a lid. In fact, during the preparation each grain opens, because of what it can "fly" throughout the microwave, if you use dishes without a lid.

However, the manufacturers solved this problem. The market is in great demand a capacious silicone bowl for popcorn. In addition, the kit includes a cover that fits snugly and does not allow the grains to fly apart.

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This bowl is very easy to use. First you need to pour 100 grams of grains in a bowl, add butter and salt or sugar. After that, cover with a lid and put the bowl in the microwave for a couple of minutes. After this time, the real popcorn will be ready. You can safely enjoy watching the movie.

Advantages of a silicone bowl for popcorn:

  1. Simplicity. This product is simple enough to use.
  2. Compactness. When a bowl is not needed, it can simply be folded. It decreases almost 3 times, so in no case will it take up much space in the kitchen.
  3. Versatility. Silicone bowl can be used both for popcorn cooking and for its use. Now you do not have to look for some dishes that popcorn could be poured into.
  4. Purity. The silicone bowl is easy to clean.
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Silicone mold for popcorn is an excellent device that every person who likes to enjoy watching a movie with a little snack needs. However, there is one question: how much does this adaptation cost? In Ukrainian and Russian online stores this device costs 1830 rubles. Quite expensive for such a product.

However, on the website of AliExpress, a silicone bowl for popcorn costs only 592 rubles. This price is almost 3 times less than the amount that the domestic manufacturer specified.

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Characteristics of a silicone bowl for popcorn:

  • material - silicone:
  • diameter - 10 cm;
  • height in the unfolded state cm;
  • height in the folded state cm;
  • bowl color - red;
  • the color of the cover is white.

If you want to purchase a silicone bowl for popcorn, it's best to order the product directly from a Chinese manufacturer. because its price is much smaller, and the characteristics of the goods are completely different.

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