Blue kitchen with MDF facades in country style

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Renovated kitchen with his hands
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We chose this kitchen in the first place for its cozy feel. In this room will always prevail relaxed atmosphere and natural harmony of natural textures and shades to a wonderful mood and the most positive emotions.

The kitchen is made in the company "Furniture Holding",
city Moscow

Blue kitchen in country style

Although facades made of MDF with a film (body chipboard), furniture looks dyed imitation wood. In the kitchen, there is no bright accents and contrasts, and the gray floor, apron and wallpapers only set off the beauty of the blue furniture.

Facades of MDF with milled country

In our kitchen rather original form facades. They are applied to not only conventional rectangular milling at the edge, but also formed in vertical stripes. With such a simple receiving quite headsets immediately becomes original and elegant. A kitchen acquires the features of a country - direct, unpretentious lines, exquisite beauty and a minimum of decoration.

Highlighting the cupboards

The top row is presented in the form o

f multi-level modules: slightly bulging forward over a small locker future condenser, a glass window with a shelf for spices and blank opening for hoods over cooking surface. The glass windows set "satinato" - opaque surface with a chemical etching, capable of transmitting light.

Multilevel upper facades

Complements the blue facades gray discreet wall panel which is not only in the apron area, but also for the hood and on the opposite wall (near the sink). Thus, all surfaces are protected to the maximum.

Gray wall panel

Night lights on either side of the hood transforms the kitchen and makes it very cozy. Lighting was placed directly on the shelf for spices, and from this it has turned into the original interior detail.

Highlighting the cupboards

Table top with imitation light alder from the company Cedar economy. This laminated chipboard covered with high pressure plastic HPL. The surface of the water-resistant, rounded and it has a drip pan.

Gray wall panel

Headset small area (2, 85 m), so for greater functionality (and to release the table top) in the apron area near the stove put the rails, and near the sink in our magnetic holder knives.

Blue kitchen in country style

The cost of the headset - 70 thousand. rubles. In cabinets installed fittings BOYARD Economy (furniture hinges, sliding guides). These mechanisms allow you to open the section without any effort.

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