Design bathroom with a shower or not, what to choose

Sometimes the desire to update the look of the room spontaneously develops into an unscheduled repairs. Especially often this happens with a bathroom. After all, it would be desirable not only to refresh the situation, but also fill the room comfort, making it roomier, more functional. Therefore, many refuse standard tanks and tubs prefer ergonomic options plumbing.

Particularly relevant model modern showers for rooms with a small area. But to choose and buy the appropriate option - half the battle. The main thing - perfectly fit it into the room, creating a stylish, ergonomic design. After a shower can be an accent in the bathroom, or to complement the overall interior design.Option shower.

Features bathroom design

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  • What to choose for the bathroom - shower cubicle or corner
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  • Design options with bath or shower area
  • Small bathroom - especially the interior design
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Dimensions - the main parameter, which sets the tone for any room layout:

  1. For a small room suitable open-end models. This may be angular or rectangular embodiments.
  2. The spacious rooms are appropriate three-dimensional booth. The main advantage of such plumbing is complete isolation. With this level of humidity in the room is increased. This allows you to decorate the bathroom furniture and accessories made of natural wood. In this case, the wall can be issued not only tiles but the original wallpaper. Natural wood, elegant wallpaper underlined luxurious surroundings, bring notes of elitism.

Reference. Fill the space can easily use the showers without pallet. These models have the glass fittings, so they seem to dissolve in the air, becoming invisible.

It is also worth considering that despite the minimalistic booth organically combined with modern, concise design. Especially good they look in a modern style, eclectic or minimalist.

In addition, experts recommend:

  1. Before purchasing make plumbing project, consider all the nuances of the layout, make the appropriate measurements.
  2. When choosing a plumbing should explore existing models, design. Do not forget the size of the device.
  3. Decide where and what will be in the room.
  4. Provide easy access to other plumbing, washing machine.
  5. No less important is the location of the dryer for towels, a water heater, if any.Design Option bathroom.

What to choose for the bathroom - shower cubicle or corner

The modern consumer is not restricted in the choice of plumbing. A wide range allows you to choose a model that will not only meet all the wishes, but also organically fit into the overall design. Thus, in the bathroom can be set gidroboks or shower cabin. Each device has individual parameters, advantages and disadvantages.

shower Room

For a small room is more practical to acquire an angular plumbing model. This design has no roof and is fixed to the wall.

The pallet may be a standard model. You can make it yourself. In this case, the cabinet can be any size, shape and design. This will allow her to enter organically into the interior.

Advantages of the device:

  • you can buy a compact product - so will increase the usable space;
  • since the device does not have a unique design, it can be perfectly fit in any room;
  • Corner models are comfortable to use - especially important is the presence of small children or elderly relatives;
  • in case of damage do not need to buy expensive parts;
  • the product is unpretentious and does not require special care.


  1. Limited functionality. product design does not allow to establish steam bath or a rain shower.
  2. Installing plumbing, it can not be moved if necessary.
  3. If you are using a variant without a pallet, then there can be problems with waterproofing.Shower cabin.


Full shower - multifunction device. It allows you not only to maintain hygiene, but also to relax, to arrange wellness treatments. In addition, after installing the product, you do not have to think about the various technical nuances, such as the recruitment and discharge of water.

Pros gidroboksom:

  • Gidroboks - a real spa in your own home. With it possible to arrange a bath or sauna.
  • product design allows you to take a massage, spend health-restoring treatments such as inhalation.
  • You can treat yourself to an exotic hammam or rain shower.
  • Also, the product is equipped with additional devices: telephone, radio, lights, niches for storage of detergents. This makes the technique soul as comfortable as possible.

By cons include the dimensions of the product - gidroboks not work place in a small room. Perhaps, some alerted the high cost of the product. However, now you can find models with a price tag of more democratic.

Especially good gidroboksom look minimalist style: Loft or high-tech.Gidroboks in the interior.

Design options with bath or shower area

The booth can be the central focus areas, dividing it into certain areas or merge with the background. This is especially true for small bathrooms. For example, in the bathroom, decorated in bright colors. In this case, the sanitary device like dissolves and does not attract attention. If a spacious bathroom, you can use the plumbing of any color.

  1. When choosing the design pay attention to current trends. They allow you to organically fit into the booth space. Beat classic plumbing is quite difficult. For a small space suit modern, high-tech or minimalism. A large room can be designed in a loft style.
  2. Communications need to disguise. To do this, they should be hidden in the wall.
  3. Bring a touch of originality by selecting products with unusual shapes. The main thing - they do not stand out from the overall design of the room.
  4. For finishing the interior, you can use ceramic tiles, adding to its mosaics. This unusual combination will refresh any interior.

Small bathroom - especially the interior design

Small area - not a reason to abandon the modern plumbing. With the right approach shower organically located in a small room:

  1. Prefer angular models. This will save the area. Unlike bulky gidroboksom, angular models are compact, concise. So they take up a minimum of space.
  2. Visually expand the space, filling it with light possible by using bright colors and reflective surfaces. This can be cabinets with glossy facades, glass doors.Small bathroom with shower.

Design options bathrooms

Often, to expand the space between the toilet and the bathroom dismantle partition. Then manages to accommodate not only the necessary plumbing, but also a shower, washing machine.

  1. To the room looked organically, designers are advised to use a suspended model sinks and toilet.
  2. Communication, it is desirable to hide in the walls.
  3. When registering, give preference to lighter shades. They visually expand the space, filling it with light. Unusually dark floor will look in combination with white walls.
  4. Do not forget about the mirror. Reflective surfaces add volume. They can be arranged not only walls, but also to the ceiling. However, in this case preferable to use a special mirror film. It is eco-friendly and safe.Design bathrooms.

Shower has long ceased to be a luxury item. Now it is a functional unit, which is a good alternative to the usual bath tank. A wide range allows you to choose an option based on individual preferences. Due to the booth to maintain hygiene will be more comfortable, and the bathroom will acquire a modern, stylish look.

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