What mistakes unexpectedly increased the estimate of repair


  • 1 Entrance door
  • 2 Tile
  • 3 Interior doors
  • 4 Garbage removal
  • 5 sanitary engineering
  • 6 Flooring
  • 7 Climb
  • 8 Communications

Before starting repairs necessary to make a correct estimate. Refer to the case must be very careful, because even a small error can increase it several times. Let us know what common mistakes found in the construction estimates.

Entrance door

Counting the cost of the door, many people forget about the essential points. To prevent damage to the door during transport it does not put the decorative panel. A padlock and keys will have a temporary appointment. That is, they need to be replaced almost immediately. A pair of these details may have cost several thousand.


Before you allocate money for the tile, you need to calculate the preliminary amount of material needed. Often bought a lot of excess material, which then lies idle. Also in the estimate is constantly forgotten to bring the cost of services such as grout and finish corners.

Interior doors

Many may be surprised about what you can forget. It is worth noting that the first door is usually chosen cheap pens. But then the owner suddenly changes the desired option, which costs several times more expensive than the previous one.

Garbage removal

This point must be included in the estimate. But here too it is impossible to avoid errors. The fact that it is practically impossible to calculate the number of times for which all debris will be removed.

sanitary engineering

Making estimates for plumbing owners constantly forget about accessories. And they take a lot of money, which then significantly increase the budget.


Here and all you need to consider a lot of different parts. Many people forget that under the floor lay a substrate. This material is quite expensive. The prices for it are very different, depending on the quality.


The estimate is required to make cost recovery on the floor of the building materials. But this is not always possible to guess. Working initially say one amount, and then quickly lifted her several times. The rise of bulky materials on the top floor will cost very expensive.


Before drawing up the estimates need to negotiate with the builders of some nuances. For example you should definitely ask about whether you will need to change the radiators, pipes and wires. Indeed, often the owners can forget about these important issues, which require large sums.

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