Device and selection criteria for heat gas gun

Operatively and effectively - this is about heating with heat guns. There are situations when a residential or industrial premises need to warm up very quickly, and then maintain the optimum temperature with minimal maintenance costs.

The heat gas gun successfully copes with these tasks - the unit is especially in demand if it is necessary to accelerate the drying of construction and finishing materials during the winter period, heating of garage, greenhouses, outlets, etc. Still doubt the necessity and expediency of the purchase heat guns?

We propose to understand what are the features of the work and the use of gas heat generators, what parameters must be considered when choosing a gun, so that the purchase met the expectations. In addition, we have prepared a review of the best manufacturers, whose products have gained a reputation for quality and reliable products.

The content of the article:

  • What is a heat gun?
  • What distinguishes tepushku from other heaters
  • Features direct and indirect heating
  • Heater selection options
  • TOP-6 manufacturers and the best models
  • The most frequent problems in the equipment
  • Conclusions and useful video on the topic

What is a heat gun?

It is a portable or stationary device for heating the air. Heat guns are used for heating spacious rooms - houses, hangars, workshops and production workshops.

The devices are easy to use and affordable. An additional plus: they are energy efficient.

Portable Heat Gun

The name of the heating devices received because of the resemblance to the guns. This design is due to the design features of heat guns and their functional purpose.

Heat guns are classified according to the energy source on which they operate: gas, electricity, diesel fuel, waste oil. Since diesel fuel and mining have a peculiar smell, diesel heat guns more often installed in non-residential buildings.

Popular model brand Aurora

Heat guns operating on different sources of energy can be compared when it comes to rooms of similar purpose. For all its advantages, diesel or waste oil heaters have significant limitations in use.

Scope of gas and electric heaters much wider. It includes residential, office buildings, marketplaces. When properly installed and used, such heaters are safe.

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Electric heat gun

Electrical appliances are considered safer to operate than liquid fuel or gas appliances. Electric guns are compact, mobile and suitable for installation in rooms of any type and purpose. When buying a device does not have to worry about the availability of fuel. On the other hand, it cannot be used in a building where there is no electricity. Another disadvantage is the high cost of energy

Heating by gas cannon

This is the cheapest option for heating, and appliances can heat an area up to 250 sq. M. They are great for homes, cottages, offices, shops, production halls. Household models are compact and easy to transport.

Diesel fuel meter

Diesel-fired heaters are designed for heating warehouses, garages, car repair shops and other non-residential premises. Heat guns of this type consume not only diesel fuel, but also electricity. It requires very little, and the generator can provide the necessary energy.

Heating device for testing

There are models that run on heating oil, mining or fuel oil. They are highly efficient, able to heat spacious buildings, but are not suitable for residential buildings. The reason is simple: the smell of fuel will get into the room, and the products of combustion are potentially dangerous to human health. To use such devices, you should take care of high-quality smoke removal and ventilation.

Electric heat gun

Electric heat gun

Heating by gas cannon

Heating by gas cannon

Diesel fuel meter

Diesel fuel meter

Heating device for testing

Heating device for testing

Heat guns work the same way as fan heaters. The air enters through the intake openings in the housing, warms up, passes through the heating element, and then with a force is injected into the room, mixing with colder air masses.

The scheme of the gas gun

The device works either on liquefied or on natural gas. However, electricity is required for the operation of the fan engine and the monitoring system, so in fact the heat gun depends on two energy sources (+)

To avoid overheating of the construction nodes and to ensure the high-quality operation of the devices, manufacturers install control systems. If the temperature exceeds the allowable values, the heat gun automatically shuts off.

Heatcannon with a gas cylinder

The buyer himself decides how the device will work - from the main gas or from the cylinder. If you need to achieve the mobility of the heater, it is worth stocking up with propane-butane cylinders

The protection system is triggered when the heater tilts. Thanks to these measures, the device is safe for consumers. If used correctly, burns and fires are excluded.

A detailed overview of different types of heat guns is given in this article.

What distinguishes tepushku from other heaters

The gas heat gun has several features that distinguish them from other types of heaters:

  1. Power. This is the main criterion that customers are guided by when choosing any heater. Gas heat trap can heat a very large area with minimal resources. The main thing is not to make a mistake with the model.
  2. The ability to create comfort zones. The heat gun can be installed so that it will pump heated air locally - in a certain zone. This is convenient for creating comfortable working conditions in workshops, garage heating etc.
  3. Mobility. Manufacturers produce portable and stationary models. If the buyer plans to often carry a heat gun (for example, to install stretch ceilings), then it is better to choose a compact and lightweight device on a stand and rubber wheels.
  4. Efficiency. In terms of efficiency, gas models are comparable to electric ones. They are slightly inferior in ease of use, but they are very profitable in terms of efficiency: heating costs several times less.

Gas heat guns have one more advantage, which practically does not depend on power and other technical parameters of the models.

They effectively heat the air even in poorly insulated rooms. Under such conditions, the heat quickly goes away, but while the device is working, a comfortable temperature always remains in the selected zone.

Features direct and indirect heating

When selecting heating equipment, you need to clearly know in what conditions it will work. Depending on the characteristics of the room, the presence / absence of ventilation in it, you can choose a gas heat gun direct or indirect heating.

Schemes of the device of guns of different types

Designs of direct and indirect heating devices are different. In the first, the air from the heating element is directly supplied to the room, and secondly, it is pre-cleaned (+)

Guns direct heating. The fan supplies air to the burner, and then delivers it to the room. Along with warm air masses, gas combustion products are thrown away. They are not as dangerous as substances produced by burning liquid fuel, but they can still cause poisoning.

The advantages of guns direct heating include the availability and high efficiency. They are significantly cheaper than models of indirect heating, and their efficiency reaches almost 100%.

Guns direct heating

Devices of this design are bought only for rooms with good ventilation. This is necessary to ensure a normal flow of air to the burners and to prevent people from being poisoned by gas impurities (+)

Indirect heating guns. Toxic products of combustion enter a special outlet, and already purified air enters the room.

These devices are safe for health, but in terms of technical characteristics they are much inferior to heaters of the first type. Their efficiency is lower (82%), in addition, part of the heat evaporates with the combustion products.

The use of gun direct heating

Because of the reasonable price, practicality and cost-effectiveness, direct heating guns are particularly popular with teams of builders and decorators. Some entrepreneurs even provide rental services for these heaters.

Which gun is better to choose - direct or indirect heating? It depends on the priorities and needs of the buyer. It is important to soberly evaluate the operating conditions of the device.

If forced ventilation is organized, the choice of direct heating is obvious. However, there is also its own "fly in the ointment": the better the ventilation system works, the higher the heat loss.

Heater selection options

There are a few highlights to consider when buying a model:

  1. Estimated scope of application. It is necessary to decide in advance whether the heater will work to warm the room or be used irregularly for specific purposes (drying plaster, etc.). Depending on this, choose a stationary or mobile model.
  2. Installation location. Take into account the features of the location of the device, compliance with the operating conditions of fire safety standards.
  3. Power. To heat 10 sq.m. premises (with a ceiling height of 3 m), you need about 1 kW of heat. This is a very approximate figure, because depending on the thermal insulation values ​​can vary from 0.8 to 1.4 kW. The heater must be taken with a good power reserve.
  4. Type of construction. If there are always people in a heated room, it is better not to risk and buy an indirect heating device. For other purposes, a direct heating model is suitable.

It matters and the price. Saving on gas heating can turn into additional expenses at best, and at worst damage to people's health. On the other hand, there is no need to overpay either. The best option is to choose a suitable model of a good brand at an affordable cost.

TOP-6 manufacturers and the best models

In determining the best manufacturers and models of heaters, users are guided not only by technical indicators, but also on the price, build quality, frequency and reasons for contacting service centers.

Popular gas heater Ballu

Ballu household appliances are produced in various countries, incl. in Russia, China and Korea. This is the case when buyers have no complaints about the quality of Chinese products.

The list of the best brands includes the following:

  1. Master. These are products of Master Climate Solutions - the market leader in heating equipment. The manufacturer controls the quality at all stages of manufacturing equipment, so buyers have almost no complaints.
  2. Ballu. Household appliances industrial group Ballu high-tech, convenient and practical. The company is constantly improving the model, achieving ideal performance, and at the same time focuses on "green" production technologies.
  3. Moller. Moller heat guns are real German quality, high-strength steel hulls with wear-resistant coating and 100% safety.
  4. «SPECIAL IGE». This brand is not as well known as world-famous brands, but represents quite decent products. The manufacturer takes care of the build quality, design convenience, pays attention to the weight of the models and in every possible way tries to ease them.
  5. «Caliber». The brand "Caliber" always pleases buyers with high quality equipment. Heat guns are no exception. The manufacturer offers models of various capacities and purposes.
  6. «Interskol». The company produces electric and gas heat guns. The choice is extensive. Each buyer will find a model that will be 100% consistent with his needs.

The products of these six brands are considered the best, but the final choice is always the buyer.

It is important to understand that a “promoted” brand is not only a name, but also consumer confidence that has been won over the years.

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Master brand gas heat gun

Master gas heaters are trusted by customers. Brand products are not without reason headed by ratings: it is safe, reliable, multifunctional. Master heat traps are used to heat homes, during repairs, in the process of installing suspended ceilings. The devices are equipped with power control systems.

Domestic heat gun "SPECIAL IGE"

Ideal equipment for rooms up to 150 sq.m. Guns are used for drying plaster mixes in the process of installing stretch ceilings. When installing the gas gun "SPECIAL IGE" it is worth making sure that the ventilation system works qualitatively and smoothly. Otherwise, the products of gas combustion may be released into the air.

"Caliber TPG-10" - one of the best domestic models

"Caliber TPG-10" was highly appreciated by the owners of garages, car repair shops, and warehouse premises. The model is safe, compact, differs in small weight. The only drawback noted by users: the hose is not long enough, which creates some inconvenience when moving

Interskol: Reliability and Efficiency

Interskol products are in demand on the Russian market. These are highly reliable and inexpensive gas heat guns, but their advantages are not limited to this. Buyers appreciate the cost-effectiveness of the equipment: the models of the Interskol brand use the rational use of fuel, so their operation costs minimal amounts

Master brand gas heat gun

Master brand gas heat gun

Domestic heat gun "SPECIAL IGE"

Domestic heat gun "SPECIAL IGE"

"Caliber TPG-10" - one of the best domestic models

"Caliber TPG-10" - one of the best domestic models

Interskol: Reliability and Efficiency

Interskol: Reliability and Efficiency

Although all top-6 gas heat guns of manufacturers are of good quality, there are sales leaders. Buyers "vote with a ruble" for especially liked models. it Master BLP 17 M, Master BLP 33 M, Moller GH15H, Ballu BHG-10, "SPECIAL IGE-15", "Interskol TPG-10", "Caliber TPG-10".

Some homemade craftsmen collect gas heat gun with his own hands. Detailed instructions for the manufacture and launch of the unit in the article - Do-it-yourself gas heat gun: step-by-step assembly instructions

The most frequent problems in the equipment

Any equipment can break, even the most expensive, high-quality and reliable. Defective gas equipment is dangerous, so you should carry out preventive maintenance twice a year and, if necessary, minor repairs.

Gas Heater Repair

In the case of complex damage you should not carry out diagnostics and repair the device yourself. This work should be done by service center specialists.

Consider the causes of faults in the equipment:

  1. Failure of the gas supply button. If the gas enters while pressing the button, but disappears when it is released, then there may be problems with the safety sensor.
  2. Gas does not ignite. This happens in case of breakage of the piezoelectric element. It should be adjusted or replaced. If the heat gun is needed urgently, you can set fire to the gas with a kitchen lighter with a long handle.
  3. No gas flow during fan operation. The problem often occurs when a solenoid valve is damaged.
  4. Unable to adjust gas flow. This happens when the gas line is clogged.
  5. There was a smell of gas. The cause of the problem may lie in the clogging or malfunction of the pipeline. Turn off the heat gun and contact the service center.

When operating a heat gun, you must adhere to the recommendations of the manufacturer. Equipment should be cleaned and rinsed in time, lubricated bearings and, if necessary, replace worn parts.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

We offer several videos that will help you choose the right heat gun for home, cottage, shop or office.

Video instruction on the choice of gas heating device:

Video review of the heat gun brand Ballu:

Features of the gas Master gas heat gun:

User reviews about "Caliber TPG-10":

There are many types of heaters. Before you make the final choice, you need to think carefully about all the options. If the decision is made in favor of the gas heat gun, you should carefully read the technical documentation for each model you like.

Do not hesitate to ask sellers, check certificates of conformity. Choose the best option for the price and quality.

Looking for an effective gas gun? Or have experience with such equipment? Please leave comments on the article, ask questions and participate in discussions. Contact form is located below.

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