How to choose a shower: what to look for, the best shower

The abundance of choice often puts a person into a dead end. So it is with showers. In any store that sells plumbing, no matter how small it may be, there is always at least a few of these devices. European and Chinese producers, ahead of each other, trying to flood our market with their creations. Incredibly vast selection of a wide variety of models is not just incredible, but it is easy to confuse anyone. In order not to let the hard-earned savings to the wind, it is necessary initially to determine for themselves the functions that are needed.

Just want to warn you that the device of the budget segment, despite its popularity, often have a great number of disadvantages.

No matter how much lauded Chinese friends, no matter how "stuffed" their own cabin diverse pieces, no matter how much declared the joint with Italians, Finns and Americans production and no matter how tried to attract the inhabitants of our low prices and the quality of their product was and remains below European.

Often they do not have enough spare parts and complete, and pallets something suspicious creaks. Sometimes they are covered with cracks. Glass may suddenly collapse, all the brilliant things can refuse to work. In short - a complete disaster.Showers in the store.

Criteria for selection of the shower

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What is the water in the pipes of your home or apartment? Hard? Then boldly refuse "rain shower". His small nozzles clogged very quickly and it will not work. But why pay for something that will break soon?A rain shower in the shower.

Be sure to check out how the doors work. Open and close them. Their movement should be smooth and quiet. They should not require effort and, of course, must be closed tightly.

Since the door - it is the only protection against water splashes, then check whether the tape at the point of junction.

If you need a shower, only to be rinsed in the morning and evening, you should not look towards other "buns", such as hydro, steam or radio receiving station. Take an ordinary box with a shallow tray, you this is quite enough. And afford not hit hard. It has no reason to pay for what you use does not become.Usual shower.

Going to the store, estimate the area of ​​your room. Then explore the shops offer - showers of size are commercially available? If the room is small, it will take too much of the cabin is still the place: not just another technique will work closely, but do not unfold. Making arrangement scheme, do not forget that you need to bring supply and pipelines.

With an electric wire everything easy and simple. It's easy to decorate. But sewage - is a complicated thing. Usually plums in the pan is in the corner. And it is from this point and need to place it against the wall, where the pipe is withdrawn. The closer to the shower pipe, the less chance for clogging.

If you are a happy father or mother of the baby, it would be correct to acquire construction with a deep tray. If you open the door, then the tray can replace a baby bath. And, if necessary, can be washed clothes.

Best shower

Domestic plumbing market is represented not only by foreign manufacturers, but also domestic. Products presented last cabins of both Russian and foreign assembly. Often it is the manufacturer's name and the price dictates the shower. It is an ordinary situation, when the goods with the same function from different manufacturers of different costs money. In fact, we are forced to pay for the name and logo.

It is well-known products of the Italian manufacturer of Jacuzzi, but the prices of their products simply shocking. True, the quality level of the Italians allows them to occupy the top ranks of any rating.Shower cabin Jacuzzi.

Native, Russian manufacturer presented «Radomir» trademarks and «BAS». These are the oldest representatives of the domestic industry in the sanitary field. It is a good product with trays of acrylic can be purchased from "Aquanet" and "Watercolor".

If you look for a shower in a small room, make sure you look at the «Aqua Joy», their feature - namely a compact sanitary equipment.Shower stall Aqua Joy.

But if you want to, first of all, impressing friends, then you should look to design models Laniver.Shower stall firm Laniver.

The lower price segment fully "occupied" Chinese companies. If you look at them purely model, the quality they have a big question, but there are products that, though produced in China, but is controlled by Europeans.

These controlled goods carried out efficiently, the marriage is excluded, and the best material. It is there to choose from. Good models have Appolo, Aqualux, AquaStream, Goldman and Optima.

The average price range is firmly settled Europeans. This German brand Edelform, Wasserfalle, Westerhof, Czech Luxus and Riho, Finnish Oras, Ido, Nimo, Master Finn, as well as Italian Primo, Valencia. They offer high-quality cabin and with extensive additional features. Naturally, the more different supplements, the higher the price tag rises.

In fact, all European companies of the mid-market at the height of the quality of products. Therefore, there is no point to choose, relying solely on the brand. It is better to build on the proposed design and feature set.

Reference! It is difficult to advise any certain model or manufacturer. It is much easier to say, of what exactly should be discarded.

Do not buy a cabin at low cost to European producers. Usually it's just Chinese fakes.

TIMO cabin under the brand name - although stated that the Finns are available, but in fact made by the Chinese.

In principle, TIMO good quality for its price tag, but what to enter in the buyer's delusion? And on the quality guarantee support is better not to hope.

At the same time, Appollo manufacturers, "Aquamarine" and others do not hide their origin, they are thriving and successfully exist in our market.

If you are constrained in the media, and can be in the range of Chinese manufacturers to find a good option. Most importantly, responsible approach to the issue of purchase. Examine the packaging, pay attention to the quality of the material, ask about the warranty.

By the way, should be treated carefully and to domestic producers. It is better to play it safe and buy the products of joint production with the Europeans.

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