How to choose a tool for cleaning sewer pipes

If water is stagnant in your kitchen sink, it's time to think about cleaning, until the situation turns into an emergency. There are several methods to combat blockages, one of them - cleaning with chemically active substances.

We will try to figure out how to choose a tool for cleaning sewer pipes, so that it really helps, and not harm plumbing and utility networks.

The article identifies the main reasons for the formation of blockages, presents the classification of drugs according to the form of release and the active components. In order not to get confused in the variety of household chemicals, we have compiled a detailed review of effective products with a description of their compositions and methods of application.

The content of the article:

  • Why can pipes get clogged?
    • The lumen of the tube has decreased - what is the reason
    • Foreign body in sewers - dangerous situation
    • Pipe clogged systematically - installation
  • Sewage Chemicals Classification
    • Different forms of drug release
    • Chemical composition - division by active ingredients
  • What means to choose and what is the difference between them?
    • Pothan from Bugs - explosive mixture of chemicals
    • Classic, proven by generations - Mole
    • Rorax - on guard of ecology and clean pipes
    • Tiret - a miracle tool or just marketing?
    • Folk recipes: how to do without aggressive chemistry
  • Safety precautions: how to protect yourself
  • Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Why can pipes get clogged?

Clogged sewer pipes - a fairly common phenomenon. It is definitely necessary to rectify the current situation as soon as possible, because without sewage it is impossible to use the water in the apartment, and this is not the most pleasant situation.

To select the means are determined with the cause of blockage:

  • a traffic jam from hair, debris, etc .;
  • lumen narrowed to the critical size due to the layering of grease and dirt on the walls of the sewer;
  • improper piping led to the fact that the water does not go by gravity, and stagnates in the pipe.

As a rule, all causes are easily remedied if the rules for installation and operation of the pipeline are observed, and if a blockage has already occurred, there are chemical and mechanical methods struggle with it.

The lumen of the tube has decreased - what is the reason

Very often the pipes are clogged as a result of the buildup of fatty deposits and rust and, as a result, the lumen of the sewage system narrows. Especially often this happens in homes with cast iron or steel sewer pipes.

Water that is supplied through the water supply system has a certain chemical composition. It contains various salts, biological particles, chlorine residues after purification.

In addition, water that has been used, polluted with detergents and not only enters the sewage system. This chemical cocktail reacts with the pipe material, oxidation is underway, and rust appears.

The corrosion process is long, in a humid environment, it does not stop, and gradually the inside of the pipeline becomes completely covered with rust.

Clogged plastic pipe

Plastic pipes do not corrode. However, if the joints are poorly treated, if there is a plastic burr on the inside, protrusions, gaps and other irregularities, dirt may increase, followed by blockage of the pipe.

On a rough surface, sticky fat settles, not washed out with cold water. Hair and food remnants stick to the fat after washing dishes, growths on the walls increase exponentially, until the tube gap clogs completely in the most vulnerable spot.

To prevent the formation of such traffic jams can be installed grease trap under the sink - the device is filtered drains entering the sewer.

Foreign body in sewers - dangerous situation

A cork made of garbage, hair, wool, sand and other waste that is not in the sewage system occurs when the use of the waste system is violated. Some believe that literally anything that is smaller in size than a drain hole can be thrown into the sewer. This is a big misconception.

Clogged sink

If such a blockage was formed in the pipe as part of the layout of the apartment, one or several plumbing fixtures, and if the riser is blocked, several can be cut off from the sewer at once apartments. It is unlikely that the neighbors will say thank you

Undissolved, bulky waste can get stuck in the pipe, gradually accumulating smaller particles, hair residue and grease from the kitchen sink. All this will turn into a huge traffic jam inside the sewer system.

With such problems, folk methods or chemical means can not cope. Optimal solution - cleaning with a sanitary cable.

Pipe clogged systematically - installation

When laying the sewer it is important to observe a slope of about 3%. Then the drains will be discharged by gravity. Water with such a small slope is in good contact with the walls and carries all particles with it.

If the bias is insufficient, it will lead to the fact that the drains will stagnate, the dirt from the walls will not be washed off, but will continue to accumulate until a blockage occurs. but sewer slope - this is the case when the rule “the more, the better” does not work.

If the angle of inclination of the pipe is too high, the water will fly by quickly and will not have time to capture the remnants of household waste that will remain on the walls.

Another rule for laying sewer pipes - try to avoid turns. Turns at an angle of 90 ° are especially dangerous. The more points of change of direction, the higher the risk of blockage.

Sewage Chemicals Classification

Chemical means for cleaning the sewer system differ in the form of release and chemical composition. Depending on what result you want to get, as well as the severity of clogging, select a chemical.

Image Gallery

A photo of

Household chemicals for cleaning sewage

Chemicals used to clean sewers are designed to implement gentle methods for removing blockages without mechanical impact.

Backfilling granular products

Household chemicals for cleaning sewer pipelines comes in a granular, powdered and liquid form. From the state of aggregation of the composition depends on the duration and shelf life

Loading powdered drug in the drain

All household appliances offered to the consumer are poured or poured into the sewer system through sinks or bathtubs, a toilet or siphon

Pouring liquid into the sewer system

Faster than all the options, the liquid agent comes to work to dissolve the organic mash, but it has the smallest shelf life.

Pre-cooked and homemade substances

In the removal of fatty deposits and organic caps are used as fully prepared to make the compositions of factory production, and household substances present in each kitchen

Chemistry in preparation for the jamming

Not all formulations offered for sale are designed to completely dissolve the cork. A number of them simply soften the dirt to facilitate removal by a plunger or cable.

PVC pipe cleaned

When choosing household chemicals for punching a blockage, it is necessary to read the instructions and find out for which pipes the application of the product is possible.

Options for punching only cast iron sewer

The assortment of sewage care compositions has options that are applicable only to cast iron pipelines, since plastic they are able to dissolve and spoil

Household chemicals for cleaning sewage

Household chemicals for cleaning sewage

Backfilling granular products

Backfilling granular products

Loading powdered drug in the drain

Loading powdered drug in the drain

Pouring liquid into the sewer system

Pouring liquid into the sewer system

Pre-cooked and homemade substances

Pre-cooked and homemade substances

Chemistry in preparation for the jamming

Chemistry in preparation for the jamming

PVC pipe cleaned

PVC pipe cleaned

Options for punching only cast iron sewer

Options for punching only cast iron sewer

Different forms of drug release

According to the consistency of the means for cleaning sewer pipes can be:

  • liquid;
  • gel;
  • powder (granulated).

Powder products are concentrated and very caustic. Using them without gloves is extremely dangerous. Previously, similar substances were poured into the sewer drain and left overnight, and in the morning they were washed with boiling water. Such a procedure can only make it worse.

Aggressive chemistry in case of non-compliance with the rules of use can corrode the gaskets and add another problem to cleaning the drain - a complete replacement of the sewer pipeline.

Powder pipe cleaning agent

Always adhere to the method of application specified in the instructions for chemicals. Modern powder means 2 hours to correct the problem.

Liquid funds for cleaning sewer pipes are less concentrated and aggressive. The main drawback of liquid means is that if water remains in the system, it will reduce the concentration of the substance and it may not work.

Liquid pipe cleaners

The bottle is already ready solution, which does not need to be diluted in any way. It is easier to use chemistry in liquid form, it is impossible to make a mistake with the proportion

Gel products used as well as liquid. Due to the gel formula, the substance does not mix up with water so quickly, reaches the place of formation of clogging faster and more efficiently and eliminates it.

Chemical composition - division by active ingredients

The chemical method of pipe cleaning consists in aggressively affecting the clogging and decomposition of the organic substances in its composition. Simply put, the cleaning agents dissolve the cork.

To do this, use such active substances as:

  • alkalis - caustic sodium, caustic potassium;
  • acids - acetic acid, hydrochloric, etc.

The mass-market chemicals often contain surfactants (surfactants), fragrances, and even dyes for a more dramatic color.

Alkalis and acids are capable of reacting with organic matter, which slows down the discharge of water. Pipes after a kitchen sink are often clogged with grease. In such cases, products based on caustic alkalis are more effective.

The reason bathroom blockage often become hair, animal hair. They are composed of collagen protein and dissolve well under the action of acids.

Drugs also differ in the concentration of chemically-active substances. In order to understand which means are more efficient and contain less water, it is enough to look at such an indirect indicator, as exposure time.

Instructions to the Mole tool

Most likely, the amount of a component on the package will not be indicated. The less time you need to clean, the more concentrated the agent in front of you

Even manufacturers mask less active compounds under the label "for prevention." This means that the tool will hardly cope with a real blockage, and it is necessary to use it only if there is a slowdown of the drain and quite regularly.

Perhaps there is a logic in this, but people begin to use such means only after they face a real blockage and resort to a more “vigorous” chemical of enhanced action.

What means to choose and what is the difference between them?

Going into the store of household chemicals, you can stand at the shelf with the means for cleaning sewer pipes for more than one hour. There are a lot of options, they differ in the mechanism of action, and in the method of application, and, of course, in cost. View the most popular remedies and one homemade recipe.

Pothan from Bugs - explosive mixture of chemicals

Kitchen Pipe Cleaner Pothan is in demand among buyers. The drug is made in Israel, the manufacturer "Bagi". Pothan is an alkaline agent.

The composition indicated:

  • sodium hydroxide (NaOH);
  • detergent additives (it is not specified which ones).

The proportions and concentration of chemicals on the packaging is not specified, but noted that it complies with EU standards. The substance itself is sold in a large 600 ml opaque bottle with a convenient handle.

Potkhan - chemistry for sewer cleaning

It is unacceptable to use means for corrugated pipes (for example, for cleaning the toilet bowl), thin tubes, drains of a washing machine or dishwasher

Potkhan himself has the form of granules - round balls of gray and white colors. To clean the pipes, 70-100 g of product is enough - half a glass. The price is quite high (about 450 p.), But, given the fact that the substance is enough for at least 6 applications, the cost of each cleaning is quite reasonable - about 75 p. at a time.

Method of use of Potkhan:

  1. If there is water in the sink, remove it.
  2. Take precautions: rubber gloves, open windows, a respirator.
  3. Measure out the right amount of pellets.
  4. Pour the product into the drain on the outstretched hand. Do not look into the hole, a fountain of poisonous splashes, foam and fumes can fly out from there.
  5. Measure out 70-100 ml of hot water.
  6. Also, without looking and not bending down, at a distance of an outstretched hand, pour water into the drain.
  7. The reaction will start instantly and will proceed very rapidly.
  8. After 3 minutes, rinse the drain with warm running water.

If Potkhan does not help, in any case, do not try to extend the exposure time or significantly exceed the recommended dosage. This may cause damage to the pipeline. In case of severe contamination, the procedure can be repeated. In normal operation, Pothan is harmless to plastic or steel pipes.

Cover Potkhan

A cover with protection against children as inside deadly chemistry. The fact that the tool is very caustic, warns and a sign in the form of a skull with bones

The manufacturer warns that Pothan is a very active substance. It must not be mixed with any other chemicals in order to avoid an unexpected reaction. It is also strictly forbidden to pour water into a bottle and dilute the product.

Classic, proven by generations - Mole

Pipe cleaning agent "Mole" - The most popular option in the vast countries of the former USSR. The name itself is firmly fixed in the mind and is associated with the very "Soviet quality".

There is no single producer of the Mole, many companies produce such names. In addition to the promoted name, they are united by active active substances, which are the basis of the drug.

The composition of the tool:

  • sodium hydroxide;
  • potassium hydroxide;
  • ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid.

Proportions may vary. In addition to these substances, the composition includes additives such as surfactants and distilled water.

The time-tested drug has eliminated millions of blockages and continues to be in great demand. Means is issued in the form of liquid or in the form of powder. The method of application depends on the form of release.

Liquid "Mole" just pours into the drain, powder is poured, and then poured with hot water. In order for the substance to work, it is left in the sink for 1-2 hours. Then wash the drain with hot water.

"Mole" in the form of powder or granules produced in packages of 90-100 g. 1 bag is enough for one cleaning. The cost starts from 13 rubles, which is much cheaper than imported counterparts. Liquid products are sold in bottles of various sizes. The average cost is 40 rubles per 500 ml.

Rorax - on guard of ecology and clean pipes

The German company ERDAL-REX specializes in the production of household chemicals. The emphasis is on environmentally friendly products. The development of this company - Rorax - organic sewage cleaning agent. The fact that Rorax does not harm the environment is confirmed by the EMAS certificate. Supplied in liquid form.

The composition includes:

  • amphoteric surfactants (about 5%);
  • phosphonates (about 5%);
  • chlorine bleach.

Since the tool is environmentally friendly, it can be safely used to clean sewage pipes in a private house, where the sewage flows directly into the cesspool.

Organic Rorax

Using Rorax, you can not worry about the fact that such harmful chemicals will negatively affect the state of the soil or groundwater.

The method of application differs little from similar means:

  1. Pour 250 ml into the drain hole.
  2. Give time to clean up (about 2 hours, but longer).
  3. Rinse with hot water.

A bottle of Rorax has a volume of 1 liter. The cost of such a quantity of liquid for flushing sewer pipes within 400 p. 1 pack is enough for 4 uses at the recommended flow rate of 250 ml.

Tiret - a miracle tool or just marketing?

Advertised product of the international company Reckitt Benckiser Tireth sold in almost every supermarket. The brand is positioned as a super efficient pipe cleaning tool that can cope with even the most persistent pollution.

There are 3 types of Tiret:

  • Tiret Turbo;
  • Tiret Professional;
  • Tiret Antibacterial.

In composition, they are identical, differ in concentration and, accordingly, in cost. The composition includes chlorine bleach and surface-active additives.

Image Gallery

A photo of

Tiret brand household product line

Under the brand name Tiret, an extensive range of solvent and prophylactic agents is available to eliminate and prevent blockages. In assortment 3 gel for fight against traffic jams in sewer pipes

Household chemicals

Tiret Professional Gel is allowed to be used only for cleaning sewer pipelines assembled from cast iron pipes.

Universal composition Tiret Turbo

Tiret Turbo is a universal compound used for cleaning blockages in polymer and cast iron pipelines. Used also as a preventive measure.

Household chemicals for prevention

To prevent the formation of congestion in the sewage system, to improve the sanitary condition and to regularly take care of all types of pipelines

Tiret brand household product line

Tiret brand household product line

Household chemicals

Household chemicals "Tiret Professional"

Universal composition Tiret Turbo

Universal composition Tiret Turbo

Household chemicals for prevention

Household chemicals for prevention

The most concentrated - Tiret Turbo. This tool is intended for emergency cleaning of sewage pipes from hair and grease, soap and detergent residues. The cost of 1 bottle is about 350 p. For a good pipe cleaning, you will need at least half a bottle (about 250 ml).

Tiret Professional it is intended for elimination of blockages, and also for prevention of their emergence. It is used not only when the pipe is already completely clogged, but regularly, as soon as there were suspicions that this will happen soon.

The cost of funds marked "Professional" - 250 p. Consumption is similar - at least half a bottle. That is, 1 bottle is enough for 2 times.

Antibacterial Tiret not only struggling with clogged pipes, but also eliminates odors that continually appear from the sink drain in the bathroom or in the kitchen. The composition includes a rather intense perfume. Price around 250 p. for 500 ml.

Antibacterial Tireth

The antibacterial agent does not dissolve itself as aggressively as the Turbo and Professional versions, but it is widely used for prevention.

Mode of application:

  1. Pour 250 ml Tiret gel into the drain.
  2. Wait 15 minutes. You can slightly increase the time of action, but do not overdo it.
  3. Rinse the pipes with hot water under pressure. If necessary, repeat again.

Tiret has a gel consistency. Even in stagnant water, the gel easily moves through the pipes to the site of clogging.

We advise you to read rated best funds for cleaning sewer pipes. In the review - the pros and cons of chemicals, real consumer reviews and the nuances of the use of reagents.

Folk recipes: how to do without aggressive chemistry

Sometimes, if a blockage occurs in a sewer pipe, it is possible to do without expensive chemistry. Handy materials come to the rescue - safe chemicals that every hostess has in the kitchen.

Speech about the usual soda and vinegar. Acid and alkali neutralize each other and a large amount of CO2 gas is released.

Soda and Vinegar

As you know, vinegar is an acid, and soda, dissolved in water, has an alkaline reaction. Probably everyone at least once used these tools in cooking

The recipe for cleaning sewage with vinegar and soda is as follows:

  1. Pour a glass of soda with stock.
  2. Pour a glass of vinegar.
  3. Close the hole with a stopper.

Foaming begins inside the pipe and pressure builds up. Gas bubbles cannot break out and eliminate blockages.

Of course, the effect of such a cleaning will be temporary. Fully flush the pipes will not work, and the likelihood of re-clogging is great. But as an emergency, the method is quite good.

Safety precautions: how to protect yourself

Do not forget that the means for cleaning the sewer pipe is a very serious chemistry.

Do not underestimate the danger, using these substances, always adhere to safety precautions:

  • wear rubber gloves;
  • Do not lean toward the sink when the reaction is in progress;
  • open windows and provide fresh air;
  • in case of contact with mucous membranes, rinse with running water as soon as possible;
  • store chemicals where children and curious pets cannot find them;
  • If even the smallest amount of one of these products is swallowed, consult a doctor immediately with packaging in order to understand exactly which chemical substance in question.

And the most important rule - always read the instructions before cleaning and stick to it.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

To determine which of the proposed remedies to choose, watch the video in which they review in detail the work of each drug and evaluate its effectiveness. This will help make the right choice.

How to clean the pipe with soda and vinegar:

Video review of sewer cleaning tools:

Potkhan against clogging in the pipe - who is who?

Not all sewage cleaners are equally good. One needs more time, others less. Some cope with the blockage from one time, others need a second attempt. And the price range is very wide.

Regardless of whether you choose domestic chemistry or an imported product, do not forget about the rules of application and safety.

Do you have personal experience in dealing with sewer blockages? Want to share effective methods or advise an effective tool? Please leave comments and ask questions - the feedback form is located below.

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