19 things that are better not to throw in the trash

More and more people think about the preservation of the environment, it is involved in sorting garbage and try to do less reckless and unnecessary purchases.But even with this prudent approach, there are people who throw in the trash everything that they do not need. And some used stuff is not recommended because throw. It brings harm and ecology, and general safety and health of others.

19 items that should not be thrown away in the trash

unused paint

The content of the article

  • unused paint
  • glass thermometer
  • Bottles of ink
  • Household appliances and telephones
  • Accumulators and batteries
  • light bulbs
  • medicine
  • computers
  • Hair and wool
  • Fat and oil
  • Lawn fertilizers and chemicals
  • lighters
  • Water filters
  • Plastic bags
  • Household chemicals
  • Decorative cosmetics
  • bus
  • Varnish and glue
  • fireworks

Dye refers to toxic substances and is easily ignited. Therefore, it may not be allowed in the trash or on the ground.

The best option - to use all bought the paint to finish. If the house has been renovated, and there is not much paint to the walls or ceiling, it can be used for decoration. Paint the bottle, use them as candlesticks or cans of paint products and to use as a vase for flowers.

If you use the paint to go, a jar of it is left open for a few days. When the remains dry, jar and brush from her hand over to the nearest recycling center or waste metal point of reception.

glass thermometer

glass thermometer

Mercury belongs to the 1st class of hazardous waste, and inhale its vapors is extremely dangerous to humans. If a household thermometer came into disrepair or is no longer needed - his rent in the center of hazardous waste.

Bottles of ink

The very cylinder is pressurized, and inside it - harmful gases and chemicals. On the package it has already stated that it is highly inflammable, so it should not be disposed in the general trash. For his own and other people's safety all the cylinders can be taken to a recycling of hazardous waste.

Household appliances and telephones

Household appliances and telephones

The technique includes coolers, reagents, and phones - hazardous metals. Sometimes the old equipment can be resold to other people - they will disassemble it and more working parts will be used to repair broken equipment and handsets. Another option - to learn about recycling programs, home appliances stores. Some of them, in exchange for the old technique offer a discount on the purchase of a new one.

Accumulators and batteries

They contain chemicals and heavy metals that pollutes the soil in contact with the total landfill. Rechargeable batteries usually sit in a special place. Also some shops on their territory set container for battery collection. Another variant of the batteries - take them to the collection point for hazardous waste.

light bulbs

Household appliances and telephones

Incandescent bulbs are not related to toxic waste, so they can be thrown in the trash. Another thing is that they have very few people enjoyed recently, preferring to LED or fluorescent. There is already a need to look at the packaging and processing recommendations. Donating used lamp can be in large chain stores that will take care of their safe recycling.


Revision of medicines useful to carry out every six months, and dispose of all expired or empty packaging. But throw unused medicines in the trash right fraught with contamination of soil and groundwater. Enough already collect unclaimed tablets and other tools, and learn about the next step of processing drugs.


Household appliances and telephones

Along with appliances, do not throw in the trash, and computer and digital technology. The reason is the same - the content of hazardous metals and additives. The technique can be disassembled and take more working parts, and the rest is put in place recycling of electronic waste.

Hair and wool

It would seem safe and naturally occurring debris can not be harmful. But in wool and human hair contains nitrogen, so one can make fertilizer for plants. They can collect the compost pile. And if you plan to haircut long hair, it is necessary to know in advance where to sell them.

Fat and oil

Household appliances and telephones

The trash is unlikely to give the remainder of the cooking fat and oil, but the toilet or the sink drained. But even the cooled oil clogs the drain and harm the environment.

Peretoplenny fat can be collected in a separate jar and store in refrigerator. It will be useful as an alternative to oil.

A used oil can be collected in a bottle and bring them to a recycling point. Usually it is made motor oil.

Lawn fertilizers and chemicals

The use of harsh chemicals on their own garden - not the best idea. They pollute the soil and spoil the quality and composition of fruits and vegetables. And even more so, their remains should be disposed of in general waste, but should be attributed to the recycling center.



This form relates to a waste flammable. The remaining fuel can be dangerous in general waste processing, so the lighter hand over to a recycling center. Better yet, use fills the lighter.

Water filters

The filter is very useful on the farm until they will spend their money. And then it most of the time waiting for the normal garbage disposal. But because it is in the absorbent, or other cleaning device, process filter is a simple way dangerous, so it is necessary to take on recycling household waste.

Plastic bags

Plastic bags

Most people are trying to use bags in their lives on a minimum. But they will still enter the house and go in the trash after the 1st time use. Most packages can be recycled, but with the search for the item in their collection may be difficult.

Household chemicals

Household chemicals, like fertilizers, contain hazardous chemicals. Therefore, they should be disposed of in a common tank, and even wash the remains of the sewage system. But almost all household chemicals take to household waste disposal centers.

Decorative cosmetics

In recent months, many major cosmetics stores began to accept the used cans. They send them for recycling and reuse.



Dispose of tires on the total landfill rude towards other people. They are not processed in the usual way and pollute the soil and air. Therefore, old tires is better to take the points in reception. Also, some garages are collecting and sending tires to be recycled.

Varnish and glue

Classified as hazardous and toxic chemicals. Varnish means to easily inflammable. The easiest way - the unused paint and glue attributed to the point of reception.



Danger unused fireworks in a bin is obvious. That it can be hand over for recycling, fireworks on the night is filled with water, and then sit in a separate package.

The most important thing at the competent delivery of waste - do not think that one person can not affect the planet. Even the smallest contribution is already saving the environment from pollution, and if each person will sort waste at least as far as possible, a comfortable life on the planet will last a long time.

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