Positive set of stencils from China


Coffee is a tasty and invigorating drink. That's why, as a rule, it is drunk in the morning, to wake up faster and start working at full capacity. In addition, almost all the coffee houses paint (sprinkled with cinnamon or cocoa) something on the foam of their drinks. It can be some kind of positive inscription or just a cheerful and cute drawing, because of what sometimes the drink is even a pity to drink. Therefore, this coffee not only awakens the person, but also brings him a positive charge for the whole day. It is for this reason that many housewives would also like to paint something unusual on foam coffee for their husband or child. But how can this be done?

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Manufacturers have long solved this problem with simple plastic stencils. It is made in the form of a circle with a handle, for which it is convenient to hold while sprinkling a drink. In this circle are drawn various figures: the sun, hearts, smileys, love letters and so on. The shape of the stencil allows you to use it for any cup.

Advantages of the stencil for coffee:

  1. Simplicity. Thanks to the stencil you do not have to somehow contrive to beautifully draw a pattern.
  2. Speed. A nice picture on the foam can be created in a matter of seconds.
  3. Purity. Stencils can simply be rinsed with water after use.
  4. Accuracy. Thanks to the stencils, the drawings on coffee look very nice and neat.
  5. Versatility. Stencils can be used not only for decorating coffee. In the same way, you can decorate any pastry, including cookies and cakes.
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Stencils for coffee will help make the day more joyful and pleasant. However, there remains one main question: how much does this commodity cost? In Internet shops in Ukraine and Russia, stencils for coffee are sold for 290 rubles. And this, by the way, even at a discount. So the price for this product is quite high.

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But on Alyekspress the same product costs only 80 rubles. Such a price is so attractive that it is really worth buying this product.

Characteristics of Chinese stencils for coffee:

  • material - plastic;
  • diameter cm;
  • the kit includes 16 different stencils.

As you can see, stencils for coffee not only allow you to quickly create unusual drawings, but also will be able to please loved ones before the usual work day. However, this kit is bought only from a Chinese manufacturer.

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