A spring snake in sofas is like: types of spring blocks, features, pros and cons of spring snakes.

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Spring snake in the couch.When choosing a sofa, we pay attention not only to its appearance, but also to the filling - the spring block. The convenience of furniture directly depends on its type: softness, density, elasticity. The most common type of filler is a snake. And what else exist?

Varieties of spring blocks in the sofa

The content of the article

  • Varieties of spring blocks in the sofa
  • Features of the spring snake
  • Advantages and disadvantages of a spring snake

Different types of springs are installed in upholstered furniture, which differ in properties, parameters and price. Most commonly used:

  1. Orthopedic unit with independent springs. Each spring is inserted into a separate case, and they do not interact with each other. This filling has a high point elasticity, repeats the anatomical features of the body well, correctly distributes the load and provides an orthopedic effect. Independent sofas are comfortable for sleeping and relaxing. During operation, an unpleasant metal rattle is not created, since there is no friction between the springs.Varieties of spring blocks in the couch.
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  3. Bonnel. It is a set of tightly interlocked spirals. Accordingly, when you click on one, all the others bend, evenly distributing the load on the entire base of the sofa. Bonnel is a time-tested option. It is soft, comfortable, has a low cost.
  4. Spring Snake. The easiest filler option for upholstered furniture. The spring is attached to the frame, and polyurethane foam or other material with a thickness of at least 0.8 cm is placed on top of it (otherwise the spring will be felt). It is convenient to sit on sofas with a snake, but they are not suitable for sleeping, as the hammock effect is created, and the spine takes an irregular shape.

Features of the spring snake

Features of a spring snake.The block received the name “snake” due to its bending shape. Outwardly, it is a twisted wire on which a filler is laid on top. The number of springs depends on the size of the sofa. Despite the fact that this type of base can be applied to all types of furniture, it is more suitable for those that are not used for sleep.

IMPORTANT! As a material for the production of "snakes" used steel wire with a high carbon content. The thickness of the wire and the density of placement determines the final operational characteristics of the furniture.

The technology for installing a spring snake is very simple. The design is mounted inward or directly on the frame at a fixed distance between the fasteners. A hook is used for fastening - a curved metal plate that provides strength and reliability of the structure. The spring is not susceptible to corrosion and other destructive factors due to high-quality protective coating.


  • lack of deformation even under heavy load;
  • long term of operation;
  • good spring characteristics;
  • quick assembly;
  • anticorrosion coating.

Advantages and disadvantages of a spring snake


  1. It can withstand heavy weight, due to which obese people can safely use a sofa with such a foundation.
  2. Provides natural ventilation of the body and at the same time retains heat. This makes it convenient to use at any time of the year, even in the hottest, without fear of irritation and deterioration of well-being.Advantages and disadvantages of a spring snake.
  3. Affordable price.
  4. Long service life. Furniture with a spring block has been around for several decades.

Disadvantages also exist, but they more than overlap with the availability and simplicity of this spring unit. Among them are:

  • insufficient depreciation - under the weight of a person, the spring bends, and, trying to rise, it sags even deeper;
  • not used on folding and corner sofas.

The shape of the snake and fasteners allow you to integrate it only in the simplest designs possible.

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