White gloss kitchen with backlight and without handles

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Renovated kitchen with his hands
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Our family happened important event - my husband and I bought an apartment. Repairs decided to start with the kitchen, because here we spend the maximum amount of time - cook, eat, receive guests. Designers are advised to fashion trends, modern style and the actual color tandem - "white" and "tree". Surface with wooden texture advantageously combined with white facades give the interior clean and fresh. All together creates an atmosphere of comfort.

The kitchen is made in the company Studio kitchens «Al dente»,
city St. Petersburg

Modern white gloss kitchen

Kitchen corner, the entire length of the room. Side made one radius (rounded) door. Thus strict lines headset slightly softened, and the side surface looks like a small bar.

Radius door facade

Furniture body made of chipboard 16 mm thick, the manufacturer - "Syktyvkar Plywood Mill", the brand - "Lamarty" color "Walnut Marmara". The edge surfaces are in body color on the perimeter of all the details. Cap below the white plastic (№2). He is not afraid of water and does not swell. Elevations upper cabinets of MDF (16 mm thick) in the white gloss. In addition to the white facades ordered a combined ceiling with lighting, which is very nicely reflected in the gloss.

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Facades of MDF high-gloss white

The lower part of the sections of matt white, 16 mm MDF, they do not leave marks on the fingers. Kitchen without the usual, the overhead handles, I always cling to them pockets and sleeves. Therefore, the preferred integrated handles - they look very stylish in a modern interior and use them conveniently.

Modern white gloss kitchen

In the whole kitchen set Austrian Blum hinges, robust and long-life.

hinges Blum

The upper cupboards are opened by pressing the mezzanine (system Tip-On Blum) and equipped with gas lift Boyard latching opening angle. They do not close, and when lowered - not clap.
Extract we decided to hide in the closet - made box closing the hood body and a duct that looks more aesthetically pleasing.

Gas lifts Boyard

In the case, where the duplex Dish pallet, the lifting mechanism built Aventos HF Blum. He was quiet and very comfortable to use module.
Linkage Aventos HF Blum

Water-resistant countertop wood, thickness of 38 mm from the company Slotex «Seville olive Light" is highly textured. Wall Panel (apron) in the color of countertops, from the same manufacturer. Plastic moldings (vodootboynik) virtually invisible between the countertop and apron. The whole working surface has turned out in the same style, resistant to moisture and temperature changes.
Water-resistant countertop Slotex

Apron extended slightly and the other wall, to protect it from water droplets.

Wall panel Slotex

Flush wash of artificial stone, like marble, and a mixer from the company GranFest (GF Q article 775 KL, GF № 1024 mixer washing). The wash is the main and additional bowl, plus a small wing for draining dishes.

Washing marbled

Corner table under the sink, where it will be stored garbage carousel with loops to use the entire area of ​​the enclosure.

The mechanism of opening the carousel

In the lower tables, it was decided to add the maximum amount of metal boxes with terminal units, they are reliable, quiet and withstand high loads.
Tandemboxes with closers
Blum fittings

In the lower tier is a plastic tray for storing spoons and forks, and the extension system tandemboxes Blum. Choose this option, the child himself could not get sharp objects.
plastic tray for storing

Under the oven also has a storage space, the drawer is opened by pressing and leaves with the help of ball guides Tip-On Blum.
Drawer under the oven

For additional illumination of the work area illumination chosen by the company Arlight, light tape on a wooden background texture seems warm and cozy.
backlight Arlight

The total size of headset 1600 mm * 3200 mm. The cost of furniture - 230 thousand. rubles. In the end we got a stylish and modern kitchen, comfortable to use, in which every small detail. We really like it!

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