Universal brush for vegetables from China


Young potato is loved by everyone, both adults and children. It is quite tasty and healthy. Some landladies do not even peel and cook with it, but not everyone can decide on such an experiment.

To clear a few pounds of young potatoes, will have to sweat. Many mistresses found a way out. They use for a quick cleaning sponge for utensils, a stainless washcloth and even sand. However, manufacturers offered to use a special brush for vegetables.

Brush for vegetables allows you to quickly clean the young potatoes from the skin. In addition, such a device several times facilitates the washing of any fruit and vegetables.

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Using a special brush is quite simple. It is necessary to rub the vegetable under different streams from different directions. After a few movements, the young potatoes will be clean. Then the device is simply rinsed with water.

In addition, the material of the brushes makes it possible to use them as a tack. You can easily transfer any plate with a hot dish. Thanks to a special device on his hands, there will be no burns.

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Advantages of brushes for vegetables:

  1. Simplicity. During the use of the brush there will be no difficulties.
  2. Speed. In just a few minutes, you can clear several kilos of young potatoes.
  3. Versatility. Brush for vegetables there are many uses.
  4. Security. The brush protects your hands from burns.
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But how much does such a universal device cost? In Internet shops in Ukraine and Russia, a brush for vegetables can be purchased for 355 rubles. Quite expensive for one thing. But in the kitchen you will need not one brush, so this option does not fit.

But on the site of Aliexpress, the brush for vegetables is sold for 44 rubles. This price is quite suitable for this device. In addition, it is several times lower than that which was voiced by the domestic producer. For its price on the site of Aliexpress you can buy as many as 8 brushes for vegetables. Saving is obvious.

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Characteristics of Chinese vegetable brushes:

  • material - plastic;
  • length - 120 cm;
  • color - orange, green, blue, pink.

To buy a brush for vegetables, use the site Aliexpress. The Chinese manufacturer offers a favorable price, unlike the domestic one. But the characteristics of the goods are no different.

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