A reliable assistant builder magnetic bracelet from China


When the repairman / builder is working hard on the roof, then you do not want to go down behind the screws or other tools. To reduce the number of unnecessary actions on the site, you can buy and use a special magnetic bracelet from China. The device is fixed for a few seconds on the wrist. The necessary set of parts is attached to it. Even in such a loaded condition it does not interfere with the work with a hammer or a screwdriver. Many already appreciated his advantage. Now it remains only to consider unique features.

Let your hand

The bracelet is made in the form of a wide (, cm), as well as a sufficiently long (40 cm) product. It is sewn from dense, wear-resistant polyester. On the inside, a soft and breathable material is provided, the porous structure of which absorbs moisture and allows the hand to breathe. Among other things, with prolonged toes he does not rub the skin.

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Velcro fastener (half the length) adjusts the size of an unusual accessory. So it is perfect for a refined female wrist. Side seams are covered with a wide border. As a result, the fabric will not crumble. The lines are made with silk threads, so they will not break under the heavy weight of construction equipment. At the heart of the bracelet are sewn 5 magnets.They are so powerful that they are able to hold on to themselves:

  • nails;
  • hammers;
  • couplings;
  • pliers;
  • nuts;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • screwdrivers;
  • bolts.
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This is just a small arsenal of metal tools / parts that can be placed on a construction item. Thanks to such a large working area (5 sections, and other products only 3), you can compactly arrange the various fasteners for different purposes. The original design of the product allows you to use it in a completely different way. Some builders manage to fix the bracelet on the belt or loin bag of the roofer.

Immediate purchase

Learning about such a useful construction device, many will want to immediately buy it. But first you should pay attention to the search for a suitable option. For summer residents and non-professional builders, Chinese products are quite suitable.On the site AliExpress on sale several products of this plan, the cost of which is 257 rubles. At wholesale purchase the price makes only 186 rubles. Thanks to this marketing move there is a reason to please your close friend.

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At the same time, you can buy similar products in specialized online stores from 350 to 600 rubles.Therefore, it makes no sense to pay more for similar bracelets with the same characteristics.

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